marina boyfriend


playlist: walking home

these are just songs i listen to omw home after class on the train sometimes tbh or just mentally exhausted from working

gap - the kooks / blue boy - mac demarco / whatever you like (cover) - anya marina / boyfriend - slowdance / south side - triathalon / never meant - american football / cool blue - the japanese house / we try but we don’t fit in - day wave / year one, one ufo - m83 / two fingers - jake bugg / brazil - declan mckenna / forest whitaker - bad books / freazy - wolf alice / into black - blouse / from eden - hozier

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Don’t fall for the boy who says he doesn’t deserve you. Hell of course he doesn’t deserve you, if he truly liked you he would work to be good enough for you.
—  things girls should understand

“Love is the most complicated thing in the world. Artists are the most eccentric people. So when artists fall in love, the passion must be special, beautiful and somewhat melodramatic. With feelings so strong and minds dazed, we guess their love stories are the greatest.

Meet artists Marina Abramovic. In the 1970s, Marina and her then boyfriend names Ulay broke up. But even until the end of the relationship, they chose to do it in an interesting fashion, just like true artists. They went to opposite ends of the Great Wall of China and walk towards each other in the middle. When  they finally met, they gave each other one last embrace and parted ways. They never saw each other again after that.

More than 30 years later, Marina held a live art performance. She spent one minute in silence with complete strangers. They just stared at each other, probably getting inspiration or energy of some sort. But one particular man seemed to have captured Marina’s attention in a more special way because her reaction was different from the others. It turned out that the man at 1:30 was Ulay. It was their first time to see each other after more than 30 years, and the moment was so emotional and beautiful.

Love is the most wonderful ting in the world and even if some relationships don’t last and the feelings fade, the memories still remain. We shall keep it in our hearts and minds forever. Even though Marina and Ulay just stood there without saying a word, we are sure that they were able to speak with each other through their hearts. This is such a beautiful story!”

-Inah Garcia (Elite Readers)

copycat; covers that are better than the originals

01. Say My Name/Cry Me A River▸ The Neighbourhood | 02. Counting Stars/Holy Grail/Smells Like Teen Spirit ▸ Little Mix | 03. Breakeven ▸ Max Schneider | 04. Creep ▸ Holly Henry | 05. What Makes You Beautiful▸ The 1975 | 06. What I Like About You ▸ 5 Seconds of Summer | 07. Come Together ▸ Shakira, Adam Levine, Usher, & Blake Shelton | 08. Drunk In Love ▸ Ed Sheeran | 09. Hold On, We’re Going Home ▸ The Arctic Monkeys | 10. Chasing Cars ▸ One Direction | 11. Summertime Sadness ▸ Miley Cyrus | 12. Boyfriend ▸ Marina & The Diamonds | 13. Let Her Go ▸ Birdy | 14. Mirrors ▸ Boyce Avenue & Fifth Harmony | 15. No Diggity/Thrift Shop ▸ Ed Sheeran & Passenger | 16. Toxic ▸ Melanie Martinez | 17. Teenage Dirtbag ▸ One Direction | 18. Demons ▸ Boyce Avenue & Jannel Garcia | 19. Drunk In Love ▸ The Weeknd | 20. Somebody That I Used To Know ▸ Pentatonix | 21. Wrecking Ball ▸ Patty Walters | 22. Whatever You Like ▸ Anya Marina | 23. Just Give Me A Reason ▸ Madilyn Bailey & Chester See | 24. Problems ▸ Hugo | 25. We Can’t Stop ▸ Bastille | 26. Fuck You ▸ Sleeping With Sirens | 27. Billie Jean ▸ The Civil Wars | 28. I Miss You ▸ 5 Seconds of Summer | 29. Titanium ▸ Madilyn Bailey | 30. Stay ▸ 30 Seconds to Mars | 31. Beat It ▸ Fall Out Boy | 32. Heart Shaped Box ▸ Lana Del Rey | 33. Crazy ▸ The Voice Coaches | 34. 19 You + Me ▸ The New Heights & Colton Haynes | 35. Hurt ▸ Johnny Cash | 36. She Will Be Loved ▸ Maroon 5


pretty voices giving songs you thought you knew an enchanting twist

rather be // jasmine thompson

terrible love // birdy

boyfriend // marina & the diamonds

get lucky // daughter

wicked games // coeur de pirate

you’re the one that i want // angus & julia stone

all i want // ellie goulding

best song ever // gabrielle aplin

whatever you like // anya marina 

like rock & roll and radio // fleurie

titanium // madilyn bailey

shelter // birdy

crazy in love // kadebostany

all of me // jasmine thompson

heartbeats // ellie goulding

run // leona lewis

funeral // nina nesbitt

power of love // gabrielle aplin

marvin’s room // jojo

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ALL COVERED {listen}

rad songs covered by rad people

R U Mine? - Jae Stephens // American Idiot - 5 Seconds of Summer // Somewhere Only We Know - Max Schneider & Liz Gillies // Girls/Girls/Boys - Her Electric Fur // House of the Rising Sun - Lauren O'Connell // When You Were Young - Jess Greenberg // Slow Motion - Panic! at the Disco // Cough Syrup - Melanie Martinez // As Long As You Love Me - 5 Seconds of Summer // Heart Shaped Box - Hayley Richman // Maneater - Panic! at the Disco // Boyfriend - Marina and the Diamonds // Hold On We’re Going Home - Arctic Monkeys // Clay Pigeons - Michael Cera

Mermaid Love [listen] (mermaids don’t fall in love. they are too proud, too in love with themselves to give their hearts away. but there’s a legend, a secret myth that mermaids whisper to each other: once, there was a mermaid, full of laughter and joy, flirting with the sea men just for fun, until she came across a young rebel who filled her soul with songs. she was never seen again. but some of the elders say she isn’t gone. she is just sitting at the bottom of the ocean next to her eversleeping lover.)

i. seamen - makelove | ii. boyfriend (cover) - marina and the diamonds | iii. shaking heads - foxes | iv. bad romance - lady gaga | v. one sail - meg & dia | vi. true love way - kings of leon | vii. lovers’ eyes - mumford & sons | viii. i will follow you into the dark (cover) - jayme dee | ix. catalyst - kyla la grange | x. the sinking man -  of monsters and men | xi. dark paradise - lana del rey | xii. the harbinger - julianna barwick