marina are you drunk

ll characters as april ludgate quotes
  • john: deep down, nobody knows what they're doing. we're all just faking it until they figure it out.
  • sam: i very maturely and straightforwardly left anonymous comments about her online.
  • six: i wasn't listening but i strongly disagree.
  • nine: i want to make fun of stupid people and get drunk. my two true passions.
  • marina: if you ever speak to me in spanish, please use the formal "usted".
  • eight: time is money, money is power, power is pizza, and pizza is knowledge.
  • ella: nothing. it's just adults are boring and i hate them.
  • five: being nice made me feel terrible.

ENGAGE TRICKSTER MODE: a mix for the candy-coated soul

tracklist: sweet - phemiec | candy candy - kyary pamyu pamyu | froot - marina and the diamonds | lollipop - mika | your love is my drug - ke$ha | toxic - britney spears | shampain - marina and the diamonds | love you when i’m drunk - mika | na na na - my chemical romance | i love it - icona pop


  • ellen: please welcome one of the biggest pop stars to come out of england!
  • marina: hey wait label wait i wasnt told i was going on ellen
  • label: you're not they're talking about ellie goulding
  • marina: i thought she was recording her 3rd album after the international smash hit worldwide #1 sophmore album Electricia Heart
  • label: uh marina that's you? aren't you recording your album?
  • marina: wtf no? i've been singing starry mouths and lightings on repeat in my room preparing for my #hallycone tour
  • label: did you confuse your career with ellie goulding's again?
  • marina: no?? hallycone was my best effort yet
  • label: no your last album was electra heart and it ruined us financially and you left us to make bad tshirts and tbh we havent seen you until now
  • marina: i do not remember recording ellen heart but no matter it was clearly a success
  • label: are you okay? you seem really confused?
  • marina: im FINE
  • label: wait are you drunk?

x x t w o i s b e t t e r t h a n o n e x x 

just some of my favorite collaborations between some of my favorite artists…

  1. keep on keeping on // travie mccoy xx brendon urie
  2. ridin’ // lana del rey xx a$ap rocky
  3. cupid’s chokehold // gym class heroes xx patrick stump
  4. cloud aura // charli xcx xx brook candy
  5. pick up the phone // william beckett xx max bemis
  6. just desserts // marina and the diamonds xx charli xcx
  7. damn you look good and i’m drunk (scandalous) // cobra starship xx patrick stump
  8. clothes off! // gym class heroes xx patrick stump
  9. bring it (snakes on a plane) // cobra starship xx travie mccoy xx william beckett
  10. just one yesterday // fall out boy xx foxes
  11. under pressure // my chemical romance xx the used
  12. in defense of the genre // say anything xx gerard way
  13. what a catch, donnie // fall out boy xx brendon urie xx gabe saporta xx william beckett xx butch walker xx travie mccoy
  14. the moon song // karen o xx ezra koenig
  15. c'mon // panic! at the disco xx nate ruess
  16. anyone else but you // ellen page xx michael cera
  17. 20 dollar nose bleed // fall out boy xx brendon urie
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