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I found what I’d been looking for in myself / Found a life worth living for someone else


Aries: Think you’re gonna break my heart. Think you’re funny, think you’re smart. Yeah, you may be good looking, but you’re not a piece of art. - “Power and Control”

Taurus:  Yeah, I wish I’d been a, wish I’d been a teen, teen idle. Wish I’d been a prom queen fighting for the title. Instead of being sixteen and burning up a bible, feeling super, super suicidal. - “Teen Idle”

Gemini:  I guess you could say that my life’s a mess, but I’m still looking pretty in this dress. I’m the image of deception. - “Homewrecker”

Cancer:  Lies, don’t wanna know, don’t wanna know, oh. I can’t let you go, can’t let you go, oh. I just want it to be perfect, to believe it’s all been worth the fight. - “Lies”

Leo: Living life like I’m in a play, In the lime light I want to stay. I know I’ve got a big ego. I really don’t know why it’s such a big deal, though. - “Primadonna”

Virgo:  I never sang for love. I never had a heart to mend because before the start began, I always saw the end. Yeah, I wait for you to open up, to give yourself to me, but nothing’s ever gonna give, I’ll never set you free. - “Starring Role”

Libra:  I’ll chew you up and I’ll spit you out ‘cause that’s what young love is all about. So pull me closer, and kiss me hard. I’m gonna pop your bubblegum heart. - “Bubblegum Bitch”

Scorpio:  Born with a void, hard to destroy with love or hope. Built with a heart, broken from the start, and now I die slow. - “Valley of the Dolls”

Sagittarius:  When you’re around me, I’m radioactive. My blood is burning, radioactive. I’m turning radioactive. My blood is radioactive. My heart is nuclear, love is all that I fear. - “Radioactive”

Capricorn: And now I see, I see it for the first time, there is no crime in being kind. Not everyone is out to screw you over. Maybe, oh just maybe they just wanna get to know you. - “Fear and Loathing”

Aquarius: All my life I’ve felt it deep inside of me. All this time was fighting for what I believe. All my life I’ve tried to hide what history has given me. - “Sex Yeah”

Pisces:  All I really want is to be wonderful. People in this town they, they can be so cruel. I live my life inside a dream, only waking when I sleep. If I could sell my sorry soul, I would have it all. - “The State of Dreaming”


Playlists for the Signs // AQUARIUS

can’t pin me down / marina and the diamonds

heartlines / broods

do i wanna know? / arctic monkeys

faded / alan walker

dark necessities / red hot chili peppers

dream in the dark / a fine frenzy

gasoline / halsey

w.d.y.w.f.m. / the neighbourhood

power and control / marina and the diamonds

no light, no light / florence + the machine

the beach / the neighbourhood

Tag Yourself Meme: Marina and The Diamonds Edition

How To Be A Heartbreaker

  • kind of a hoe
  • makes bullet journals 
  • pure
  • probably gay


  • The petty friend™
  • eyeliner
  • “I’m too gay for this”
  • P I N K

The Outsider

  • “normal people scare me” 
  • has a lot of tattoos
  • ‘i’m a heckin wild card’
  • middle fingers up

I Am Not A Robot

  • spend too much time on Instagram
  • bitch™
  • has a million friends
  • the best handwriting

The State of Dreaming

  • “reality is an illusion you fuck”
  • drinks too much coffee
  • anxiety
  • sleeps a lot

Valley Of The Dolls

  • knows everything
  • ***sighs*** ***looks out window***
  • Dramatic™
  • loves the rain

Mowgli’s Road

  • ??????? honestly
  • living for the aesthetic
  • sings all the time
  • loud

Bubblegum Bitch

  • eats a lot of candy
  • honestly just wants to get laid and watch netflix
  • wardrobe is like 99% pink
  • blood is comprised of Diet Coke and sarcasm

Can’t Pin Me Down

  • listens to a lot of Beyonce 
  • livestreams concerts
  • memes
  • in a permanent state of eyeroll


  • EDGY™
  • prolly listens to MCR 
  • has no time for your petty shit
  • bloodstream is like 98% tea


  • reads Jane Austen
  • pretty
  • OH. MY. G A W D!
  • “fuck the government”

Oh No!

  • hot mess
  • “i tried to make ramen in a coffee machine and burned down the house by accident”
  • broke af but still spends all their money on food
  • owns a cactus


  • gets carded at the bar
  • dances a lot
  • “i fucked up bad but i fucked up proudly”
  • has no time

Better Than That

  • the Mom Friend™
  • angry and will fight you
  • like 5 feet tall
  • likes sex


  • prolly at a rave right now
  • just wants a hug
  • “fuck”
  • thirsty af 


  • never stops thinking
  • “sorry what i wasn’t listening”
  • takes pictures of shit like chairs in a bathroom and gets 10k likes on insta
  • “that cloud looks like Benedict Cumberbatch” 

Electra Heart

  • smoked weed that one time
  • a bit mean but it’s cool because they fabulous af
  • “y’all need jesus”
  • lives in the city

Sex Yeah

  • “i’d hit that”
  • ***eggplant emoji***
  • likes hamilton a lot

Starring Role

  • made of stone
  • don’t give a fuck
  • photogenic
  • living version of the arthur fist meme


  • emotional™
  • “what do you mean i’m not like other girls i like other girls”
  • done with everything
  • alcohol 

Teen Idle

  • “but MoOoOooooOOOOOM”
  • depression™
  • shops at Urban Outfitters
  • old soul