marina and the diamonds fashion

I did this for a friend on twitter. If you guys want, you can commission my art I would appreciate it as I am trying to be financially stable and afford meals in while alone in college for this winter break and such. Fellow artists please reblog and everyone else that wants to help me out, LOVE YOU!!!💕💕


ps, you can check my other art out on my page to see my other works if you want something different drawn… :D

The signs according to a Leo
  • Taurus: you're a white dad but v warm though
  • Gemini: very social and kind BUT DON'T GET THEM ANGRY THEY'LL ExplodE
  • cancer: dreamy and a bit whiny sometimes, very sweet and loves themselves a LOT.
  • Leo: dramatic, uses self confidence to cover up their insecurities, very loyal. still Ily bby don't ever change <3
  • Virgo: Can be very bossy and whiny when things don't go their way. Sweet but have an evil side as well, can be really funny.
  • Libra: PURE ANGELS but they can be real backstabbers and they can turn into a bitch in .2 seconds
  • Scorpio: secretive and the most short tempered of the signs next to leo ofcourse. Has many secrets that they're a pro at keeping but will often tell yours to other people, Trust issues. But that doesn't take away the fact that you're very lovable.
  • Sagittarius: you're so creative! Wanderers, want to travel and have a thirst for knowledge. SO WARM AND KIND ILYSM. probably the most accepting sign, they're always there for you and can be good for a long time.
  • Capricorn: lovely people, hard workers, always punctual and prepared.
  • Aquarius: what I love about them is that they're so down to earth, they're very caring and some of them are really dreamy.
  • Pisces: rare people, mysterious and not very trusting but always very kind to everyone. Smarter than you think! Don't even try lying to them, they're always 3 steps ahead of you. Great listeners, seriously pisces people are one of my favs <3