marina the diamonds

hey guys! i got a request 2 weeks ago for icons, and so i just decided to open up a page purely for marina icons. i get bored in my free time & since marina’s on hiatus it’d be a nice way to keep myself busy! hope you all enjoy em.

this time i made 14 vibrant + 1 b&w + 3 misc ones  ^^

please don’t repost/steal or take credit for them! credit isn’t necessary!! but of course it’s appreciated. you can view/download them here.

much love ♡

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What are your top 6 reasons to recovery? Also top 6 favorite songs (if you can choose)!

Reasons to recover
1. So I can go to school, get my PsyD in clinical psych and become a therapist
2. So I can have children
3. So I can spend my time doing things I actually enjoy and have new experiences often
4. So I can have energy to walk, dance, laugh, sing.
5. So I can be a more present friend and daughter and student
6. So I don’t worry about food all day every day

1. Off to the races by Lana Del Rey
2. Wildfire by Demi lovato
3. All too well by taylor swift
4. Immortal by marina and the diamonds
5. New ways by daughter
6. Fix a heart by Demi lovato

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Heyo what kind of music, books, tv shows and movies do you like?

Aaaa I love questions like these!! For music, I usually just enjoy video game music or pop, honestly my music interests change constantly but Marina and the Diamonds is one of my favorite artists! As for TV shows, I don’t really watch much TV… I actually always have my TV on the Food channel for background noise but I’ll watch it on occasion.. I love whenever the kids do baking competitions. As for books, I used to read so many books but kinda lost interest, but I enjoyed just about any type of book, mostly fantasy or romance. And movies… not really a movie person actually!! I might go see “kids” movies like Moana or Zootopia with the family or friends haha. I’m pretty childish so I honestly am very entertained by any animated kids movies.

Hello humans and aliens <3
My name is Milena, but you can call me Lena. I’m 16 years old girl from Brazil. I can speak fluent English and Portuguese however I know a little of Spanish and French, so don’t be afraid of talking to me in these languages! I’m very shy at first but nothing like a cool conversation to me loosen up <3
I’m interested in animes, kpop, conspiracy theories, spooky things, books, indie singers (like Marina And The Diamonds, Halsey, Lana Del Rey and others), Adventure Time, Stranger Things, Black Mirror, Harry Potter, Riordanverse and games just a little.
I’m looking for internets friends around 14-18 who I can talk about life, the Universe and everything. Oh and always text me back! I don’t care about race, gender or sexuality just don’t be a sexist/racist/homophobic/transphobic person and we’ll be fine.

You can mensage on:
Tumblr: magicalgirlversusevil
Snapchat: xlenasilva
Twitter: _carrietta

so i was tagged by @pavratipatil and @awkwardbananana like forever ago, whoops

rules: put your music library on shuffle and list down the first 10 songs and tag 10(ish) people

1. needed me by rihanna

2. weight of living, pt 1 by bastille

3. power &control by marina & the diamonds

4. el perdedor by maluma

5. carry me home by sohn

6. control wheels (mashup) by melanie martinez and halsey

7. mother of dragons by ramin djawadi

8. in the light by the lumineers

9. chasing twisters by delta rae

10. old number seven by the devil makes three

i’ll tag @tumnusses, @straightouttanarnia, @sheisthehighqueen, and anyone who wants to do this (totally tag me if you want to do this)

ok im mega late but i was tagged by @autumntree !!! thank u for thinking of me omg

rules: put your itunes/mp3/spotify/music player of choice on shuffle then list the first 10 songs and tag 10 (or however many) people!!!

1. the schuyler sisters - hamilton

2. the patron saint of liars and fakes - fall out boy

3. on the radio - regina spektor

4. i just wanna run - the downtown fiction

5. rootless - marina & the diamonds

6. step it out mary - the high kings

7. soap - melanie martinez

8. non-stop - hamilton

9. first date - blink-182

10. swimming in miami - owl city

i was also tagged again by autumntree to say 10 facts about myself!!!

1. my favourite sport is hockey and i absolutely adore the montreal canadiens, since half of my family is quebecois. i miss pk subban. also my least favourite team is the boston bruins, not the toronto maple leafs

2. im very good at remembering facts, definitions, songs, etc. but remembering dates is always lost on me

3. my favourite number is 3, i like to do all punctuation (except periods, apostophes, and commas) in sets of three as well as however many things i can

4. my best bits of random trivia come from my interest in luck superstitions

5. i have claustrophobia but not in crowds, just in small walled in areas

6. i can do tarot readings, pendulum readings, and i used to be very skilled in palmistry

7. timmie’s is the only place i’ll get coffee that isn’t blended because it’s the only regular coffee that i like (but their iced capps are really good too)

8. i have a fish named gillbert (yes with two ls, like gill) who i won at a fair two or three years ago. hes still up and kicking!!! also a malfunction in his filter could have started a fire and burned down my apartment but it didnt so hes a lucky fish.

9. i literally managed to kill a succulent, the most low-maintenance plant ever

10. i still own webkinz

for both of these im tagging @iamkarkatvantas @sords @mustachioed-feminist @orangesiclebirb @nepetx @olddaydreams @lupurel @kidnys @ace-kid @timemaiden and also anybody else whod like to do this and tag their pals and keep it goin

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(~ò.ó)~ Tag, you're it now! Share 10 random facts about yourself! And then send this to 10 of your followers!

^.^ Okay then!

1. I’m really into rock music

2. I keep a diary literally all the time

3. I buy scented candles alot and I light them at night because that’s how you call out to your love

4. Sometimes I just like to wear this purple witch hat from two halloweens ago because it reminds me of past times

5. My middle name is Jane

6. I love Geography immensely

7. I always write down my favourite book quotes or poem lines so I can look at them when I feel sad and they make me feel better or inspire me

8. I’m obsessed with Oreos 

9. I used to play the flute until one day I realised, I cannot

10. I love to listen to Marina and the Diamonds at night, I think her voice is so soothing