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This week we’re celebrating the winners of the “Sanctuary Views” category of our Get Into Your Sanctuary photo contest. 

Today, check out our third place winner! Bryan Dort took this photo in Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary. On this foggy morning, the Shipwreck Rowers passed the Alpena Light in a Heritage-23 Mackinaw Boat, a boat based on the historic vessels used throughout the upper Great Lakes in the 1800s. 

(Photo: Bryan Dort)


The boat is put to bed and so is this cycle of marathon training! Yesterday, Mike and my coach helped me get my rowing shell from the lake to the house and then hoisted up to it’s winter home- dangling from the ceiling of our garage. Every time I walk out the back door, I’ll be greeted with inspiration for winter training. 

I had been faithful with weight lifting for 5 years. In the second season of Ironman training. I just couldn’t keep up the volume, weight lift and recover well. It’s been two years since my last Ironman and I still haven’t returned to my previous schedule. I’ve had some spurts, but the last spurt was at least 3 months ago. Time to get those upper body muscles back! The minute Marine Corps Marathon is over, I’ll be a gym regular. 

Yesterday was also my last training run! Just two miles and honestly it felt kind of crappy. I tend to get stiff and running in the morning helps me move better all day. When I don’t run very much, I feel creaky and sore. No worries- 26.2 miles is plenty of time to warm up. And warm may be the operative word. Every time I look at the forecast it’s a few degrees warmer for race day. Whatever! I’m excited about the race and I’m excited for it to be over. 


So, a couple of months back, I created a few International Rescue ‘Reserve Ops’ badges for a few people, and it was suggested by @madilayn, who RPs for our Colonel Casey, that I should create some GDF patches along the same lines. As most projects do, this one got rather out of control, so as a result, this post is rather long, and comprises of some explanations and links, which I will paste below a cut. Basically, this resulted in both a use of my recently-acquired degree, and also the creation of a certain amount of personal fanon with regards to the GDF, internal structure of, and fabrication of a few different military symbols to fit it.

The images above are as follows: ( @vosuth and @nibenhu if you could remind me what your requests/posts for your RPers were, I would be most appreciative, because I cannot remember for the life of me!!)

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Fall has arrived here in Minneapolis and it makes running even more fun. I ran an easy 6 miles at Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet and enjoyed the people watching. This coming week is a cutback week, then one last big week before the taper. 

I’ve been on the fence about whether to do the Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans full or half marathon on February 5th. It’s 14 weeks after Marine Corps Marathon, so it’s definitely doable. I’m feeling great right now so it’s very tempting. But I’ve decided to do the half marathon. I’ve run the Goofy plus three more marathons this year and I’m mentally having to push myself more than usual to get the runs done. I’ll run a heavier mileage plan for the half and then think about doing a marathon later in the spring. We are for sure going to be doing NY Marathon in the fall, so we’ll see what happens.

I’m still rowing and absolutely love it! I’ll have to get my boat off the water by the end of October, so only a few weeks of time in the boat left. I accomplished all of my season goals and am thinking about what I want to do in the off season to be ready to hit the water in the spring ready to really train. The season is so short compared to running. Lot’s of fun things to think about.

To people agreeing with the “manspreading is necessary because balls” argument:

It must be painful to run with your legs squashing your balls at every stride.

It must be painful to sleep on your side or in a fetal position.

Any man who can cross his legs surely has either small balls, or no balls. It is impossible to do that and be comfortable if you own a normal pair of balls.

All those Marines standing in perfect rows with their feet together must have had their balls chopped off during basic.

It must be weird having your skin secrete superglue, naturally making your balls stick painfully to your legs. I’d consult a doctor about that.

Nature must have done someone weird in the last few months to make your balls so huge that manspreading has become an issue actually covered by the news when I never heard of it as a problem before August.

The manspreading thing is absolutely ridiculous. But the ‘but biology’ logic is so annoying.


This video is getting me super pumped right now. Some killer rowing. Americans know how to fucking sweep.


Summer is here in full force and the doors are off the Jeep! No matter how hot it is outside, riding in the Jeep after a run is a lot of fun. I’ve got 2 more weeks before my 16 week training plan for Marine Corps Marathon starts, so I’m just keeping my runs short and slow so that I can go into this next training session feeling good.

And that’s my biker-girl wind spinner that my mom gave me for my birthday! I love that she’s aero and she spins super fast in the wind. She’s out logging bike miles for me day and night and never gets tired.

I’ve had my few rowing lessons and get to go to the group session tonight! My coach says she’ll put me in the middle of a quad and that it will be fine. I’m excited!

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A SDS request from WiserStrongerBetter caught me a bit wet after getting caught in a storm on the lake tonight at my second shot at rowing club. 

Tonight I was in a double with a very nice woman who learned to row in San Diego. She was very good at both rowing and giving me tips. Very much appreciated! I don’t think you could do this sport if you were thin skinned as everyone is always trying to help everyone else get better and that’s a needed part of the process. It does kind of feel like Animal House sometimes, though– Thank you, Sir! May I have another!

I also got in a nice run this morning with some friends. Went almost 7 miles and my legs are feeling pretty good again. I still have 2+ weeks until Marine Corps Marathon training starts and I think I will be fresh and ready to go. I’m going to use a lower mileage schedule than I’ve used for the last 3 marathons but am going to be biking a lot, I hope. I’m also going to be doing more speed work this session, so I think it will be a good combination. I’m excited about it!