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Isn’t it WILD how Lucas lost all his money trying to start Hanna’s fashion career but yet, despite him telling her this, she still lives in his apartment, drives his car (all for free), and now is allowing Caleb to stay there too? You mean to tell me #SugarDaddyLucas is out here living in a hotel and riding bikes to work because Hanna doesn’t have any manners let alone common courtesy to give him back his life? Lmao

Humans are Weird: Genetic Diversity

What if aliens have very little genetic diversity and they all look the same and then they meet humans. Where we can look extremely different, have extremely different personalities. 

Alien Scientist, S’chern, was quite young for her age; she was barely 21 sols on her marine home planet. But the job was a new position and it came with proper accommodations. S’chern she was among the first Sapienologists in the universe and was tasked with discovering how humans worked. 

Humans, as they called themselves, were eyed warily by most of the galaxy. They had all heard the stories about their ferocity and endurance. Unless you were amongst the few exploring the uncolonized space, aliens didn’t interact with humans much. 

There were treaties and laws and visas, as the humans called them, allowing interplanetary travel, but very few took up on the offer. Younglings just barely out of their last metamorphosis, sporting shiny black shells,  would dare each other to go to Earth. Most would chicken out just as they were about to board the shuttle, refund their ticket, and walk back ashamed. Some, however, were daring enough to go through with it. 

Most of the travelers on the shuttle-pod to earth were explorers looking to hire humans for their crew. They were clad in bulky, gleaming red carapaces, indicating their command status. They were usually accompanied by soldiers who never left their side. 

The final group on the shuttle were scientists. Eager to study the planet and the humans and all forms of life. Unlike the recruiters, who stared stoically straight ahead, or the dared who whispered with another excitedly, S’chern reviewed her notes on humans. 

Reports varied with contradictions that seemed impossible. Captain Kirnik explorer of the frontier reported his humans as determined, capable, and surprisingly ruthless. 

Others said their humans were lazy, and bonded with all life forms, refusing to leave crew-mates behind. 

S’chern resolved to talk about the inconsistencies between reports to determine who was correct. 

After instructions were announced, passengers were placed into cryogenic sleep and were instructed they would be awoken on entry to the human’s solar system. 

Upon entering the solar system, S’chern retrieved her recording cube from its storage and examined it to make sure it was in working order. The others were still stirring from sleep. 

They arrived on Earth two hours after entry and the passengers were ushered off the shuttle. Despite the promises of a quiet entrance, a veritable sea of humans flooded the exit. They carried devices flashing lights that agitated their eyes and she hissed. Instead of discouraging them, it only seemed to make them want to take more pictures. And Hurried whispers ensued containing fragments of English she couldn’t understand. 

The humans wore colors of many types on their hair: Brown, Black, and even Red. S’chern had been told it was a human custom to change their hair color unnaturally. It seemed to be a common thing now. There were the reported pinks and blues, but mostly the aforementioned colors. 

They scattered by quickly into a quieter room that was mostly human free. There was a young human there with shiny black hair and her teeth were bared unnaturally the whole time. 

“It’s called a smile,” One of the more experienced recruiters whispered to her,  seeing S’chern’s horrified look, “It means they’re friendly.” 
She nodded wondering what creature bared their teeth to show friendliness. 

As she was a Sapienologist, S'chern was taken into a chamber where she would meet with a human scientist. There were a few preliminary questions, that she answered in halting English. 

“Greetings,” A human spoke in a mutilation of her original language, “I am Bill." 

"Hello human-Bill,” S'chern bowed her head in an indication of respect, “ I am S'chern." 
human Bill’s features were much different than the human with the terrifying ‘smile’ who had welcomed them. 

"Have you altered your features,” S'chern asked. 

“What?” Human-Bill seemed confused, “No,”
“But you look different from the other human,” S'chern said. 

“Goodness wait until they see dogs,” he remarked to no one in particular. 

“Dogs?” S'chern questioned, “Are these the canine companions you call pets?" 

"Yes. And to answer your earlier question, humans can look quite different. Different hair and eye color, as well as many other features, can vary.” He paused, “I take it your…species has little genetic variation." 

"No,” S'chern clicked her pincers, “ We shed our shells when we reach maturity and change them once more when we are around fifty Sols." 

"Interesting,” The human jotted something down on a device. 

“Now, for curiosities sake, let me show you some dogs." 
After typing something on the device he flipped it around to show an average canine. 

"That is a husky, a breed of dog.” He said. He then typed in something and showed another furred mammal significantly smaller. 

“That is also a dog,’ He said. 

"But they are so different; this has short fur and is much smaller. The other one was huge and had long fur.” S'chern was baffled. How could they both be the same species? 

Perhaps the differing opinions were right, the humans could be both. But How could you expect different ones to react in the same situation?  

After a few more dog identification games, S'chern just gave up. How could they hope to classify humans if they varied this much?  Humans were most definitely weird. 

Things about a military relationship that i hate pt a million

I hate how hard this is. I hate how I’m in bed alone and all I get are a handful of texts. I hate how I spend most nights crying over how much I miss you and I can’t tell you because it only makes things harder because you have no control over this. And god I just hate not knowing when we’ll ever truly be together. Most of our relationship has been goodbyes and texts. We’ve spent more nights apart than we ever have together. I hate going through day to day shit without you, every single day. And everything makes it worse. I miss you all the time. So much that I can feel myself breaking inside. And I’m so tired of saying and hearing that it’ll all be worth it one day because everyday I wonder if that’s true. If so many nights of sobbing is worth something we don’t know will happen. Or when it’ll happen. And god I just really hate knowing that most of our lives will be goodbyes and maybes. As each day goes by I don’t know if I’m even strong enough for this.

In honor of Memorial Day I’ll be posting military workouts all day!

Thank you to everyone who has served/is serving our country.

And to those and the families of those who have given there lives to protect us and our country you will forever be remebered and we are forever greatful


Part of the most remote island archipelago on Earth, Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument supports a reef ecosystem with more than 7,000 marine species and is home to many species of coral, fish, birds and marine mammals. This includes the endangered Hawaiian monk seal, the endangered leatherback and hawksbill sea turtles. A Hawaiian monk seal naps on the beach with a rainbow on the horizon. Photo by Mark Sullivan, NOAA/HMSRP, NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer.

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My partner is set to deploy next month. This will be our 3rd deployment since we got together. It has me thinking about Sterek Military fics. Marines, Army, Navy, Navy Seal, Spec Ops, whatever I will take them all. Bless you and this blog for getting me through many lonely nights.

Awwww, sending your partner good vibes and well wishes!  Tried to find you some completed fics with happy endings bb, hope they help <3  -Emmy

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I’m Coming Home by redhoodedwolf 

(1,031 I Teen I Complete)  *military!Stiles

Prompt from Tumblr:
I’m not sure if your still doing prompts… but if you are I would love you forever if you could write a Military!AU, where Stiles surprises Derek be coming back early!! Very FLUFFY!!!

Everyday Will Be Like a Holiday by wirewrappedlily 

(1,395 I General I Complete)  *soldier!Derek

When Stiles woke at ten the next morning, Derek was curled tight around him, Erica’s head in the dip of Derek’s waist, and Isaac’s thin form thrown over their legs, Scott lying around both Stiles and Isaac while Lydia slept in as small a ball as possible on Stiles’s chest, Boyd’s hand on her head as if she’d had a nightmare. Stiles smiled to himself, going back to staring at Derek’s sleeping features. The curve of his eyelashes and the relaxed shape of his mouth. He wanted to trace his finger over the line of Derek’s nose, leave hickies over the straight edge of Derek’s jaw. It was new and old and so good Stiles wanted to cry.

Derek was home.

Coming Home For Christmas by Nerdy_fangirl_57 

(1,780 I General I Complete) *soldier!Derek, married!sterek

Stiles was trying to be the best dad he could be for his little girl after Derek was drafted into the military 3 months ago. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel like crying when Alex tells him that all she wants for Christmas is for Santa to bring her papa back home. 

What a Difference a Day Makes by the_gramophone 

(1,888 I General I Complete)   *soldier!Stiles

Derek is struggling not to feel lonely this Valentine’s Day, but he does his best to put on a brave and happy face for his daughter. Both their days take a turn for the better when they get an unexpected surprise.

Home Without a Heart by 138andcounting 

(2,145 I Not Rated I Complete)   *marine!Derek

Derek leave the Marines due to an injury, and finds himself in a small town in California, Beacon Hills. Not being able to stop helping others, he joins the police, where he meets 18-year-old Stiles Stilinski. A year of dating later, they moved to NY for Stiles to go to college. After dating for two years, Derek get’s an unexpected visitor.

Coming Home by Ella Dean Pendragon 

(2,277 I General I Complete)  *soldier!Derek

It’s been three hundred and seventy six days since he left and Stiles has been living each day as it comes but all that is about to change. Non werewolf AU. Army AU, Sterek, Slash. Other pairings Scisaac, Dethan and Lydia/Aiden.

A Soldier Surprise by Eburn 

(2,765 I General I Complete)  *soldier!Derek

The one where Derek is a Soldier and Stiles is at Uni, and they’re engaged. Derek surprises Stiles by coming home early.

Traveling Soldier by Angelwithwingsoffire 

(3,006 I Not Rated I Complete)  *soldier!Derek

Stiles works in a diner when one day a soldier walks in, dressed in army greens and sits down at one of Stiles’s booths. They end up talking and soon enough Stiles is sending letters off to one Sergeant Derek Hale, until one day, the letters stop.

Thank God Your Heart is Too Close by hoars 

(3,469 I Not Rated I Complete)  *soldier!Derek

There’s a boy, (“Fuck you, dude. I’m seventeen. Not fifteen.” Stiles laughs in his memory) waiting for him back home.

Coming Home by WyldeWombat (orphan_account) 

(3,766 I Teen I Complete)  *soldier!Derek

Derek joined the military over four years ago, and Stiles doesn’t get to see his mate very much. In fact, he hasn’t seen Derek in over a year. Little does he know, Derek is coming home.

In the Air, On Land, On Sea by enthroned 

(6,443 I General I Complete)   *marine!Derek, marine!Stiles

In which Derek is a marine on his way home.  He meets Stiles, a marine on his way to war.

Marine Sergeant Hale by Angelwithwingsoffire 

(6,258 I Not Rated I Complete)  *marine!Derek

Stiles has been bullied for years and it gets worse when the Sheriff is deployed one last time. One day, in the middle of the daily beating, a Marine comes to his rescue. A very hot and muscular Marine who also happens to be in uniform. And unbeknownst to Stiles, they’ve met before. Stiles can’t remember but Derek remembers it all.

If You’re Not Here to Turn the Lights Off (I Can’t Sleep) by losingmyangelgrace 

(7,234 I Explicit I Complete)  *marine!Derek, teacher!Stiles

“Honey! I’m home!” Stiles shouted into the empty apartment as he moved quickly through to the kitchen, dumping his backpack onto bench before crossing to the fridge and crossing off another day on the calendar. A month and a half. That was how long was left until Derek came home, until he was safe. Everyday felt like a lifetime to Stiles.

Grace - Prologue by Venchaser 

(9,655 I Explicit I Complete)  *historical au, WWII au, soldier!Derek, doctor!Stiles

Twoshot - Prologue (Complete) . It is the 1939, the world is on the brink of a second World War. Stiles is the son of a wealthy high ranking ministry official. His friend and childhood protector Derek Hale is off to the same medical school as he is, with the financial help of his own father, something Stiles is not too happy about, though he won’t admit it to himself that there might be feelings involved. Yet.

The Last Time by clawstoagunfight

(10,874 I Explicit I Complete)  *Soldier!Stiles

Stiles is leaving in the morning and Derek can’t find the words to say how he feels. Instead, he shows him.

Secrets of Suburbia by GiaUrsula 

(17,338 I Mature I Complete)  *historical au, Soldier!Derek

Lydia Martin was the Queen Bee of Beacon Hills so it was her job to welcome her husband’s nephew, Derek, and his new wife into the neighbourhood. Derek has returned home after service in Korea to settle down and marry his sweetheart, Gen, who Lydia becomes fast friends with. But after stumbling upon Derek cheating on Gen, she isn’t sure what to think. But who was the man she saw him with? Who is Stiles?

Air Mail by Handsofred 

(20,229 I Not Rated I Complete)  *soldier!derek, dad!derek, teacher!stiles

‘’Oh my god’’ Stiles breathed out as heavy booted footsteps faded away down the hall. ‘’oh my god’’

‘’Stiles?’’ Allison asked as he scrambled around the desk searching for the last letter before he was thrusting it at their faces.

‘’It’s him…my soldier…it’s him, it’s Mattie’s dad’’ He told them, his eyes wide as Allison took the letter from him, ‘’oh my god, oh my god and I fainted in front of him…oh Jesus Christ’’

Protecting Home by countrygirlsfun 

(38,400 I Mature I Complete)   *soldier!Stiles, Teacher!Derek

Stiles Stilinski is now an ex-army sniper and engaged to kindergarten teacher Derek Hale. All he wants is to leave his military service and experiences behind him so he can move on and build his life with Derek.

But it isn’t always easy when the battlefield follows you home.

I’ll Be Seeing You by thepsychicclam 

(81,489 I Explicit I Complete)  *soldier!derek, WWII au, historical au

In the summer of 1941, with the country on the brink of war, diner waiter Stiles meets Derek Hale, an army soldier just passing through Beacon Hills.

We’ve Gotcha

Title: We’ve Gotcha

Characters:  Gibbs, DiNozzo, McGee, Y/N (reader) -no pairing

Word count: 982

Warnings: fluffish, slight angst

A/N: I have a lot of Gibbs coming out rather close together, so I hope you don’t mind. </3 I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

This was requested by @maybeinmylife: Could you write an imagine in which the reader starts to get hit on or in general feel uncomfortable at the office and the team (NCIS) comes to the rescue

It was just you and the suspect in the interrogation room.  You allowed the guy to be freed of his handcuffs; against Gibbs’ wishes of course.  You thought he would open up more if you displayed a small amount of trust.  You quickly started to regret your decision.

“I’m glad I get to talk to the sexier of the two agents,” the man sneered.  “You’d look a lot better if you undid a few of those buttons.”

You rolled your eyes, slapping the file onto the metal table.  “How about you tell me why your fingerprints are all over our crime scene,” you suggested.  “How do you know the Lieutenant?  Was he a friend?”  You spread out photos of the deceased Lieutenant, making sure that he looked them over.  “It would be best if you answered honestly, because I will find out the truth.  You’re already in enough trouble as is.”

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dannyxv-deactivated20170916  asked:

What was the origins part of this au like? (Besides them getting their kwami) was there an umbrella scene? What's the twins' relationships with Nino/Alya(and Chloe for that matter)

@oceanspray5 and I have been discussing this. 

Marinette, after the initial akuma screw up, would definitely have just given the earrings to Marin and never dealt with the responsibility of being a Miraculous holder if she had been given the chance. So to make that not an option, we figured the best way for Marinette to get her resolve to be Ladybug would be for Marin to get hurt alongside Alya. Adrien handles all the Chat things this episode too, since he was the first one to put on the ring and suit up. 

It’s not about Origins but I’ll mention it here… The Pixelator episode seems to follow Origins canonically so I thought it would be the perfect situation for both Marin and Adrienne to shine in their siblings place. Marinette would get trapped in a photograph which would force Marin to have to save the day as Lady Beetle. Likewise, Adrien never gets out of the photo with Chloe so Adrienne has to help the whole time instead. I dunno how they had the Kwami/Miraculous on them… maybe Plagg was begging Adrienne for food at the time and she had the ring that day and Marin got a hold of Marinette’s bag with Tikki and the earrings in it after Marinette had been put in the photo. Anyway, that is how this pair meet and team up. It causes all sorts of confusion across Paris when suddenly their new heroes were the opposite gender haha.

BACK to Orgins tho…

Nino I can imagine taking the Agreste twins under his wings since they’re hopeless and becomes pretty good friends to both of them. Alya still befriends Marinette and then Marin though she isn’t as close to him at first. She gets along with Adrienne but it’s about the same degree as she does with Adrien in canon. Nino is friends with Marin too but they don’t have a lot to talk about? So they don’t really hang out as much. And I can’t remember if I answered about this privately or publicly before, but Chloe doesn’t like either Marin or Marinette and tries to be buddy buddy with the Agrestes (tho her friendship with Adrienne is much more shallow).

The gum incident still happens, with Adrien coming across as the main offender and they initially dislike Adrienne alongside him because “If they’re a friend of Chloe, I want nothing to do with them.” Adrien still apologizes and explains himself to Marinette alone so the umbrella scene remains intact. He doesn’t say anything to Marin (since it was Marinette’s seat) but I can see Adrienne separately explaining it to Marin in her brother’s place. His open understanding and kindness once he knows that she and her brother is nothing like Chloe, makes her fall for him if you prefer the version of this au where Adrienne likes Marin and Marin likes Chat Noire that is. If not, then maybe her gratitude to his understanding makes him fall for her?? idk Then they exit the school and Adrienne catches up with Adrien and they leave both excited to have made new friends, and Marin walks back home with Marinette wondering where she got the umbrella from.

Being gibbs' kid and returning home after being missing overseas

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  • You’re Gibbs’ daughter, and the two of you are basically the same person 
  • So it wasn’t a shock when you joined the Marines like him 
  • Or became a sniper like him 
  • Or that you managed to work your way up the ranks pretty quickly 
  • What was shocking was when your father got that phone call 
  • That dreaded goddamn phone call 
  • You weren’t coming home anytime soon 
  • In fact, your unit had no h*cking clue where you were 
  • Brave Gunnery Sergeant Y/N Gibbs had risked her life to protect her unit and the innocent bystanders in Afghanistan 
  • In the process her unit lost sight of her, and they never found her 
  • Two years, seven months, and ten days – that’s how long it took for a different unit to stumble upon the base they were holding you 
  • That’s how long it took for you to get to safety 
  • As soon as you were back on a Marine base, you told the Sergeant Major there that you were heading home 
  • He didn’t argue - the Marine corps was incredibly grateful for your service, and you’d surely be honored, but he agreed: you needed your rest 
  • You didn’t tell anyone you were coming home – partly because you were too exhausted to phone but also because you wanted to surprise your  dad 
  • You had to have someone meet you at Quantico, though, so you called Tony Dinozzo, making him promise not to tell anyone and threatening him if he betrayed you 
  • As tired as you were, you couldn’t stop yourself from launching yourself at Tony, giving him a bone crushing hug 
    • “Wow, missed me that much Gibblet? I’m flattered,” he teased softly, before returning your hug with a content smile 
  • Stepping out of the elevator that lead to the bullpen, you looking around for your father. Your smile faltered when you didn’t see him, turning to Tony with questioning eyes. 
    • “We’re working a case. He’s probably with Duck or Abs-” he started to say. 
    • “Y/N! What- You’re back!” 
    • You turned your head just in time to catch a sight of Timothy McGee before he pulled you in for a hug. 
    • “Hey, McGee, it’s nice to see you,” you chuckled softly, hugging him back. 
    • As soon as he pulled away his arms were replaced with Ziva’s. You assured both of them that you were fine, you just wanted to see your dad.
  • The three of them walked down to autopsy with you in search of Gibbs. 
  • He wasn’t there, but a very happy and chatty Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard was. 
    • After another hug, a brief story, and an apologetic smile from you for cutting Ducky off, you assured him you were just fine and left to head to Abby’s lab to find your father. 
  • Again, your father’s three underlings followed you, still proving you with questions which you ignored. 
  • Stepping into the lab, you find your father 
  • But before you could even say hi to him, Abigail Sciuto was crushing you in a hug, rambling on a mile a minute about how much she missed you and loved you and she was never gonna let you leave again 
  • Finally she pulled away apologetically, realization dawning on her that you wanted to see your father 
  • You and Gibbs stared at each other for a few moments, shock covering his features and a smile on your face 
  • Finally, you got a soft “Hey, kiddo,” out of him before he stepped forward and pulled you towards his chest 
  • As soon as you collided, you buried your head in his chest, clutching onto his jacket as tears started to fall from your eyes 
  • Soon enough tears were falling from Gibbs’ eyes too 
  • “Welcome home, Marine,” your father chuckled softly, kissing your temple 
  • You’d never felt so relieved in your life 

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