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I have come to the conclusion that the best hikes require driving down very long curvy roads that make you question how much further. Hikes also seem better either in a light rain or just after a nice rain. Cascade Falls fit these criteria. While most trails in the San Francisco Bay Area can be a bit difficult to get to, Cascade Falls was simply at the end of a long curvy road through a neighbourhood; not really a place I would expect to find such a beautiful trail. I feel all I said while hiking was “there’s a good place for a picnic” as it was truly one of the most picturesque places, straight out of a fairytale. In the middle of spring, the oak trees were just starting to grow leaves, the creek was rushing full of water, and a mystical feeling overwhelmed us. Some hikes are pretty and enjoyable, but some hikes make you just stop walking and take in the beauty of the place you are in. 


HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY! Gonna be posting a lil bit today about the women of colour throughout history whom I find particularly inspiring.

So kicking things off with Angela Davis, as seen above. She’s perhaps most famous for her role in counterculture activism as part of the American Civil Rights movement and as a member of the Black Panthers. She also became involved in the Communist Party USA from 1961-1991. However, it was this activism and her Marxist stance which meant that she was named on the FBI’s most wanted list on the orders of J. Edgar Hoover.

Davis was sentenced to death in 1972 in relation to the take-over of a Marin County, California, courtroom, which resulted in four fatalities. However, she was acquitted in a federal trial after being incarcerated for eighteen months, due to an international mobilisation.

Davis had also developed her beliefs in feminism, understanding that equality between the races could only exist with the equality of the sexes. It was in 1969, that as a known radical feminist, member of the Communist Party and associate of the Black Panthers Party that Davis was recruited by UCLA as a professor of Philosophy. However, Davis found her position challenged as the then governor of California, Ronald Reagan, deemed her unsuitable for such a role due to her affiliation with the Communist party. Yet, after a short period during which there was a failure to renew her teaching contract, it was ruled that Davis could not be fired for her political stance.

Davis has spoken openly about her views on many issues such as racism, sexism, gay rights and imperialism and continues in her prevalence regarding social justice movements, most recently being made an honorary co-chair of the Women’s March on Washington. You can watch many of her speeches online and I’ve attached a link to an excerpt of the black power mixtape which highlights some of her beliefs and the power of her public speaking.


Magic Hour Bobcat by lennycarl08
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This cat nicely sat still for me while I fired away from the car.