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10 Must See Photos from the 1950s

  1. Marijuana plant in Van Nuys, California jail. Officer F.G. Plamonden gapes at blooming plant of marijuana. Officers wonder what goes on with the plant. Cops later found out that it was sent to Valley Division to be in a lecture on narcotics, 1951
  2. Kicking it with the cool kids - photographer Jean Depara’s photos of life in Kinshasa, Africa in the early 1950s
  3. Pablo Picasso has fun playing Popeye, 1957
  4. Marilyn Monroe kicks a ball at Ebbets Field, New York, 1957
  5. Miss New Zealand collapses during the Miss Universe pageant, 1954
  6. Kisses and shiny new dimes given out to anyone who appeared “optimistic” in downtown Santa Monica during the Optimist Week celebration, 1951
  7. A woman demonstrates shoes equipped with spurs and other sharp metal objects for fighting off men and their unwanted advances, 1956
  8. Men in full make-up dining enjoying a meal together, 1950s
  9. A rare look into Lucy and Dezi’s home in the 1950s
  10. Taking a train ride on the real Orient Express as passengers eat in the dining car, 1950s

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