marilyn sees you


AAA I wanted to post these before I wasn’t proud of them anymore;;; Human/Synth versons of the Securitrons in New Vegas!

in order: Yes Man, Jane and Marilyn, Victor, Muggy, and Mark I securitrons

I was going to draw the Mark II securitrons too but I lost a lot of steam towards the end, I might finish that design later

Bad Marilyn Manson lyrics master post

“You can’t get none of my sandwich, bitch” -Styrofoam Raps, 1990

“Mamas got a scarecrow gotta let the corn grow” -Lucy in the Sky with Demons, 1992

“I’ve got abortions in my eyes” -Irresponsible Hate Anthem, 1996

“Jaws wired shut to save the dick” - Little Horn, 1996

“I want to be your little girl” -Mister Superstar, 1996

“I’m as fake as a wedding cake” -New Model #15, 1998

“I’m sorry you never check the bag in my head for a bomb” -Target Audience, 2000

“We’re on a bullet and we’re headed straight into god” -The Death Song, 2000

“I’d kill myself to make everybody pay” -Coma Black, 2000

“Babble babble bitch bitch rebel rebel rebel party party sex sex sex and don’t forget the violence” -This is the New Shit, 2003

“Trumpet-mouth junky-saints go silver-tongue marching down the stairway to substance” -Doll-Daga-Buzz-Buzz-Zigety-Zag, 2003

“I am a big car” -Kaboom Kaboom, 2003

“Haters call me bitch call me fagot call me whitey, but I am something that you’ll never be (hey)” -The Better of Two Evils, 2003

“Bottomless celebrity scar staged circuses for schoolgirls us boys are all dressed up like a suicide omen” -The Red Carpet Grave, 2007

“We’re on the line between the Devils tits” -Are you the Rabbit, 2007

“You are an unmarked car I don’t remember where I parked you” -are you the Rabbit, 2007

“Fuck you (x3)” -Mutilation is the Most Sincere form of Flattery, 2007

“She has been forecasted with an attempt to kill herself but the ending didn’t test out well” -Eat me Drink me, 2007

“Tax free face life abortions nervous breakdance” -Arma-goddamn-motherfuckin-gedon, 2009

“I wish I was still dead but the tv says its a tropical depression” -Arma-goddamn-motherfuckin-gedon 2009

“Or else sounds like a stupid fucking thing to say to someone like me” -Wow, 2009

“I’m worse than what you’d think you’d catch from me” -Wow, 2009

“It’s not rain you rapist werewolves it’s god pissing down on you” -Into the Fire, 2009

“There’s no drugged out Devils or square halo Angels” -Hey Cruel Work, 2012

“Stare into my Kodak Rome Jack hammer ice eyes” -Overneath the path of Misery, 2012

“The rape of Persephone was choreographed by all the wrong Greeks the rape of Persephone was a marketing scheme” -Overneath the path of Misery, 2012

“And I can’t feel your tits with my new camera equipped with a flash” -Slo mo tion, 2012

“Watching monkey suicide Sunday AIDS and church wine wash it away” -Children of Cain, 2012

“404 ERROR face” -Disengage, 2012

“Shadow of consensual rape” -Murderers are Getting Prettier Every Day, 2012

“Panties to the side bitch I wanna see yo camel toe” -Fancy Bitch(pussy wet) 2013

“Bitch yo pussy solid gold, it sold gold” -Fancy Bitch(pussy wet) 2013

“She said how big is yo dick I said how big is yo mouth” -Fancy Bitch(pussy wet) 2013

“Do you like our bed do you like our bed” -Deep Six, 2015

“I don’t know if I can open up I’m not a birthday present” -The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles, 2015

“I’m a coat of fists” -Cupid Carries a gun, 2015

“My dagger and Swagger are useless” -Odds of Even, 2015

“We don’t just eat the street the asphalt is the good meat” -We Know Where You Fucking Live, 2017

Fuck you Haters lol 

Instead of getting into their limo, I said I’d follow in my own car. That would be better, because I’d be able to leave when i wanted to. “Okay see you!” Marilyn squealed, and the limo took off, leaving me behind to run as fast as I could to the parking lot.

They were not waiting for me, and the fact was that I didn’t know where Mullholland Drive Brando lived. By the time I reached my car, my energy was gone and i got upset with myself. I should have gotten into the limo, i was thinking.

- Photographer Lawrence Schiller on his missed opportunity of visiting Marlon Brando’s home with Wally Cox and Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe, 1962.

Marilyn Monroe’s Two Secrets- What I learned about the icon by folding her capri pants.

“Upon her death, Marilyn’s personal effects had been boxed up and placed in storage, and there they had remained for 37 years. I was present in the Christie’s offices the day they were unpacked.

Paging Tutankhamen!

Unpacking Marilyn’s possessions was a surreal and extraordinary experience. I touched her Pucci blouses. I folded her black capri pants. I found myself holding crackly, dried-up old shopping bags—JAX of Beverly Hills—filled with stockings, slips, and brassieres. I touched hairbrushes with blonde hairs in them. I sniffed the Mexican wrap sweater she wore in the famous beach photo shoot, and detected a whiff of perfume.

The process of cataloguing and displaying Marilyn’s bits took months. During this time I learned some crazily illuminating stuff about the breathy blond bombshell. Brace yourself for some next-level revelations.

Right away, I discovered that Marilyn was shockingly and unimaginably slender. She was sort of like Kate Moss but fleshier on top. Didn’t see that coming, did you?

When it came to finding mannequins to fit her dresses, I simply couldn’t. M.M.’s drag was too small for the average window dummy. Smaller “petite” mannequins existed, but I could not bring myself to place Marilyn’s iconic garments on these perky fiberglass dollies. The frocks seemed too important and historic. For the public installation I decided to give them the Shroud of Turin treatment.

I laid the dresses in rows on top of angled panels—sort of like bodies after a plane crash—and accompanied them with a photo of M.M. herself in each frock. It worked. There was the black strappy gown she wore in Korea. And there, in the adjacent photo, was M.M. strutting about in front of the troops.

The only exception was the sparkly Jean Louis number Marilyn wore for the Kennedy happy-birthday chanson. For this dress, a custom Lucite mannequin was made.”

“And for my second Marilyn bet-you-didn’t-see-that-coming revelation …

Marilyn Monroe was a huge movie star, but she owned diddly-squat. She was not materialistic!

Marilyn’s estate was a bunch of poignant schlock. The auction raised more than $13 million, but not because of any intrinsic value in the numbered lots. There were no Renoirs or Picassos. Her knickknacks were pedestrian. Her cookware was greasy. Her spatulas were bent. Even her Golden Globe was broken.

The majority of her clothing showed surprising wear and tear. She had worn it all repeatedly and there just wasn’t that much of it.

Her jewelry? With the exception of her DiMaggio wedding ring it was a bunch of paste danglers and costume crap.

Shoes? Yes, there were several pairs of black suede Ferragamo stilettos with worn heels. But Marilyn—brace yourself for another shocker—was more into books than shoes. Her poignant desire to cultivate her mind and give herself an education resulted in an extensive library of first editions. Take that, Carrie Bradshaw!

This stunning lack of materialism made me love and respect her more. What do you need in life other than a good book, a few capri pants, and a cotton sundress or two?

Yes, there were a few fur coats. But compared to the gimme-gimme-gimme stars of today whose hangar-size closets are bursting with freebies, she was a total bread-and-water-eating, hair-shirt-wearing, self-denying nun.”

-Simon Doonan


i love photos of vintage actresses, because there’s no image correction.

You look at a photo of Marilyn Monroe, and you see the awkward shadow of armpit fat, the broad expanse of her upper arm at an odd angle, the bumpiness of her thighs. You’d never see that in today’s photos - it’d all be smoothed away, clinical and perfect.

But Marylin has armpit fat. She has full arms and fuller thighs. She has bits of muffin top, a crease in her elbow, her breast actually sag under gravity.

And you think, that’s beautiful. The smoothlessness of reality is beautiful. She’s beautiful.