marilyn monroe money

Marilyn Monroe was not a socialite. Marilyn Monroe was not filthy rich. Marilyn Monroe’s goal in life was not to be as pretty as she could. Marilyn Monroe didn’t believed that ‘Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend’. Marilyn Monroe didn’t came from a rich family. Marilyn Monroe was not just a sex symbol. Marilyn Monroe was not a machine of girly quotes. 

She came from a broken home, she never met her father and her mother was schizophrenic. When she started her career: Worked as a model, and had to do extra hours of work in a factory. Men didn’t gave to her the opportunities that she achieved: She spent six long years (1947-1952) and numerous of minor movie roles to finally got her first starring role. She did hours of dramatic lessons, singing lessons and dancing lessons everyday to feel prepared for her roles. When she finally achieved her stardom, her salary at the studio was low. She faced the studio system that was very controlling at the time - she studied method acting in the Actors Studio, builded her own production company (the third woman in history to do this) and made a career that was her pride. She was a early civil rights activist, she donated time and money to numerous charities, she was the first celebrity to talk about child sexual abuse, she had a personal library of over 400 books and was a avid reader. From a girl who came from nothing, she was a Golden Globe winner who starred in over 30 films and won numerous acting awards. She also was very critical about herself and was extremely perfectionist in her films. 

This glamorous image that you guys see today was far from being the only thing that she had. Don’t be fooled by the myths, don’t be fooled by people’s thoughts about her, don’t be fooled by the fake quotes. 

“Hold a good thought for me..” Marilyn Monroe for Sidney Skolsky, 1953