marilyn monroe lipstick

Kissing Marilyn’s Crypt.

This is a topic I feel very strongly about and I’ve learned over time that some people will not agree no matter what. Many people do agree, but there are lots who don’t as well. It’s almost 50/50.

I hope this may open some people’s eyes if they agree with leaving lipstick marks on Marilyn’s crypt. The chances of that are small, but anything is possible!

Why we should NOT leave lipstick marks on Marilyn’s crypt:

1. The biggest reason: it is extremely disrespectful. People may think they are doing this out of love or admiration for Marilyn, and maybe that’s true for a few, but when you do this you are making it solely about YOU. It is a mark left by YOU. You are pretty much saying “Look, I’m here and I’ve left my mark! See? Looks at the lipstick print!” Leaving any type of mark on something like a crypt really is just graffiti. It may not be considered “ugly”, but nonetheless it is still graffiti. Because it should not be there.

2. The lipstick stains the marble. So, you are leaving a stain there as well. How nice.

3. Many people will say “well I think Marilyn would love and appreciate it!” At the end of the day, we don’t know this and we never will. So let’s just not do it!

4. The germs…ugh! Unless the stone has literally just been cleaned, you are basically kissing a bunch of strangers and you don’t know where their lips have been. It’s just unsanitary and, well, disgusting.

5. There was actually a sign near Marilyn’s crypt at one point asking visitors not to leave those marks. Unfortunately, this didn’t seem to make a very big difference because people just want to be able to say they’ve kissed Marilyn’s crypt.

6. People (fans) go out of their way to clean up that mess of lipstick prints. I am so grateful for them for doing that, but I wish they didn’t have to. There simply shouldn’t be anything to clean in the first place. So you are also leaving a mess for others to clean.

7. Another comment I’ve heard is “well the cemetery can afford for it to be cleaned and replaced.” I think this is so selfish. This is something that should never have to be replaced due to something as silly as lipstick marks and stains. But it already has. Here is a quote I found on “Thousands of fans and tourists visit Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles every year to pay homage to the Hollywood icon, touching the bronze marker and leaving red lipstick prints. Over time this causes oxidation, so the marker has to be replaced periodically.”

8. It is something sacred! If you are fine leaving marks on the graves of families and friends, then that is your business. But it should be considered that this is her final resting place. She is buried there. Do not leave a mark and make it about you. Make it about Marilyn!

9. Another common comment I’ve heard: “But Marilyn herself said she belongs to the public and the world.” Yes, she did say this. I firmly believe, however, that Marilyn herself would draw the line at leaving lipstick marks on something as sacred as a crypt. She didn’t say her resting place belonged to the public or the world. Let’s respect that.

10. Yet another comment I hear: “These marks are nothing. You should see Jim Morrison’s grave!” I have seen photos of Jim Morrison’s grave and I am appalled at it. People really do not see that these celebrities were real people. I’m glad Marilyn’s crypt has not reached that extent, but it still does not make the marks a good thing in any way.

11. She was a human being. You’d think I’m stating the obvious here but it’s very apparent that people forget this. There are way too many people who only see Marilyn’s “movie-star” and public image. The insanely beautiful wide-eyed blonde with the breathy voice. The sex symbol. I think these are the ones who are okay with leaving the marks. I think the ones who know the marks are disrespectful have researched Marilyn for awhile and can most definitely see her human side. We see that the one buried in this crypt was once a living, breathing human being who had her share of struggles just as we all do. She is definitely one of the most famous persons to have ever lived…but she was a beautiful human being too. Please do not forget this!

So, if you get the chance to visit Marilyn’s crypt, how else can you show your love/admiration for her?

1. Flowers
2. Poem
3. Just a silent moment
4. Pictures/art
5. Letter

I’m sure there are a bunch of other ways, but these are likely the most common.

To sum it all up: Please do not leave a mark of any kind on Marilyn’s crypt. I can somewhat understand the reasoning behind it, but it’s really just a way to say you were there and to make it completely about you. While it is definitely a special moment to visit the crypt, I personally feel that if you are a true fan and have a lot of love for Marilyn, you’d want it to be a combined moment for you as well as her because we all know she adored her fans. Leaving a gross stain is not the way to do that. Hopefully that makes sense.

- infinitemarilynmonroe