marilyn manson appearances


Namesake: Dope Hat by Marilyn Manson

Appearance: It appears a androgynous magician with long black hair and pale skin wearing a over-exaggerated magician’s/wizard costume, complete with a top hat and a cape with multiple magic runes.

Power: E at the start, becomes A after a long use of “understanding” it’s powers.

Speed: B

Range: B (Ability “The Hat Is Wearing Me” is Infinite)

Precision: C

Staying: A

Learning: A at the start, will eventually become E.

Abilities: Dope Hat is capable of using various magic tricks that enables its user to either attack or escape it’s enemies.

My Bag Is In The Hat: From out of its hat, Dope Hat will summon a object from its hat, whether it’s a deck of razor-sharp cards, a flock of (killer) pigeons, several coins, Billiard balls, swords etc. It will be used as a projectile that can be used against someone. The catch is that any object that comes out of it is randomized, meaning the user is not able to know before hand what object will come out. However, if given enough time, The user will (in a way) know what object to use (although it at times will give the user a object in a situation where it will be difficult to use the object to test their ingenuity).

The Hat Is Wearing Me: Dope Hats signature top hat can also be used as a “portal” that can go anywhere where the user desires. The downside to that is that the user’s upper body must fully escape the hat in order to get to the other side (they can somewhat see the sky or any upper part where the portal’s facing up), meaning the user would be exposed to a possible enemy attack.


  • The stand’s physical appearance is somewhat modeled after both Marilyn Manson and Alan Rickman.
  • Its user (I couldn’t think of a name) is a 19-year old girl who holds an interest in magic of all kinds.
  • It is somewhat sentient. It can talk to the user, but only at rare times and almost always to the user.

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