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È facile togliersi i vestiti e fare sesso. Le persone lo fanno continuamente. Ma aprire la tua anima a qualcuno, lasciarlo entrare nelle tue paure, nel tuo futuro, nel tuo sorriso, questo è essere nudi.

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Happy Birthday, Marilyn Monroe (June 1, 1926).

Georges Belmont: If I asked you what does it feel like being Marilyn Monroe, at this stage in your life, what would you answer?
Marilyn Monroe: Well, how does it feel being yourself?
GB: Sometimes I’m content with myself, at other times I’m dissatisfied.
MM: That’s exactly how I feel. And are you happy?
GB: I think so.
MM: Well, I am too, and since I’m only 34 and have a few years to go yet, I hope to have time to become better and happier, professionally and in my personal life. That’s my one ambition. Maybe I’ll need a long time, because I’m slow. I don’t want to say that it’s the best method, but it’s the only one I know and it gives me the feeling that, in spite of everything, life is not without hope.

Marilyn Monroe photographed by George Barris on July 13, 1962.

“…I recall the time where she - it was getting dark practically, very little light, and she was on the sand there - the beach was practically deserted, and I gave her this blanket to cover her - her legs with to try to keep warm, and she was freezing, and she said to me, “George,” she says, “George, I’m really frozen.” And I said, “Marilyn, I only have one film left in the camera. Let me just make that one picture of you and let’s call it a day, we’ll start again tomorrow.” And she says, “Okay,” and she puckered up her lips as if she’s ready to throw me a kiss and she said, “George, this is just for you.” And it was a beautiful picture. Unfortunately, it was the last picture I ever took of Marilyn.“ - photographer George Barris talking about the last photo he ever took of Marilyn, which was also her last professional photograph.