marill nuzlocke challenge


If you want to do the Nuzlocke Challenge with me, here are the rules that I’m going to follow. If you want me to change something, just send me a message!

Original Nuzlocke rules:

1. You can only catch the first pokémon you see by route or place.

2. If a pokémon faints, it dies and you can’t use it anymore.

My rules:

I’ll be using the same rules as the original Nuzlocke rules, but I’m adding and changing some rules.

3. When one of my pokémon faints, I put it in the PC in a box named “Cemetery”, “Graveyard” or “Memorial”.

4. I’ll be writing down every route and place I visit (I want to be sure that I don’t capture two pokémon at the same place!)

5. I’ll be writing every pokémon I capture with their nicknames and their level.

6. I will give a nickname to every pokémon I capture.

7. If I kill the first pokémon I encounter, I can catch the second one and so on.

8. If I already have the first pokémon I encounter, I can catch the second one and so on.

9. If I see a shiny pokémon, I can capture it even if I already caught a pokémon in the same route but I will not use it in my playthrough. (A shiny pokémon is too rare to not capture it!) I can only use it if it was the first pokémon encountered.

10. The legendary pokémons can be captured but can only be used if they are the first encounter. Example: Mewtwo and Kyogre were at the end of a long cave with a lot of wild pokémons. That means I could not use Mewtwo and Kyogre. Palkia was alone. That means I could use Palkia as a team member because it would be the first encounter. I still don’t know where the legendary pokémons of X and Y will be but I’ll still try to capture them… but I don’t know if I’ll be able to use them.

11. If I get game over (all of my pokémon died), my nuzlocke will be over. I will still try to finish the game normally using all the “dead” pokémon of my “Cemetery” box.

12. All the pokémon that have been traded don’t count for the Nuzlocke. They can’t be used. Even the trade inside the game with NPCs.

13. If you recieve a pokémon from a pokémon event, I’m sorry, but you can’t use it for this nuzlocke.

14. If you get an egg or a pokémon from an NPC, you can use it for the nuzlocke. You can also catch the first pokémon of the route or place where you got the egg or the pokémon.

15. Breeding isn’t allowed.

16. Revive items aren’t allowed.

17. You can use repels only to backtrack.

18. If you participate, please tag your related posts with #marill nuzlocke challenge

Welp, I think that’s it! If you have questions or you want to add/remove/change a rule, just ask me and I’ll see what I can do!

officialbankofamerica  asked:

Hey, I'm a big fucking fan of Pokémon. If you need any advice, let me know. I'm excited to see you Nuzlocke run. Oh and there's this guy name JWittz on YouTube who is a pro at Pokémon and makes really helpful videos too.

Oh yeah! I know him! I never saw all of his videos about Pokémon though . I’ll check them during my nuzlocke. Hey thanks for following me! I’ll be glad to have some help from you ^^ If you want to do the nuzlocke with me, I’ll post later today all the rules my friend and I will be using.