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The Ladies of Comic Book Movies (3 of 3) - Love Interests

The women most likely to get irrational hate from the fanbase. They are interesting characters who are often critiqued unfairly because they are regular human beings and not fighting machines or super-powered heroes.  


1) Iron Man by Alice X. Zhang on Tumblr

2) Wolverine & Mariko Yashida by George Pratt

3) Doctor Occult by Kent Williams

4) Young Magneto by Marko Djurdjevic 

5) John Constantine by Lee Bermejo

6) Mr. Freeze by Livio Ramondelli

7) The Thing by Mike Deodato Jr. on Tumblr

8) Thor by Ariel Olivetti

9) Wolfsbane by David Yardin on Tumblr

10) Batman by Alex Ross