SKE48 16th Single: "12-gatsu no Kangaroo"
12-gatsu no Kangaroo  - 「12月のカンガルー」
Double Center :  Miyamae Ami & Kitagawa Ryouha Takayanagi Akane, Furukawa Airi , Furuhata Nao, Oba Mina, Souda Sarina, Yamada Nana , Matsui Rena, Matsui Jurina, Oya Masana, Futamura Haruka, Miyamae Ami, Azuma Rion, Kitagawa Ryouha, Miyazawa Sae , Sato Sumire, Tani Marika, Suda Akari, Kimoto Kanon, Shibata Aya, Iwanaga Tsugumi, Yamauchi Suzuran, Watanabe Miyuki
The Secret Weapon.

^ Look at how happy they are~ ( LOOK AT JURINA’s Dimples I CANNOT!!!! :’D ) don’t they look like sisters?? They do right? so guess what? WMatsui will be sisters in this story ^^ Rena is a lolicon so i kinda made a story where Jurina is Rena’s baby sister~ xD

In this story we have : Jr Matsui Jurina, Matsui Rena, Shibata Aya, Tani Marika, Takayanagi Akane and Watanabe Miyuki!



The boiling afternoon summer sun seeped through the tinted window’s of Oogoe’s high end skyscraper welcoming the start of a new week. The CEO of the company has just arrived at Nagoya’s airport from her week long business trip to Seoul and she would arrive in the office any second now, so like any typical office workers, everyone was frantically trying to finish up the job that they neglected due to the the absence of their boss.

Well everyone except for two employees, Takayanagi Akane from the management department who was pacing back and forth on the tiled pavement and Oogoe newest recruit Tani Marika who was eyeing the metal elevator door like a mouse being cornered by a cat.

“ I still can’t believe you didn’t know that AKB48 and SKE48 are different! ” The manager of Oogoe shouted running her fingers through her dark wavy hair in frustration.

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