Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid: What’s the Difference Between Cannabis Types?

What’s the difference between sativa, indica, and hybrid cannabis strains? This guide is meant to familiarize you with marijuana types and their commonly overlooked nuances.

This is a conversation I have had so, so, so many times over… and it sort of never gets old.  I find plant and animal evolution to be completely, utterly, and eternally fascinating.  So let’s begin… 

Cannabis 101:

In the beginning, there was a common ancestor.  Cannabis sativa and cannabis indica grew up in different areas of Asia.  Cannabis sativa developed in the China region while indicas evolved in the Hindu-Kush region.  

For starters, all that resin developed for a reason.  Consider cannabis indica, the variety from the Afghanistan region.  Cannabis indica developed a thick shell of resin to protect itself against rough climatic conditions. Cannabis sativa developed in more favorable climate conditions.  There are some basic morphological and phenotypical differences between these two varieties of cannabis.  

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When it comes to cannabis selection, a consumer may use the terms sativa and indica to distinguish expected flavor, effects, medical effects, duration, and more.  

These two varieties tend to have different balances of cannabinoids and terpenoids as well.  These are the compounds that we activate through heating up the bud part of the plant, triggering what is known as decarboxilation.  This converts the compounds we like into a form that our bodies can use.  

In the case of sativas, the user will commonly experience a mentally stimulating high.  This is because sativas contain a higher percentage of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) than its relative indicas. Some may even be considered euphoric or energizing.  Commonly referred to as “headies” by those who do not know what they’re actually carrying.  Headies indicates sativa because, as mentioned, it’s a mental experience.  It also can leave the user with a feeling of pressure in their head and behind the eyes.  THC is associated with easing depression.

Indicas, rather, have a higher concentration of CBD (cannabidiol) than do their sativa counterparts.  This cannaboid is more associated with muscle relaxation and what is generally termed a ‘body buzz".  Indicas are associated with relieving pain and insomnia, though I personally can attest to their ability to soothe anxiety as well.

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If you’ve heard the term hyrbid, then you have already enjoyed the fruits of interbreeding of cannabis indicas and cannabis sativas.  These categorizations lend themselves hundreds of medical utilities as well as recreational enjoyment.

Reading the above article is encouraged.  

So I work in a small soccer store located next to a recreational marijuana store and this just happened:

I’m helping a family decide on cleats for their 6 year old when a man walks in. Now this was not an ordinary man. No in fact I would categorize him as very out of the ordinary. Now we’ll just call this man Rasta Steve on account of everything he was wearing being a Rastafarian pattern and for the fact that he had the longest, darkest dreadlocks I had ever seen… Which was an interesting choice when contrasted to his pale almost sheet white skin. Now Rasta Steve is clearly high when he stumbles in and I know this not only because he reeked of weed, but by the fact that he is carrying the BIGGEST BONG I HAVE EVER SEEN! Not only was this a dead give away to his current state of mind, but this motherfucker still had weed burning in the bowl. Now that the scene is set, what happened next was something I’ll never forget. So he stumbles in, bong still emitting ganj smoke, while the family and I just stare in awe at what we’re seeing. Without looking around he walks up to the counter and I shit you not says,

“Ayyy brotha man, great day out right? Can you give me an ounce of Alaskan Thunderfuck?”

At this point it suddenly dawns on me that, holy shit he’s so high he thinks he’s in the pot shop.
Before I can answer though he notices the shocked family that is staring at him and says,

“Woahh you can let kids in here now? I’m all about the good healing herb, but that’s a little irresponsible isn’t it man?”

He then looks at the 6 year old boy who seems like he doesn’t know what to make of this man and says,

“Stay in school lil bro. Homework now, weed can wait.”

After this exchange we can suddenly see something dawn on Rasta Steve’s face. The realization that, no this is not an establishment to buy marijuana, but in fact a family soccer store. He then yells,

“Oh goddammit? Again? Are you serious Steve?!”

Then with a sudden burst of speed that no one expected he did a quick U-turn, spilled some bong water on the carpet and rushed out the door. And as quickly as he’d stumbled into my life, he was gone. Now I’m not sure if that was just a random guy who was stoned out of his mind or if it was an angel, but one thing’s for sure I’ll never forget Rasta Steve.


People who desire to use marijuana or any substances for that matter, are generally people who have imbalanced blood sugar levels (either by eating refined foods, ie. waterless or fibreless, or by not eating sufficient calories…or by not spreading the calories out over the day), who do not exercise, are eating an acidic diet, are dehydrated, are sleep deprived, or are not meeting their emotional needs.

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Marijuana facts.

‎1) Marijuana has over 200 known medical uses.
2) Marijuana has been used for over 10,000 years.
3) Their has been 0 deaths directly attributed to Marijuana.
4) Over 30,000 products can be made from hemp, the male cannabis plant.
5) Marijuana was legal in america in 1937 the law orderd farmers to grow hemp.
6) Marijuana may STIMULATE braincell growth.

did you know that harry j. anslinger was the first man to say that marijuana should be illegalizeds. harry anslinger was a congress man that stated that marijuana is a drug that makes white woman fall in love with “negroes” and make people listen to “the devils music”. President nixon , supporting this statement , later said that marijuana is the reason why the homosexual rate was going up and that this was a huge problem, not only did these 2 ignorant scum contribute to illegalizing weed, but they also supported rascism and homophobia spread hate and false ideals. By people looking down on you for smoking weed, they are not only supporting these ideals of the “american man” but they are also feeding into the ignorance of America, am i saying that you should smoke weed? NO, do what you want, but i am saying that your “beliefs” are misguided if you think that the reason why marijuana was illegalized was because it is bad for you. Pretty much your ideals are coming from the 1930’s