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Debunking Marijuana Myths: Marijuana kills Brain cells.

Contrary to what you’ve been taught at school and by your parents, marijuana does not kill brain cells. There is no evidence that marijuana users—even long term users—suffer permanent impairment. Numerous studies comparing chronic marijuana users with non-users have found no significant differences in learning, memory recall or other cognitive functions.

This myth has been preached as truth for about 30 years, after some “scientific” studies were conducted on monkeys, who apparently experienced heavy brain cell damage after being ingested with cannabis smoke.

After years of requests about how the study was conducted, the methods of the study were eventually released. Researches administered 63 joints worth of marijuana in five minutes to the monkeys through gas masks, with no air in take in-between. This resulted in a lack of oxygen to the brain. In reality, they suffocated the monkeys. The monkeys lungs began to collapse after 90 days.

Many people still go on to claim marijuana kills brain cells as fact, not knowing the origins of the study.

In fact, recent studies that have been conducted have not shown any signs of marijuana killing brain cells, but instead has been proven to cause regeneration of brain cells, which in it self was previously thought impossible. These studies have not seen the same amount of attention.

The findings from the monkey studies in the 70’s have not yet been duplicated, and have actually been disproved by a more recent study: Rhesus monkeys were exposed through face-mask inhalation to the smoke equivalent of four to five joints per day for one year. When sacrificed seven months later, there was no observed alteration of hippocampal architecture, cell size, cell number, or synaptic configuration. The authors conclude:

“While behavioral and neuroendocrinal effects are observed during marijuana smoke exposure in the monkey, residual neuropathological and neurochemical effects of marijuana exposure were not observed seven months after the year-long marijuana smoke regimen.”

Thus, 20 years after the first report of brain damage in two marijuana-exposed monkeys, the claim of damage to brain cells has been effectively disproven.
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Marijuana facts.

‎1) Marijuana has over 200 known medical uses.
2) Marijuana has been used for over 10,000 years.
3) Their has been 0 deaths directly attributed to Marijuana.
4) Over 30,000 products can be made from hemp, the male cannabis plant.
5) Marijuana was legal in america in 1937 the law orderd farmers to grow hemp.
6) Marijuana may STIMULATE braincell growth.