Frisk with different suits and ages in Masktale… I wanted to try it u///u

Yes, all this time I drew a Frisk with a dress similar to her mother in that way I differentiate her as older and not a child (even if she is short of stature)
And well, I draw Frisk as a woman in this AU (obvious?)

That’s all, see you later.


Masktale belongs to  마스크테일

Art by Marii-Pily (Don’t repost)

mar-marii  asked:

All these babies are making me so emotional. I was here when Emma was born and to see her have her own baby and have them grow up into a toddler and make friends makes me tear up a little.

s a m  e

i still remember little Emma as a single child, the very center of her parents’ universe, and now the Agreste family is so big im gunna WEEP