marigold shore


Anna is making her weary way to bed when she hears singing. She turns the corner and finds Shore opening her door.

Shore: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to sound so merry.

Anna: Why not? The whole world doesn’t have to be grieving because I am.

Shore: I wish you luck. I do. Truly.

With that, she starts to go into her bedroom.

Anna: Why were you so merry?

Shore: Oh…no reason, particularly.

Fanfiction: Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Author’s Note: I blame allegra89 as it was her photoset that inspired me to write this :D Marigold Shore/Sarah O'Brien (with hints of Sarah/Cora) Spoilers for the 2011 Xmas Special.

Marigold Shore hastily stuffed her clothes into her suitcase. She and Lord Hepworth had been told in no uncertain terms that they were to leave Downton quickly and with as little fanfare as possible. However, word soon got around and Marigold found that she had an observer. Sarah O’Brien casually leant against the doorframe with a barely concealed smirk on her face.

“Leavin’ so soon?” the resident Lady’s Maid gloated. She wouldn’t have been so stupid to have been caught; they’d hardly chosen a discreet time for a rendezvous! Marigold walked up to the other woman, her equal she almost supposed, and stepped right into her personal space. She looked directly into her eyes and ensured that she had her complete attention.

“I was only in it for the money you know, my tastes usually lie elsewhere….” She looked Sarah up and down suggestively.

“But I understand that you’re more closely ‘affiliated’ to Lady Grantham.” Sarah couldn’t help but blush with embarrassment at being read so easily. She swallowed and opened her mouth to speak but before she could utter a witty retort, the visiting Lady’s Maid captured her lips in a bruising kiss. Sarah automatically kissed back, partly out of instinct but partly because, although she was loathe to admit it, there had been a slither of attraction to the other woman.

“I thought so…pity you won’t be seeing me again,” Marigold chuckled. Sarah had no idea what made her do it but she suddenly grabbed the other woman round the waist and pulled her back for another kiss. Their tongues duelled together until they were disturbed by the faint sound of activity behind them. Both Lady’s Maids stopped sharply and stepped away from each other, breathing heavily and desperately trying to put themselves back together. Marigold grabbed her suitcase and headed out of the door, brushing past Sarah deliberately as she did so. The disgraced Lady’s Maid whispered in her ear as she saw Carson approach, ready to escort her off the premises.

“For what it’s worth, I don’t think your ‘affections’ would necessarily be turned away. In fact, from the way she’s spoken about you I’d say she was just as besotted.” Sarah had to steady herself against the doorframe as she watched Marigold leave. Her heart was racing from the kiss but she also wondered, and hoped, if the other woman was telling the truth. 


Anna is there with Shore and Thomas.

Thomas: I see Lord Hepworth is trying to butter up the old lady.

Anna: How do you know that?

Thomas: He told me he’d been there for tea.

Anna: Will Lady Rosamund take him?

Shore: She will if I’ve got any say in it.

Thomas: And have you?

Shore: Is that clock right?

Anna: We should get going, if you want Lady Rosamund to have a hot bath.