ML Scarlet Lady au: Another Hero

Chat noir was very cautious.

The bee themed super heroine  watched as the black cat hero walked around her. 

“So… You’re a new hero?” Chat noir asked skeptically, his eyes showing his suspicion.

“Yes, I am Marigold, holder of the bee Miraculous.” The yellow and black clad heroine answered.

Chat noir eased his stance a bit, but was still on edge. Marigold would be insulted if she didn’t understand the cat’s experience with another super hero that treated him rather poorly.

“Okay, I’ll give you a chance.” Chat noir stated. “If it gets too intense, get yourself out of the way.”

“But what if you need help?” Marigold questioned.

Chat noir paused. He was not expecting that answer. He looked into her eyes. For a moment, she saw a faint smile appear on his face.

“If you can help me out, then feel free to do so. Don’t overdue it, getting cocky will lead to you getting hurt. I know from experience.”

Chat noir motions for the new hero to follow him as they head to where the Akuma was.

“That was something, good job.” Marigold smiled as she stuck out her hand for a fist bump. Chat noir looked at her hand curiously, still a bit anxious about trusting her.

“Its a fist bump, you use your fist to bump mine.” Marigold explained flatly.

Chat noir pondered for a moment before deciding to bump her fist, somehow the action felt right. Maybe he could give her a chance.

“Good job Marigold.” Chat noir praised. “Not bad for your first akuma.”

Marigold felt a faint blush grace her cheeks at the comment.

“Thanks, It helped that I had a good Partner to help me out.”

‘Partner’ the word had a very pleasant ring to his ears. Whenever Scarlet Lady talked to him, or about him, he was referred to as her ‘Sidekick’ which felt so much more insulting because it implied she did all the work. ‘Partner’ there was more respect, more dignity to it. Chat noir really liked the sound of that.

“It is nice to have a Partner that is willing to help out.” Chat noir smiled as he returned her praise.

“Oh please, she didn’t do that great.”

Marigold and Chat noir turned to see a rather annoyed red clad Heroine. Scarlet Lady was already in a bad mood. First was the fact that there were no reporters here to ask what went down with the akuma. The second was the fact that this new heroine showed up, which means even less spotlight for her to shine in. The last and most grating was the fact that during the akuma attack, the new girl had the nerve of telling her to ‘help’ out. Scarlet felt utterly insulted by that bee girl’s nerve. How dare she talk to her as if they are equals.

Chat noir glared at Scarlet lady.

“I would say she did amazing if I was comparing it to you.” Chat noir stated coldly.

Scarlet rolled her eyes.

“I purified the Akuma and fixed everything.”

Marigold walked up to her.

“All you did was sit back and film yourself at the battle while Chat noir and I were fighting the Akuma and making sure civilians weren’t hurt. After we managed to free the Akuma did you actually move.” Marigold pointed out.

“I can’t waste my energy fighting, it takes a lot of energy to purify akuma and cast Miraculous Healing.”

“And posing for ‘action shots’ isn’t a waste of energy?“Chat noir snapped. putting emphasis on ‘action shots’.

Scarlet lady scoffed.

“Anyway, I need to be leaving. My earrings are beeping and I should go before I transform back.” Scarlet Lady said before leaving, trying to ignore the fact she had no response to Chat noir’s comment.

Marigold looked at Chat noir, flashing him a bright smile.

“I should be going to, don’t want to unveil my identity.”


“Ill see you next time Chatton.”Marigold smiled.

“Oh so we are giving Nicknames now?” Chat noir mused.

“ Not a fan?”

“I am fine with it Goldie.”

“How original.” Marigold says with blatant sarcasm.

“How about Your highness.” Chat noir teased.

Marigold stifled a laugh.

“Goldie is fine for now.”

The two wave before going in separate directions.

Chat noir arrived home moments before Transforming back into Adrien. 

“Well, I like the new girl. Its about time we got another hero.” the black cat kwami announced as he stretched from being in the ring.

Adrien smiled, thinking about his new Partner.

“Yea, it really is.”

(Thoughts? How do you like my take on their intro?) (I don’t know what akuma they meet at, so kept the fight blank for now.

The ficlet was inspired @zoe-oneesama swami swap au.)

I figure Tikki is the one who comes up with the lucky charm item and i think she’d find a creative way to ‘remove’ scarlet lady from action 

( The writing is small but scarlet says “Ugg whats the point of having sidekicks if they dont do anything! Whatever, LUCKY CHARM”)

anonymous asked:

(Evillustrator with Marigold) Marinette's freaking out about the akuma inviting her out for his birthday and Chloe is purposefully not transforming so she can try to get Chat to do her presentation for her. Chat is losing more and more patience, so Fu gives Marinette the Bee Miraculous and Marigold calls Chat (which makes him more suspicious of her at first) to get him to go guard Marinette.

Evillustrator: “Did….did I get stood up?”

Marigold : “Maybe you wouldn’t have if you hadn’t LEFT A HOLE IN HER WALL!”

Take a look at our updated Main Cast Line up!  (tumbleweed for size comparison)

You may have noticed a couple things have changed!  The reason is for clarity and to make animation a bit easier. For instance: Rawhide’s glove tassels were removed, and BW’s pigtails were changed to a ponytail, this is for better character mobility and to create clearer silhouettes with the posing.  Mayor Rhubarb’s mustache was shaved off as well, since it was hard to keep consistent and made his mouth a bit too busy looking.  Part of good character design is making everything clear and simple. You want to add all the bells and whistles that make your character stand out but sometimes its too much and doesn’t really add anything.  A simple design that stands out is usually what we strive for!  Since our project is still growing and evolving we have the the luxury to change a few things like this for the pilot.  Stay tuned later this month for our OFFICIAL TRAILER RELEASE!


More Scarlet Lady Kwami Swap AU, featuring Marigold! When Chloe is your superhero partner, newbees have a lot more hoops to jump through to get accepted. Luckily the class rep is a sweetheart who lives in a bakery and BRINGS COFFEE THANK YOU SWEET BABY MARINETTE