Today, I challenge you to and do your practice in an unfamiliar place … or with a new prop to challenge you 😜 ••• “you only know yourself when you go beyond your limits.” - ••• don’t get stuck in your habits and repeat the same routine everyday. push yourself past your limits. put yourself at the edge of your comfort zone, learn to find the discomfort in comfort. ••• “You create what you think about most. Your current circumstances are the manifestation of your past thoughts and expectations. Take some time and look at your life. See how you have created exactly what you have focused upon most. Once you recognize this, you have a choice to make. Accept responsibility for your life and use your power to expand and improve it, or allow your thoughts to randomly create your future. Most limits in your life are self-imposed. Most obstacles you face, you put there. Most dis-ease you feel, you invited into your life. Once you accept the simple truth that you are perfect and the negativity you experience is mainly your doing, then you can change your life. You can choose happiness, health and wealth. So, accept responsibility for your problems and choose goodness. It really is that simple. As soon as you decide I AM abundant, I AM happy, I AM powerful, I AM healthy, I AM love you become so.” - ••• LET’S SEE YOU GO PAST YOUR LIMITS AND OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE!
by getoffyourasana via Instagram