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This blog gives me life. Also may I ask for Inquisition companions reaction to the inquisitor having a beautiful singing voice?

Yooo I’m actually doing one too. I can’t even thank the two new mods enough for how much they have been writing since they started modding this blog. Therefore I decided that I would finally fulfill this request that mod other originally sent in probably over a year ago. 

Cassandra: Cassandra was pleasantly surprised by their singing voice. She found them humming in the Skyhold gardens on afternoon when she was looking for them. If they are Andrastian, she could faintly hear the words of the Chant of Light and if they aren’t, then she didn’t recognize what song they were singing. She let them be for a while, before she had to actually talk with them for the reason she had come there. If their singing brought a few tears to her eyes, then who was she going to tell?

Solas: Solas had found that he didn’t really care for most of the music that was popular since he woke up. He missed the old songs of the elves. However when he hears the inquisitor sing, he has to admit that they were good and he actually enjoyed listening to them. He felt it only necessary to tell them what he thought of their singing and briefly inquires what his friends in the fade would think of their beautiful voice. 

Varric: He found out that the Inquisitor could sing during a tipsy game of wicked grace. The inquisitor didn’t seem to be quite wasted yet but they seemed to be feeling the alcohol in their system. Then at some point as they were playing, the inquisitor started to sing. It was pretty, not something you would expect to hear from someone drunk and Varric was impressed. He cheered them on and had them sing him a few songs while he bought them drinks. He would definitely be using them as a model for a bard character in one of his new serials. 

Sera: Growing up in Denerim, Sera wasn’t exactly exposed to a lot of music beyond whatever bards inhabited the local taverns. It also seemed that all they wanted to sing about was the Hero of Ferelden which was great and all, they were the Savior from the Fifth Blight, but it got old after so long. So when she heard the Inquisitor, she didn’t really have much background to base it on. But she knew she liked it, which was more than the bard in the Herald’s Rest whom she detested singing about her. “It’s good yeah? People like songs. It makes you seem like people again.”

Vivienne: Vivienne first heard the Inquisitor sing whilst they were entertaining a particularly strange noble at Skyhold. They kept insisting to hear the Inquisitor sing, saying that they heard a rumor of how good they were. With a sigh, they finally agreed after a few days of the noble asking them and began to sing for the nobles, right there in the great hall. Now the Circle wasn’t the most musically enriching place but the courts of Orlais more than made up for it. The singing from the inquisitor brought a smile to her face and she was glad to hear it. Later that week, when the noble had left Skyhold, she invited the inquisitor to have tea with her and the two of them talked for quite a while about music and she even complimented their voice.

Blackwall: Blackwall was used to hearing the way soldiers would jokingly sing songs in the barracks to get a sense of comfort from messing around. It was hard to constantly be fighting, even for the best of soldiers. However most of that singing was usually off-key and drunken. Not like the inquisitor’s. Their singing was precisely on pitch and extremely pleasant to hear. He told them as much and they were happy to hear from him. After that, they would occasionally come to his barn and sit by him near the fire and sing while Blackwall carved them a little trinket. 

Iron Bull: It was a complete accident that Iron Bull stumbled upon the Inquisitor singing as they bathed. He had some Ben-Hassrath reports that had been sent to Leliana and she told him that he should take them to the Inquisitor directly. He had no way to know that they were bathing right now. He heard their voice before he entered the room, but thought nothing of it other than the fact that they happen to be singing. When he does see them bathing, he doesn’t freak out like they do. Instead he just sets the papers on their desk and turns to leave. “Ben-hassrath reports for you, Boss. Oh and nice singing there, it sounds great.” He says with a bellowing laugh and their reaction of stuttering made it all worth the while. 

Dorian: Dorian had heard many different singers at Tevinter parties, but none of them seemed to compare to the inquisitor’s. It had been unexpected to hear them sing. They had come to the library looking for a book and at some point they started humming as they were looking. After a while the humming turned into quiet singing and Dorian would have complained about it if it wasn’t so nice. When they finished their song, he clapped and peaked out of the shelves at them while flashing a smile at them. “That was great, better than the dull excuses of performers in Tevinter when it wasn’t supposed to be blood magic.”

Cole: “Melodies and Harmonies, sweet vocal music just like the bard. Calming to sing, but no one knows.” Cole was wondering around Skyhold when he hears the Inquisitor’s thoughts from their chambers before the sound of them singing softly drifts down onto the nearby courtyard. He slips past all the nobles to go take to the Inquisitor. When he interrupts their singing, he scared the living daylight out of them. “You should sing again. In the tavern. Not just the Herald, the Inquisitor but also a person, a performer.”

-Direct From Orzammar

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This might be a hard one but please bare with me. Inquisition companions, advisors, and Morrigan (and Kieran if you can but if you can't that's fine) react to the Inquisitor who grew up in the streets and had to hide when they found food - like one day they open a closet or a cupboard and find the Inquisitor eating a pie?

Cassandra- She had been looking for the Inquisitor for some time already to no avail. Yet when she went into the kitchen and opened up a cabinet she nearly yelled at the sight of the Inquisitor in there with a half eaten pie. She demanded an explanation as to why and when they tell her that they had to live on the streets and hide when they found food she became sympathetic towards them. She had no idea. She does tell them that no one will take their food but makes a note to tell the others.

Varric- He had been looking for them to play a round of wicked grace but couldn’t find them. He went back to the tavern to get a drink and when he opened the closet containing the cups he was surprised to see the Inquisitor in there casually eating a pie. Of course he asks why, it’ll be an interesting story about the Inquisitor. He doesn’t expect them to say that they grew up on the streets and had to hide when they found food. Still he can’t help but chuckle at the situation especially if it’s a qunari Inquisitor who barely fits in the cupboard.

Solas- He had been looking for ingredients for a new potion he was developing. When he opened up the cabinet containing glass bottles he did not expect the Inquisitor there holding a pie and a fork. He pulls them out and demands for an explanation they tell him they grew up on the streets and would have to hide when they found food. It makes him realize how real they are and he thinks about his plans. He tells them that they don’t have to hide anymore.

Iron Bull- He figured something was up when they seemed to disappear whenever food was around. He never asks why though. That is, until he finds them in a cabinet with a half eaten pie. When he asks why they tell him. “Sometimes we’d have to do that,” he tells them, “you look away and next thing you know your foods gone. That won’t happen here though. Plenty for everyone.” He lets them be but buys them a drink later.

Dorian- Similar to Solas he had been working on a potion. He did not expect to see them in the closet eating a pie. He damn near has a heart attack and in Dorian style fashion makes it about him. He does ask why they were in the closet and they explain. He understands but thrills them they don’t need to do it anymore.

Vivienne- She had gone to her closest for a change of clothing. Only to see the Inquisitor among them. Eating a pie. She orders them to get out and demands for an explanation. When she hears about why and how everyday was a competition for food. She gets it but tells them that as Inquisitor they are called to higher things than hiding in closets when they have food.

Blackwall- He doesn’t find them in a closet but in a far corner of the barn. In almost scares him half to death but he calms down he asks why. (Insert story here.) He gets it. Having to hide like the others he says they don’t have to do it anymore.

Sera- She had been looking for them to do some pranks but couldn’t find them. When she goes to open a cabinet to get some of the things see needs she finds the Inquisitor sitting there eating a pie. She screams and startles them causing them to fall out of the cabinet. She asks why they were in there and they explain. (You know the drill by now.) She understands “I get it, yeah? I had to do the same as a kid. There’s no same in it.”

Cole- He’s the reason they had the pie honestly. He felt them longing for it. “Going hungry for days. Everyday a competition. Only the strong survive.” You don’t have to hide anymore but you can if you want. He often checks on them if they hide when they eat.

Josephine- They had a meeting with some noble but they were nowhere to be found. When she opens up a cabinet that contains the wine glasses she finds them and screams because she didn’t expect them there. The noble asks if everything is alright she plays it off as seeing a rat. They reschedule the meeting for a late date. She knew of the Inquisitors living conditions before the inquisition became a thing but she didn’t know they hid when they had food. She tells them they don’t need to hide anymore.

Leliana- She noticed how often the Inquisitor would disappear whenever food was around. She knew of their past and the struggles they encountered. She just doesn’t expect to find them in a closet one day with a mostly eaten pie. She leaves them be but tells them to see her later on that day. She tells them that there is no need to hide anymore. They know but they are so used to doing it

Cullen- He damn near has a heart attack when he sees them. Like Leliana and Josephine he knew of their past but explains they don’t need to hide anymore.

Morrigan: She never went hungry with her mother, but after the mirror was smashed she spent many an hour hoarding small treasures against a similar fate. If she stumbles onto the Inquisitor the witchs biting tongue is either still or uncharacteristically gentle, and she leaves them to their meal.

Keiran: With the innocence that most children possess the boy thinks nothing if this action, beyond that it is a grand idea to hide treats from his mother. Their open delight at the location and choice of snack charms even the wary Herald, and when Morrigan later finds them after a panicked search they are contentedly munching on pie.

dai characters as things teachers have said to me

cassandra: oh sorry. i was into this new romance novel i got over the weekend and spaced out what was your question

varric: i have a retirement plan in place and it’s going to be rad. i’m not telling any of you because it’s super cool and all of you will steal it but it’s cool i’ll be famous 

solas: im kinda of like the school gypsy. im here for one year and boom then im gone

iron bull: the june on the board is a reminder for when i have to arm wrestle this kid in my algebra class. if he wins they get 10 extra points on their finals but if i win i get satisfaction of winning and my pride 

dorian: i think it’s important that you all learn to be yourselves and not like your peers or your parents. like me for example. my father was a mean bastard. me? im a sarcastic bastard. be yourself kids

cole:i think sophia’s right, not all ghosts have to be mean. if i was a ghost i’d be a helpful ghost. i’d do taxes or something

vivienne: and this is… wait, wait a second. let’s take a moment to take in what he is wearing, those shoes do not that match that outfit 

blackwall: hey guys just a side note in this contest between teachers dont vote for me. if i win not only will i be decorated but they’ll make me and mr chasse shave our beards and if my beard goes i go

sera: i hate the no cursing rule. as long as im not cursing at anyone i should be already. if i say ‘hey student fuck you’ then im screwed but if i go to this crap tv and say ‘come on you piece of shit turn on’ i should be alright, right?

cullen: cough drops? that’s drugs you cant have drugs here. I’m kidding i’ll take anything to numb the pain of living. 

leliana: if a bad guy were to walk into this room i could kill him in eight different ways so there’s no need to worry about anything like that

josephine: why did everything in history have to end in a fight im sure if they all just got into a room and talked it out they could have gotten to some sort of agreement

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DAI: a car or motorcycle :D

(Hope I did this right!)

Cassandra: Ford Mustang. With 300 mph and a V-6 the ‘stang is a force to be reckoned with. But the romance of the car is undeniable, and anyone who gets to know it will never trade it in.

Solas: Ford Focus RS. Plain enough in the outside, but all power under the hood.

Sera: Reliant Robin: a three week car that rips over and causes chaos when ever it is driven.

Blackwall: Jaguar XJ220. It promises greatness and glory, but spectacularly fails to deliver. It’s sturdy and powerful for a supercar, but don’t count on the flash and shine that the exterior suggests.

Vivienne: Porsche 911. All power and beauty and the sensual pleasure that Porsche promises, but with more than enough power to back up the claim and rule the car world for years.

Iron Bull: Lyman Hypersport. Built for speed, power, and flash, the Hypersport makes and breaks all the rules.

Dorian: Lamborghini Veneno. Meaning Poison in in Italian the car is as beautiful as it is dangerous. Capable of hairpin turns and smashing through with 740 mph it’s a car that lives up to its own hype.

Varric: Party Bus

Lelianna: Duceti 1089 Testashetta Evoluzionr. Fast, sleek and makes a beautiful kind of sound.

Josephine: Fiat 500 Pop. Flirty and fun but with a 16 valve engine delivering 101 bph to get the job done. It’s diplomacy and determination all rolled into one.

Cullen: 2002 Ford F 150. Simple, sturdy and strong. It’s got some secrets under the hood and it’s not right for ever day. But there is no better truck for a hard job.

Cole: “I am not a car or a motorcycle.”

– Fereldone