This short macabre musical tragedy to come out of hitRECord’s collaboration regarding ‘Outsiders.’ This theme’s all about the outlaws, the outliers, and the odd ones out that march to the beat of their own drummer. Often times an outsider can become the hero of the story and go on to triumphant pursuits with happy endings. However, sometimes in our society the outsider speaks such a different language we misunderstand and vilify the otherwise beautiful and innocent. Mademoiselle Noir is one such harrowing tale of a woman who was misunderstood by the people around her and met a tragic fate. This beautiful story was contributed to the OUTSIDERS collaboration first as a song by ppeppina (Finland) and then brought to life with key illustrations by soju shots (New Zealand), animation by MarieIv (Russia) and orchestrations by Krrr (USA). The piece was further developed by the hitRECord community by providing macabre illustrations and eerie musical accompaniment.