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Hey, do you know of any blog with amazing aesthetics like your blog, but also lewds? (In the Goth style)

Hey! I had to Google what that last thing meant, but I guess you were talking about blogs with more nsfw? I don’t follow any other than some latex/fetish blogs, but @punkgoth666 has some nice fetish post :) @creepyyeha also has a lot of nice fetish lingerie. Other blogs I enjoy are for example: @eldritchpopkitsch @reereephillips @ringrose @rosesforrome @traumacandy @itsblackfriday @iwalkedwithaz0mbie @orapr0nobislucifer @psychara @angelic-morbidity @socialpsychopathblr @spookyloop @slickcrust @fuckinredmaria @fromxruin @gothicandamazing @gore-n-ghibli @gothicqueen3 @hapless-hollow @heatherristic @jennydagon @kibbipixel @kittensandcoffins @lady-circus @ladycube @lathien-dark @lathien-dark @laraiara @xtoxictears @xgothicwonderlandx @x-thanata-x @cita-spectre @creepyyeha @vanillasyndrome @valentinvanporcelaine @batsandstraps @nu-goth @nnosebleeds @mai-magi @mariedauphine

But if you’re on mobile, I think you can just look at the blogs I follow if you’re on my blog. Because I enjoy all blogs I follow of course

Hope this is a helpful list ^^ xoxo


Wicked styles to follow. You know what rules? People doing their own thing. As many of you have asked for inspiration and wild outward appearance advice, it seemed time for another list! Lists, they’re almost better than Nutella. Here are some awesome folks with a mad personal look:

(P.S: If you are featured in this and wish to have your photo and/or url removed, simply ask here and it will be taken down asap)

Folks featured above:

Classy/sweet and sour:

Supernatural-studded-cybernetic madness:

Dark/wicked/ready for the apocalypse:

Of course, there are plenty of others, and I wish all of you fancy freaks could be featured! If you’re interested, I’ll do another post like this with your suggestions.


Here’s what I wore for a small doodle meet up hosted by @lemontree11
Layers and layers! I’ve been really into layering different chiffons and long black dresses ⚰

I received my Bloodmilk Exquisite Corpse package last week and I couldn’t wait to sport my new tote bag ❤️ the illustration was very attractive since I’m a bookworm myself.
I’m also wore Planchette which is a shame that you can’t smell it through the computer but it’s absolutely lovely.