“The idea of being at home and picking up kids from school and cooking dinner and then the husband comes home – there’s something that seems really nice to me ‘cause I never had that growing up. And it seems so enticing. But in my mind, I’m like, Well, I’ll just play that in a movie and go about my own life, bizarre as it is.”


160419 Ryu Jun Yeol facebook page update:

5월호 화보 기념 선물 투척:)
5월의 배경화면은 너로 정했다!

‪#‎류준열‬ ‪#‎배경화면‬ ‪#‎남친짤‬ ‪#‎이렇게_적용하면_됩니다‬ ‪#‎홈화면_볼때마다_숨멎각오‬ ‪#‎갓마끌‬ ‪#‎어센수_루머는_루머일뿐‬ ‪#‎PICKME와_상관없는짤‬ ‪#‎아이폰‬ ‪#‎안드로이드폰‬ ‪#‎다오세요‬


Celebrating May Issue Pictorial, throwing out a gift :)
I decided you as my May screen background (wallpaper)!

#RyuJunYeol #Wallpaper #BoyfriendyPicture #YouCan_Apply_ThisPicture #BraceYourHeartStop_Everytime_LookingAtYour_HomeScreen #GodMaClai* #EoSenSu_IsJust_ARumor** #ThisPicture_IsNotRelatedToThe_PickMeEvent #IPhone #AndroidPhone #PleaseUseIt

T/N: *GodMaClai mean God Marie Claire.
**EoSenSu is an abbreviation of 어차피 센터는 수호  Eochapi Senteoneun Suho which means Suho is the Center Anyway.  This phrase was made because of Je Suho was included in the recent “Pick Me” event as No 1. nominator even though Suho still hasn’t been introduced to public. Fans think the agency is hoping for Suho to win as best character, but CJES denied and said it’s just a rumor :) )


Dakota Johnson - Maire Claire 2016 
 Last thing I googled was, I don’t know, probably some like bizarre animal. I                    looked on my Google history recently and it was craziest chameleons. Super uncool.