A selection of actresses who have portrayed Marie Antoinette in film:

Norma Shearer (Marie Antoinette, 1938)

Kirsten Dunst (Marie Antoinette, 2006)

Ute Lemper (L’Autrichienne, 1990)

Christine Böhm (Lady Oscar, 1979)

Charlotte de Turckheim (Jefferson in Paris, 1995)

Raphaëlle Agogué (Louis XVI: l’homme qui ne voulait pas être roi, 2011)

Diane Kruger (Farewell My Queen, 2012)

Jane Seymour (La Revolution Francaise, 1989)

Karinne Vanasse (Marie Antoinette: La Veritable Histoire, 2006)

Joely Richardson (The Affair of the Necklace, 2001)

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Name: Lykke Kingston (Nee. Kestra Michelle James)

Birthday: April 19th

Gender: Fluid (mostly female)

Orientation: Panromantic Grey-asexual (Possibly full asexual, but definitely 100% sex positive)

Age: 18

Fave Candy: Anything that is chocolate tbh

Fave Pizza: Chicken and Herbs

Fave Salad Dressing: Nope.

Fave Meal: There are several answers to this, and my current one is Nachos because lately I’ve been intensely craving them

Best Friend(s): dancingoctolusus (the fiance), draconic-troll-herder (the gf who is new here) and kindredgentility even tho we don’t talk much anymore because i changed my skype oop

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Best Celebrity: Brendon Urie (unf <333)

One Random Fact about your Day: Playing a three-player D&D session based on Sword Art Online with my partners

One Random Fact about your job/school: I don’t do either yet lmao

One Random Fact about your Fave TV Show: CARL GET BACK HERE

One Random Fact you wish was a Fact but Isn’t: I have Nachos (blatant lying)

Fave Soda: None because I have allergies to fizzy drinks LAUGHS

Best Memory: When I was in the Deviantart Fantroll Fandom and me and my fiance were besties and were RPing together for the first time

One Random Fact about You: I have optical albanism

Tag 5 People: no