Wake & Bake Wednesday’s Dope Jam of the Day: Wanderhouse - Sugar

You better sit down for this one. This song is amazing!

Last year, when we started this stoner-music blog, one of the first songs we wrote about was Use Me Up by the ever-so-marvelous wanderhouse. It’s still one of those soul-wrenching songs that Miss Gianja and I love so much and can’t ever get enough of. It’s been 7 months since Doctor Rosen Rosen and Marie Moreshead have released more of their original melodic magic and needless to say, we’ve been waiting patiently. Well, it turns out, their second track was entirely worth the wait.

Yesterday, wanderhouse released Sugar. Upon listening to this song last night, all I could do was sit there, close my eyes, and take it all in. Doctor Rosen Rosen’s music production skills combined with the angelic vocals of Marie Moreshead, makes for one of the most beautiful and heavenly tracks that has ever graced our ears. It’s one of those songs that’s sure to send chills of dopamine up and down your spine and goosebumps all over your body. It’s the perfect blend of soft sounds and emotion to get you through the rest of your week.

External image

Lay back, light up, and listen to this sweet, sweet piece of aural candy.

Your Dope Girl,


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