The Turkish Way

I’ve been listening to Turkish music today, which is very very different from the typical music. A Turkish Delight in the form of music. And Turkish Rock is pretty amazing, fusion of rock and Turkish tunes. And the instruments used in their songs are very different and new to the ear.

Anyway, remember when Roxette went to Istanbul? (25/5/2011).

Is there anyone out there who went to the Istanbul show in 2011?

Well, I remember watching the “So Christoffer” videos and they were pretty cool and different. And it felt like the Roxette band was pretty excited to be there, and tried to adopt their moustache style for their concert. Christoffer shaved off his beard to make his moustache prominent and Clarence kind of kept his moustache the Turkish way, with his Turkish cap.

Knowing that Per would wake and not shave isn’t gonna happen, but for a second, we were, in that video, expecting him with a moustache as well, be it an artificial one but still (didn’t happen).

I can’t seem to remember if Pelle and Magnus also had their beard shaved off and kept the moustache, maybe they were in that video too.

Anyway, if you by any chance get to find that video, please share so I may update this post with the link accordingly.

Till then, you all stay positive and have a wonder week ahead.

Love and Peace

Today’s a sad day for all roxers. You don’t know how much I’ve been crying since I read that Marie won’t do any tours anylonger. Not just because of that it might mean I’ve missed my chances of seeing her live, but also that it’s so sad because Marie’s an amazing live artist!❤️

I wish Marie all luck! I can’t even explain how much she means to me and I love her so much. I hope she’s all right and she really needs to take care of herself now!

Roxette’s songs will always be with us no matter what happens, no matter if they stops touring. The songs will always have a big place in my heart and I can’t wait until the new album GOOD KARMA. So all best wishes to Marie because she’s the fkn best!❤️❤️

Per Gessle, 58

Really? What to write about this guy named Per Gessle from Halmstad, Sweden?

(Says a person who writes about his musical genius everyday).

I guess the major thanks goes to Per’s siblings who introduced him to good music which lead to his brilliant career in song writing. And then the day he stared to understand the art of rhyming, and the day he got a guitar to convert his rhymes into songs.

And the day he met MP Persson, and Marie Fredriksson, his two major reasons for success in the music business and to ultimately turn him into a music tycoon.

And you know what? Even after all he has achieved, he is still this humble guy who would inspire you not only from his music, but his personality as well.

Sir, you made our choices better, and though your songs are not particularly full of lessons, they’re just songs which might grab your attention because of a beautiful melody and words which may or may not mean anything to you.

Happy 58th Year of Awesomeness Per Gessle.

Thank you for the music.

Love and Peace

Have a Nice Day in 2017

It felt weird to skip many in between compilation albums to “Have a Nice Day”. Come to think of it, 1994 to 1999 was pretty much happening, even though there wasn’t a formal Roxette studio album.

Per was working crazily on his solo projects, The Lonely Boys, Gyllene Tider and side by side, releasing and subconsciously writing stuff for Roxette as well.

But then, The Beatles wanted a break, went to India, got aome inspiration and made “The White Album”.

But Roxette went to Spain for their inspiration and made a really different and yet a very typical album with a really nice and welcoming title, “Have a nice day”.

The songs I needed up enjoying the most: Wish I Could Fly, Stars and Pay the Price.

Yes, “Pay the Price” - I have loved, I still love and I’ll keep on loving this song. So please, judge me as much as you want to! It has so much energy, Marie & Per sound awesome, the drums normalise your sugar level and of course, the song has a potential to make you smile. And it’s definitely on the level of “Sleeping in my car” in my books. Structurally, it changes too much keys, but hey, it’s a different song.

Stars is song which just activate your happy enzymes! And when one thinks of the video, haha, your mood automatically gets better, what do you think?

“Have a nice day” is an amazingly balanced album. Roxette has done really safe experiments in it, and they have successfully created an album which can grab your attention. Except for the cover, I absolutely hate the cover! Yuck! The colours make me dizzy!

And how can I forget “waiting for the rain”, a song written by Marie! According to Mr. Gessle, it’s the best song Marie has written for Roxette, and he is right. The horns and the pauses and climaxes make it one of a kind.

(Oh wait wait wait! I guess this is the only song in since Roxette started where Marie gave both the lyrics and music to a song. Correct me if I’m wrong, because I can’t seem to remember another song before HAND).

Salvation, Anyone, Beautiful Things, I was so Lucky, It will take a long long time - you name the song, it’s there! It is a jumble of beautiful songs of the Roxette catalogue which seems to get lost in the crowd somewhere.

I wish it got more famous then it got! And we all know that once the Billboards don’t welcome you back, you’re not gonna have another famous tag on you, or you’re album will not get the response it should get from the world.

So share your favourite track from Have a Nice Day!

And hey, TDR turned 20! That is a really long time!!! Bravo you guys, we’re proud of you and you know that, right?

Love and Peace