marie lalaurie

Marie Delphine Lalaurie (née Macarty or Maccarthy, c. 1775 – c. 1842), more commonly known as Madame LaLaurie, was a Louisiana-born socialite and serial killer known for the torture and murder of slaves.

Born in New Orleans, Lalaurie married three times over the course of her life. She maintained a prominent position in the social circles of New Orleans until April 10, 1834, when rescuers responding to a fire at her Royal Street mansion discovered bound slaves in her attic who showed evidence of torture over a long period. Delphine was tricked by the voodoo priestess Marie Laveau into drinking a potion of eternal life and then buried alive for centuries. That is, until she was discovered and brought to Miss Robichaux’s Academy and used as leverage against Marie Leveau.

The Royal Street mansion where Lalaurie lived is a prominent New Orleans landmark in which ghost tours are often held.


Salem Witch Trials 1692 • Coven 2013

“You teach them to cower. and to hide in the shadows. Well, there are no shadows, not anymore. Do you really think with Twitter and Faceback that a witch does anything at all she won’t be videotaped and turned into some viral freak show like a dog who says “I love you”?

-Fiona Good (Jessica Lange)

  • Tate Langdon:Pisces
  • Constance Langdon:Libra
  • Moira:Scorpio
  • Violet Harmon:Aquarius
  • Adelaide Langdon:Taurus
  • Ben Harmon:Capricorn
  • Vivien Harmon:Virgo
  • Kit Walker:Cancer
  • Sister Jude:Aries
  • Lana Winters:Leo
  • Sister Mary Eunice:Pisces
  • Dr Thredson:Scorpio
  • Grace:Aquarius
  • Kyle Spencer:Taurus
  • Fiona Good:Leo
  • Cordelia Foxx:Virgo
  • Misty Day:Sagittarius
  • Myrtle Snow:Gemini
  • Spalding:Aquarius
  • Nan:Pisces
  • Zoey Benson:Virgo
  • Madison Montgomery:Leo
  • Marie Lalaurie:Taurus
  • Marie Laveau:Capricorn
  • Queenie:Aries

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gender: chick

favourite colour: black

current time/date: 9:56, 25.4.2015.

average amount of sleep: 5-6 hours 

lucky number: 5

last thing i googled: ‘how to make the perfect sandwich’

first word that comes to mind: vodka

one place that makes you feel good: my bedroom in my parents house in Perth…still exactly the same overtime i go back! 

favourite characters: Tina, Linda and Louise Belcher (Bobs Burgers) Olivia Benson (Law and Order) Nathan Young (Misfits) Alex Vause, Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren (Orange is the New Black) Tate Langdon,  Moira O'Hara (old and young) Jimmy Darling, Misty Day, Marie Delphine LaLaurie, Fiona Goode, Madison Montgomery (American Horror Story)

favourite food: hot chips and pickles

favourite drink: english breakfast tea

favourite book: The Forgotten Garden- Kate Morton 

last film i saw in theatres: Unfinished business 

last holiday: Easter…(today was Anzac Day but thats a public holiday)

dream wedding: i don’t ever think about getting married or if i even want to if I’m honest but if i ever did, probably in a field somewhere in a huge tent with lanterns everywhere…very chilled and low key.

dream job: Actress

what are you wearing: Black tee

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