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The Warmth of Your Hand

Some brief moments and glimpses of figure skater Adrien Agreste’s life growing up.

Birthday One-shot for the one, the only @qookyquiche!! Happy Birthday!!!! hope you had a fabulous birthday and that you rocked your presentation!!

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She asked for it, and for some reason I made it a figure skating//hockey AU BECAUSE OF REASONS – but here you are my dear: A Childhood Friends AU (seriously tho, look at her cute childhood fluff art, LOOK AT ALL HER ART!!! ITS AMAZING!!)

Also this falls into Adrienette month, so I’m tagging it as a late day 12 prompt!! Enjoy!

Adrien couldn’t remember the first time he walked. Sure his parents had shown him the pictures and the slightly out of focus videos of him as a toddler taking his first steps, but he was much too young to remember such events.

The first time he placed his foot on this ice, though, well that he remembered.

When he stepped on the ice, for that first time, his small mitten-clad hand was held firmly in the warm caress of his mother’s. She stared down at him with a bright beaming smile as together they caught their balance on the slippery rink surface.

Of course they also had video of this too. His father had watched from the stands, recording the whole adventure as Adrien clutched onto his mother for dear life. She skated backwards with ease, her two hands holding Adrien’s as she pulled him along, taking them both gliding across the ice. In the video footage you could hear Gabriel’s deep, soft laugh as he watched his wife and son clumsily make their way around.

Years, later watching those videos were one of the few pieces Adrien would have left of the family he once had. One where his mother was there, holding his hand and his father was present and smiling.

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“On the set he was so accessible, you know, and it was very, very natural for me to go up and just give him a hug, or he’d be sitting in his chair, taking a break and I’d come up behind him and hang all over him or crawl up in his lap. And it was just like he was, like my dad. So it was such a comfortable, warm relationship on the set and seemed so natural. It’s difficult to separate the man from the character because they were so similar. “ - Mary Badham on her time on the set of “To Kill a Mockingbird.”


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signs as scott pilgrim characters

aries; kim pine

taurus; roxie richter

gemini; wallace wells

cancer; stacey pilgrim

leo; envy adams

virgo; gideon gordon graves

libra; knives chau

scorpio; ramona flowers

sagittarius; julie powers

capricorn; stephen stills

aquarius; scott pilgrim

pisces; young neil

  • Mari: Kanan's bday is next month wdid
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  • Yoshiko: Just put yourself in a box and we'll give you to her
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