marie x joe


X-Men #192

  • Writer: Joe Casey
  • Art: Chris Bachalo, Mark Irwin, Tim Townsend, Jamie Mendoza, Jon Sibal & Victor Olazaba
  • Colors: Antonio Fabela
  • Letters: Cory Petit

Send in some ouat and The Flash requests please, because I’ve got nothing else better to do and I love writing about my favs.👍 Also I the only character I won’t write for is Peter Pan, I’m sorry.

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Imagine Mari Introducing You To Smosh Games

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(As always, for the creative purposes of this story Joe is a single pringle)

“I heard you guys were one person short?“ You quirked a brow, your hands resting casually in your jean pockets as you strolled up to the group of strangers. 

“(Y/n)!“ Well, mostly strangers. You and Mari had known each other for a long time, having met at equine summer camp when you were younger; you two kept in touch. Making you one of her first ideas when Sohinki called in sick.

Mari slung her arms around you in greeting. You two talked for a couple minutes. Eventually you slipped into a conversation with Wes; Mari migrating to eventually stand next to Joe. 

“Psst, stop staring at her ass“ Mari rolled her eyes as she elbowed him harshly.

“Huh, I wasn’t-” His words died in his mouth when you turned around and shot him a playful wink.  Mari just dead panned at the two of you.