marie x edd


Just so you know, I don’t only ship Kevin and Edd all the here goes

Kevin x Edd (my main ship,so I started shipping this ship because of C2ndy2c1d fan comic. I remember there’s a yaoi fan group at Facebook that posted her comic. So I’m kind of intrigued why there’s a cartoon comic in a yaoi group and started reading it and I liked it (hell yeah). I know there’s not much interaction between Kevin and Edd in the cartoon but the idea of a Jock and a Nerd as a ship is a good chemistry in my opinion. It makes me ship this ship more for the reasons Kevin is much nicer to Edd compare to the other Eds,how sometimes Edd helps Kevin to have his revenge on Ed and there short interactions :’( , the fan arts of them and of course the fanfictions. please keep this ship strong)

Eddy x Edd (I know some of EEnE fans consider Eddy x Edd should be more like much a better ship that Kevin x Edd (that’s fine with me,I’ve read some arguments around the internet XD) because of their closeness,how they fight sometimes like husband and wife…and they even kissed like several times !. yeah,there’s a lot of reason why you should ship them..sometimes I think they’ll make an adorable’s just…this ship is doesn’t suit to my liking just yet. But yeah,I still totally support this ship

Nazz x Marie (who came up with ship anyway XD there’s no interaction between this two at all (correct me if I’m wrong). Did they put them together because their lovers left them behind ? what ever the reason is I still consider this as a crack pairing. They’re both pretty good together,considering the most attractive characters at the show.

Edd x Sarah (my childhood ship XD…Sarah’s little crush on Double is just so adorable and how she’s nicer to him more as well,sometimes. That time Edd gave a flower to her and also the Diary episode,that’s how I started shipping this two.

Eddy x Sarah (imagining a war-love between this two,mostly war XD)

Ed x May (the only Ed I ship with a Kanker)

Ed x Rolf (I love Chickens Rolf !…Yes, Ed of the Chicken shepherd)

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Long time, no talk! I’ve been busy in Florida, and unable to post.

SO. I’m finally sharing the last of the Ed, Edd, n’ Eddy photoshoot I did with Kyuu Vixen Cosplay! :D I saved the best for last. I love shippy pictures, if you know me at all, and I just think that kissing one of the two of us is so adorable because Double D is a pure cinnamon roll.

Thanks for following me through this Marie x Double D journey you guys!

Marie Kanker: Kyuu Vixen Cosplay
Double D: Hideyo Mochimo (aka Me)
Photographer: CMG Photography