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From Beacon Press, a charming history of devotion: Outlaw Marriages: The Hidden History of Fifteen Extraordinary Same-Sex Couples, by Rodger Streitmatter.   Among the couples featured: Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas, Walt Whitman and Peter Doyle, Jane Addams and Mary Rozet Smith, and James Ivory and Ismail Merchant.

  • Stein: You're stupid
  • Spirit: I bet you won't say it to my face
  • Stein, to Spirit's face: Stupid
  • Spirit: I bet you won't say it on Snapchat
  • Stein, on Snapchat, having already accumulated several thousand views: Stupid
  • Spirit: I bet you won't say it in class
  • Stein, in the middle of his lesson: Spirit is stupid
  • Spirit, getting increasingly upset: I bet you won't say it in the shower
  • Stein, throwing open the shower curtain as Spirit is dying his hair: Stupid
  • Spirit, covering himself with his rubber ducky: I bet you won't say it in Braille
  • Marie, running her fingers over the page two weeks from then to read Braille: It says 'Stupid'
  • Spirit, throwing the book across the room: Alright

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Top 5 SE ships and why ? :D

my friend, my bb nikowl, i’m so sorry for the late reply!!! but thank you for the lovely ask~ (these were so freaking fun to draw but as i drew soul i remembered why i wanted to use my own style for his hair every time)

here’s my extra humble list of ships (´∀`)♡ 


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