marie parsons


Hidden Figures (2016)

Directed by Theodore Melfi

Cinematography by Mandy Walker

- Mary…Mühendis kafasına sahip biri mühendis olmalıdır.Hayatının geri kalanında bilgisayar olamazsın.

+ Bay Zielinski.Ben siyahi bir kadınım.İmkansız olanla ilgilenmeyeceğim.

- O zaman ben de ailesi Nazi kampında ölmüş Polonyalı bir Yahudiyim.Şu an bir astronotu yıldızlara taşıyacak bir uzay gemisinin aşağısında duruyorum.İmkansızı yaşadığımızı bence söyleyebiliriz.

Gizli Sayılar / Hidden Figures

@des-zimbits i can’t help thinking about nick and marie, shitty and lardo’s two kids who grew up in the terrifying reign of sophie parson.

marie’s a year younger than sophie. she doesn’t like loud noises, she hates it when people shout at her and will cry. she also tries to be extremely logical (ie the whole “you should let nick play with the hockey stick and its no big deal if it breaks” because it was a logical solution to the problem).

nick is the youngest. he’s two years younger than sophie and he loves playing with everything he can get his hands on. he idolizes sophie and follows her around everywhere and wants to be just like her. that’s why he has a Daddy #90 jersey, because that’s what sophie wears all the time. once kent was babysitting the three of them and someone thought that nick was also his son (given the chance kent would totally steal nick and marie for himself because he wants a whole bunch of kids). 

sophie leads the two of them into several misadventures that end up with bruises on all three of them. she still doesnt understand how marie can be so brave and not cry even after scraping her knee on something but cry whenever sophie accidentally shouts.