marie leszczinska

LES LIAISONS DE MARIE ANTOINETTE | Created for Marie Leszczinska, this room was redecorated in 1783 from the designs of Richard Mique, the architect of Marie Antoinette. The woodwork of Rousseau brothers, decorated with sphinxes and antique tripods, recall the recent discovery of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Reference, Chateau de Versailles

Marie Leszczinska, Princess of Poland and Queen of France and Navarre (1703 - 1768)

Nicolas de Larmessin IV, French, 1684 - 1753. After a painting dated 1726 by Jean-Baptiste van Loo, French, 1684 - 1745. Published by Larmessin, rue des Noyers.

Made in Paris, France, Europe

1727 Medium:
Etching and engraving Philadelphia Museum of Art