marie laffont


Almine Rech Gallery is pleased to present its seventh solo exhibition of James Turrell since 1999. In 1990, Almine Rech organized his first gallery exhibition in Europe with a Light Piece entitled “Blood Lust". 

 Light and perception, a medium.

After some impressive bronze replicas of the bunkers in Turrell’s Roden crater,   We enter a dark room. Immediately my eyes are drawn to a red light. I feel like I’m crossing a threshold.

In this dark room, a quiet revolution is going on through the light. The shadows, trembling, are vibrating together with the light. Only that red rectangle captures the attention of my eyes, of my whole body. I can understand now what came before, the replicas, that crater in Arizona. My body is lifted and  I feel thankful to James Turrell, not being able to transport everyone of us in Arizona, for “blinding” us here in this beautiful way at Almine Rech Gallery, Paris.

Video portraits of Lady Gaga

The Robert Wilson show at Thaddaeus Ropac is based on the mythological fascination that humanity vows to the star-system. It’s not a surprise that Robert Wilson uses one of the most famous and volontarily iconic star of our time: Lady Gaga. A modern deity if there is one.

In the 1st room the artist superimposes photos of Gaga and reproductions of Ingres’ canevas using moving screens. Like Bill Viola, he uses the movement to capture the spectator’s attention. He suggests both the artificiality of the starification process but also the quasi-religious respect of society for Iconic stars like Gaga.

In the 2nd room, the pupose is even clearer. Lady Gaga is suspended above the ground, bonded and staged like one of Araki’s model but also like meat in display at the Butcher’s. In what seems to be an eternal scene of silent agony, she’s offered to the world with no conditions.

Her god-like status comes with a cost. Like La peau de chagrin of Balzac or the pact of Don Juan in Faust, There is only one way to go: forward and fast. 

This run for immortality touches every human being. A few years back, I produced a few pieces as part of an artistical deification project. I used self-portraits superimposed on greek statues which you can appreciate after the photos of the amazing Robert Wilson show at Thaddaeus Ropac, Paris.