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okay, im going to be honest, im the small part of the fandom that liked the episode

why? hell, im a johnlock shipper, should i be annoyed? i mean, we predicted a kiss and there was none. so should i be cussing out moffat and gatiss? should i be calling this episode trash?

no. that’s rude and immature. and if you have a valid reason to hate this episode (basically it was poorly plotted or there were plot holes or something) then go ahead!

while i will admit, this episode has some plot holes (as the entire season did), i still liked this episode. hell, i loved it.


firstly, it was about family above all else. because in the end, family may be all that we have.

secondly, the ending.

lots of people are annoyed because it didn’t end how they wanted to and i can agree, it did not go as i wanted it to.

but in the end, it doesnt matter.

the reason why i loved the ending was because they didn’t say exactly what happens. we can assume. we can create our own stories with it. we get to choose what happens to these characters. we get to choose their story.

and in the end, if sherlock gets confirmed for a fifth season (i am praying for this to happen), then we’ll get more closure, and if i have to be totally honest, that’s all i want.

so please, try to look on the bright side of this, and don’t hate this episode because your ship didnt become canon or it just didnt end how you wanted it to.please.
12x03 -- The Road Ahead:
  • Mary : Castiel, come here ... sit down. Let's have a chat.
  • Cas: *sits*
  • Mary: There’s no easy way to ask this, so I'm just going to come right out and say it ...
  • Cas: You have no need to censor yourself around me, Mrs. Winchester. You can trust me.
  • Mary: Please, call me Mary.
  • Cas: Okay-- Mary. You can trust me.
  • Mary: K, well ... I just need to know ... are--are you gay for my son?
  • Cas: Oh, Mary ... let me clarify this for you.
  • Mary: Yes, please do.
  • Cas: You see ... I'm an angel. I have no true gender.
  • Mary: ... alright?
  • Cas: So, I honestly can't be "gay" for anyone.
  • Mary: Ah, alright well I just thought since-
  • Cas: Your son, on the other hand is all sorts of gay for me.
  • Mary: ...
  • Cas: ALL SORTS of gay.

lot’s of chanyeol for the biggest piece of chanyeol trash i’ve ever known, and one of the best people i will ever have the fortune to meet  (ノ゜ω゜)ノ

i love you, and happy birthday mary, @chanshine!

EXO as shit my friends say
  • Lay: *has to sit out for P.E because they don't have their gear* No offence but I'm looking at everyone's ass
  • Suho: Sometimes I feel like I'm a single mother around you guys
  • Xiumin: *sips from travel mug* this is my 9th espresso in the past 12 hours
  • Kai: Don't text me for the next week I'm powernapping over break
  • Chen: *Admiring their reflection in a mirror* Look at that jawline honey , sharp enough to kill binch
  • D.o: Don't hit me in the face with your gay
  • Sehun: *enters the bulding* Where are the hot girls or guys I don't discriminate
  • Chanyeol: *in the middle of a conversation* OMG THERES A CAT OUTSIDE
  • Baekhyun: Binch my eyeliner is winged enough to flap away from this bullshit

Okay so 59 missed calls.

If a woman is legit about to give birth and she calls her husband FIFTY-NINE TIMES and they don’t answer is she really just going to sit around waiting for him to come get her?  Like why wouldn’t she have just gone to the hospital already?  Call an ambulance or something?  I understand that she would be pissed at him for never answering, but it doesn’t make sense to me that she would just sit there like “well, I’m in labor and literally about to pop this baby out of my vagina, but I guess I’ll try calling John another 25 times before I do anything about it” am I the only one who finds this super weird???



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I should probably hunt down these fandoms

Since I appear to be returning to books for the time being.

So shout out if you’re fans of:

The Dresden Files
The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning
The Nicholas Flamel Series
A Court of Thorns and Roses
The God’s of the Night Series by Nina Bangs
The Black Dagger Brotherhood
The House of Night Series
The Dark Hunter Series
The Anita Blake Series