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that’s idea XD omg!!!
i love Bendy in the beginning!
this a little demon! but very funny!
all team animation and production its a joke for bendy!

this idea is my and my beatiful friend! with a produce this proyecj! 
soy muy mala en el ingles /;____;/

[Mod. Eliana]

Bendy at the beginning likes to play pranks on everybody in order to entertain himself and not get bored in the studios.~ However, since Henry listens day by day the complains of the staff he decides to assign Bendy a “Punishment Corner”; when he knows he had got everybody mad he sits him there. The hat was a little addition after realizing Bendy didn’t take the corner seriously (Escaping a lot was his additional favorite activity after being scolded) 
AND! Boris is the whole key to have Bendy there until he “learns the lesson”, that obviously we know he doesn’t. 

Bendy is a little demon after all! But all he wants is to get some fun.

[Mod. Marie]

We are not those who burnt, because flames were deemed too showy for wilting flowers
except when fire was chosen as the only way to teach us again
how to be silent

We are those who march with our own pace, our hearts hollow diamonds capable of engulfing all the rivers of the Earth
and love them

We are those who were running on the island which still remembers us and calls to us,
racing the wind and the goddesses,
verses in our heads and violets tangled in our hands

We are those defying the implicit rules in the chaotic city we loved
and hated
and spited
and the world buried us under heaps of parchment which would make people feel for centuries

We are mothers and daughters of the same name, walking different parts of Europe in different years,
asking for rights or inventing the modern novel during a storm
– how appropriate

We are those who let words flow from our pen in letters similar to streams
and novels to rivers,
always water surrounding us, water we would ultimately

We are those conjoining under a bright and coloured southern sky after the grey and brown of a city where only others seemed to be able to write,
because between us two we had
the Earth and the Moon

We are all of those,
and more anonymous legions still, forgotten but alive, trampled on but with our eyes intact and our voices sharpened like knives

We are, after all, daughters of so many goddesses;
you thought you were naming storms after us
– it is we who created them

—  We Were Just Allowed to Breathe and Yet Hurricanes are Female, E.M.F.
three minute personality test

(after Jonathan Safran Foer)

How many people have you kissed whose names you don’t remember? Do you use more than the advised amount of softener when you do laundry? Where would you go if no one had to know you were there? If you are reading a book and the book stirs something deep inside you, and nobody is around to hear it, do you still make a sound? When you are faking eye contact, do you look at someone’s eyebrows, mouth, or nose? What is your mother’s maiden name? Do you know where your house keys are right now? Are you first to sadness or to anger? How many texts that you haven’t replied to are currently in your inbox? Does this mean you are too popular or too distant? If you had to watch a montage of all the worst things you’ve ever done, would you still be able to sleep that night? Do you check your shoes for spiders before you put them on? Are you ever afraid you’re not very good at kissing? Is there anything cruel about love? Is there a rule against laughing insincerely? If there was, would you still break it? When you think of your family home, why are there so many ashtrays? Why does rage flood through you? When you think of the person you’ve loved most in this world, why do your hands start shaking? Who ever taught you to tie your shoelaces? If you were offered all the happiness in this lifetime in exchange for the next not having any, would you forsake your future self in order to benefit this one? If you’re caught on a bridge and there’s no way forward and no way back, is there still a way off it? If you answered no, have you had too few tragedies? If you answered yes, have you had too many or are you assuming the fall won’t kill you? Is your best story your own story? Is there ever a moment at the end of the day when you are fully at peace with yourself? If you had to write your own eulogy, would you make your own mother cry? Do you apologize too much? Do you apologize enough? Whose face do you think of when I say the word regret? Would you give up having children for a better childhood of your own? What is the best way to nurse a large and brutal heartache? Do your dreams reveal you? Can you miss someone you haven’t met yet? What ever happened to your baby teeth? If you run away from all your problems, does it still count as exercise? What’s the most awful thing you’ve ever done to another human? If someone made you answer all these questions, and you had to be truthful, could you still look them in the eye afterwards? If someone made you answer all these questions, and you had to be truthful, would you be grateful to unload it all? If you had to answer, and you had to be truthful, who would you want to be asking the questions?

Chapter 00: You’re not me

Brace youselves! This is the beginning of the beginning. What does this mean? Will Bendy remember this encounter later? Or will he forget it for all the upcoming stuff? There’s only one way to find out! 

Stay tuned for more!

Note that all the comics we will manage from now on won’t have this format at all, but they will be more simple. Just a little advertising for the future. It’ll also depend on our mood.