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In total they brought home NINETY medals!
& a HUGE congratulations to all of our athletes who didn’t medal. They all did an INCREDIBLE job and should be VERY proud of themselves. I know I am so proud of them.


  • Jan Hudec [Super G]
  • Kim Lamarre [Ski Slopestyle]
  • Charle Cournoyer [500m Short Track]
  • Mark McMorris [Slopestyle]
  • Denny Morrison [1500m Speed Skating]


  • Tessa Virtue [Team Ice Dance]
  • Scott Moir [Team Ice Dance]
  • Patrick Chan [Team Ice Dance]
  • Kaetlyn Osmond [Team Ice Dance]
  • Kevin Reynolds [Team Ice Dance]
  • Megan Duhamel [Team Ice Dance]
  • Eric Radford [Team Ice Dance]
  • Kristen Moore-Towers [Team Ice Dance]
  • Dylan Moscovitch [Team Ice Dance]
  • Tessa Virtue [Ice Dance]
  • Scott Moir [Ice Dance]
  • Patrick Chan [Free Skate]
  • Kelsey Serwa [Ski Cross]
  • Mike Riddle [Ski Halfpipe]
  • Mikael Kingsbury [Moguls]
  • Chloe Dufour-Lapointe [Moguls]
  • Marie-Eve Drolet [3000m Relay Short Track]
  • Valerie Maltais [3000m Relay Short Track]
  • Marianne St-Gelais [3000m Relay Short Track]
  • Jessica Hewitt [3000m Relay Short Track]
  • Dominique Maltais [Snowboard Cross]
  • Denny Morrison [1000m Speed Skate]


  • Kaillie Humphries [Bobsleigh]
  • Heather Moyse [Bobsleigh]
  • Brad Jacobs [Curling]
  • Ryan Fry [Curling]
  • EJ Harnden [Curling]
  • Ryan Harnden [Curling]
  • Caleb Flaxey [Curling]
  • Dawn McEwen [Curling]
  • Jennifer Jones [Curling]
  • Kaitlyn Lawes [Curling]
  • Jill Officer [Curling]
  • Kristen Wall [Curling]
  • Marielle Thompson [Ski Cross]
  • Dara Howell [Ski Slopestyle]
  • Alex Bulodeau [Moguls]
  • Justin Dufour-Lapointe [Moguls]
  • Charles Hamelin [1500m Short Track]
  • Roberto Luongo [Hockey]
  • Carey Price [Hockey]
  • Mike Smith [Hockey]
  • Duncan Keith [Hockey]
  • Dan Hamhuis [Hockey]
  • Shea Weber [Hockey]
  • Drew Doughty [Hockey]
  • Jay Bouwmeester [Hockey]
  • Alex Pietrangelo [Hockey]
  • Marc-Edouard Vlasic [Hockey]
  • PK Subban [Hockey]
  • Matt Duchene [Hockey]
  • Patrick Sharp [Hockey]
  • Patrick Marleau [Hockey]
  • Chris Kunitz [Hockey]
  • Ryan Getzlaf [Hockey]
  • Jonathan Toews [Hockey]
  • John Tavares [Hockey]
  • Jamie Benn [Hockey]
  • Corey Perry [Hockey]
  • Martin St. Louis [Hockey]
  • Patrice Bergeron [Hockey]
  • Rick Nash [Hockey]
  • Jeff Carter [Hockey]
  • Sidney Crosby [Hockey]
  • Shannon Szabados [Hockey]
  • Genevieve Lacasse [Hockey]
  • Charline Labonte [Hockey]
  • Jocelyne Larocque [Hockey]
  • Lauriane Rougeau [Hockey]
  • Laura Fortino [Hockey]
  • Meaghan Mikkelson [Hockey]
  • Catherine Ward [Hockey]
  • Tara Watchorn [Hockey]
  • Meghan Agosta [Hockey]
  • Rebecca Johnston [Hockey]
  • Jennifer Wakefield [Hockey]
  • Gillian Apps [Hockey]
  • Caroline Ouellette [Hockey]
  • Melodie Daoust [Hockey]
  • Jayna Hefford [Hockey]
  • Brianne Jenner [Hockey]
  • Haley Irwin [Hockey]
  • Hayley Wickenheiser [Hockey]
  • Natalie Spooner [Hockey]
  • Marie-Philip Poulin [Hockey]
Canada and Sochi: Day 3

Extremely good day for Canada. With 2 golds and 1 silver, Canada rallied back from yesterday to put itself on the top of the medal standings. 

Alpine Skiing

Marie-Michele Gagnon had a couple tough races today and finished far back from the podium in the super combined. 


Brad Jacobs’ Sault Ste. Marie rink defeated Germany 11-8 in the opening rounds of the tournament. Although this should have been an easy match the team let Germany steal 2 both in the 3rd and 9th ends. If they want to win gold against Sweden’s Niklas Edin they’re going to have to tighten up.

On the ladies’ side Jennifer Jones downed China 9-2.

Women’s Hockey

Canada handed a decisive defeat to Finland today 3-0. The game was scoreless until the third when Meghan Agosta, Jayna Hefford, and Rebecca Johnston each scored. 


Medal threat Alex Gough finished in 5th spot in both of her runs today with Kimberley McRae in 6th. Arianne Jones is back in 13th. Canada is coming off an amazing year in luge, a sport traditionally dominated by the Germans. Canada has never won an Olympic medal in luge but that is expected to change in Sochi now that the team relay event is making its debut.

Long Track Speed Skating

Solid performances by Gilmore Junio (10th), Jamie Gregg (11th), William Dutton(14th), and Muncef Ouardi (25th) in the men’s 500m.  Although Canada is considered a speed skating powerhouse, this Olympic cycle we are not expecting to see as many medals as usual from this discipline as the team is in a rebuilding phase so these finishes are actually quite notable.

Short Track Speed Skating

Very good day on the short track today with Marianne St-Gelais, Jessica Hewitt, and Valerie Maltais all easily qualifying to the next round in the women’s 500m. With China’s Wang Meng out due to injury the podium in this event is wide open - with St-Gelais a heavy favourite to win gold.

The ladies’ success continued in the 3000m relay where St-Gelais, Hewitt, Maltais, along with teammate Marie-Eve Drolet qualified to the A final on Feb. 18 against the speedy teams from South Korea, China, and Italy.

The men’s competition saw Charles Hamelin race to a gold medal in the 1500m race. Hamelin has been on fire this season and the 1500m is not his strongest event. He is strongly expected to win more medals as short track continues. Following his performance, Hamelin repeated the iconic kiss moment from Vancouver where he skated to the side of the rink and kissed an ecstatic Marianne St-Gelais.

Freestyle Skiing Men’s Moguls

This is the headliner of the day. Alexandre Bilodeau and Mikael Kingsbury went 1 and 2 today in an event where the two have been neck and neck for the whole season. Canada had 3 of 6 spots in the final with a strong chance of being able to sweep the podium. But, Marc-Antoine Gagnon was forced to settle for 4th after making a slight mistake during his run. Canada’s Phillipe Marquis was also racing today, but could not crack the final and settled for 9th.

This win makes Alex the first person to ever defend Olympic gold in men’s moguls and he too repeated an iconic shot from Vancouver by immediately running over to his brother Frederic and hugging him. Bilodeau and Kingbury’s performance means that Canada won both gold and silver in men’s moguls as well as women’s moguls.


Best day for Canada by far. 2 golds and a silver puts us on top of the medal chart tied with Norway and the Netherlands for total medals (each nation has 7 currently), but slightly ahead as we are tied for golds with the Netherlands but have 1 more silver than them. The winnings were spread around and Canadians in all their competitions did extremely well.

Tomorrow will be an interesting day - women’s ski jump is making its first appearance at the games and Brad Jacobs is taking on Niklas Edin, who he lost the 2013 World Men’s Championship to back in April. The pairs figure skating short program is also happening where Canada has two strong teams that are hoping to contend for either silver or bronze. Men’s snowboard halfpipe and ladies’ ski slopestyle are also happening. Canada has a strong chance of making the podium in slopestyle with both Kaya Turski and Dara Howell.