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I just want to talk about female directors as well: Gina Prince-Bythewood, Amma Asante — we have to celebrate these women. [Selma] is about embracing the vote, utilizing the vote. Support these women, vote for them at the box office

David Oyelowo accepting the NAACP IMAGE Award for Best Actor for Selma

David Oyelowo directed by women filmography

Circles dir. Sonia Castang - 2001
Tomorrow La Scala! dir. Francesca Joseph - 2002
Shoot the Messenger dir.  Ngozi Onwurah - 2006
Rage dir. Sally Potter - 2009
96 Minutes dir. Aimee Lagos - 2011
Middle of Nowhere dir. Ava DuVernay - 2012
Selma dir. Ava DuVernay - 2014
9 Kisses dir. Elaine Constantine - 2014
Five Nights in Main dir. Maris Curran - 2015
Nina dir. Cynthia Mort - 2015
Queen of Katwe dir. Mira Nair - 2016
A United Kingdom dir. Amma Asante - 2016
August 28th: A Day In the Life of a People - Ava DuVernay - 2016
Untitled Hurricane Katrina Project dir. Ava DuVernay - ????


Elaine Kahn | Women in Public

Rihanna | Consideration (feat. SZA) | ANTi

Charlotte Perkins Gilman | The Yellow Wallpaper

Häxan (1922)

Silvia Federici | Caliban and the Witch

Exhibition guide by Emily Gonzalez-Jarrett | Mary Reid Kelley at Hammer Museum (2015)

Malina (1991)


“Whatever the motivation, Rick and I find ourselves swamped with cards and boxes from all over the country and I just want to reassure you that our ball points are smoking trying to keep up with the thank-yous. I don’t want anyone thinking that Mary Elaine has bad manners.

Girls have to be especially careful about their manners if they are bald. I fear that Mary Elaine is heading rapidly toward that condition. (My. She sounds more attractive all the time. Pudgy, loud and bald.) We are very curious to see what color hair–and eyes–she will end up with. She screams like a redhead.

I wonder if screaming is a normal human condition–whether adults should have a daily scream or two to operate at maximum efficiency. If I weren’t so shy, I might give the notion a try. It sounds pretty appealing sometimes. Guess when?”

Lists Made by 5-year-olds Shouldn’t be this Terrifying

I don’t remember much of my childhood. I can only really tell you about things that have happened in my life past the age of seven. I don’t even have those small flashes of memories people have of their life from when they were 3. The first six years of my life aren’t a blur, but actually complete darkness.

Yesterday, I found out why.

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anonymous asked:

i really want to know more about classics but i can't take any classes for it - where do i start?

hi anon! okay so first of all don’t worry; this is a super common problem which a lot of people face, but since the subject has been around for so long there’s a huge amount of material that you can look at outside of a classroom situation

so to begin with, i would think about what exactly you’d like to know more about! classics is a huge subject and i don’t think there’s anyone on earth who’d claim to know all about it; most people specialise in a subfield, like classical literature, classical art, greek history, roman history, near eastern history, greek language and so on. obviously you don’t have to limit yourself to just the one thing, but if you think about the sort of things that attracted to to classics in the first place, that might give you some more direction in terms of finding resources! for example, if what you’re interested in is classical literature, you could take a look at these lists (x and x) and have a look at some of the texts there to see what you like. you could also use that as a starting point for further reading; if you find yourself really enjoying, say, hesiod’s theogony, you could have a look to see if you can find anything discussing it in your local library, your school or university library if you have access to one, or on sites like theoi, which is incredibly useful. i actually put together a list of getting-to-know-greek-mythology books here, which you might also find useful.

(if you’d like to read a few things to get the flavour of some classical lit, i also highly recommend the penguin little black classics! they’re 80p each, really cute and there’s six or seven classical texts there - an extract from the odyssey, trimalchio, some sappho poetry and so on - which you can read without spending loads of money)

another good thing about classics having been around for so long is that there is a vast number of pop history books on pretty much every imaginable period of classical history, so if you’re interested in the historical side of things then you can basically take your pick. (obviously some are better than others and there are strong disagreements about which specific ones are better, but you can spend a lifetime worrying about this and if you want to start learning, you may as well just dive straight in.) if you have a particular period you’re interested in then shoot me an ask and i can try and give you some pointers, but for general history texts then you could have a look at stuff like

one last thing that might be helpful for you is documentaries! these take a bit more hunting for than books, but there’s been quite a few on the ancient world recently that are totally fab, although obviously quite sensationalised compared to the books up above. a few that i can dig up on youtube:

and so on. the bbc are pretty good for documentaries, especially bbc4 recently for some reason, so even if you can’t actually watch them on iplayer i’d have a dig around to see if there’s any there you’d like to watch then try to find them on youtube

anyway sorry this is such a random collection of things - honestly, it’s pretty difficult to give a comprehensive list of stuff to read about classics, so if you have a particular interest you’d like to know more about don’t hesitate to shoot me an ask! anyway, i hope there’s something there you’ll find helpful

Other than libraries, a great way to get free books is through giveaways. However, if you’re entering a book giveaway, (especially if the giveaway is an ARC (advanced reader copy)), it’s a good idea to return the favor with a review.

So if you don’t know about it already, check out goodreads for giveaways. Here are some random selections: