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Remember when Mona revealed to the Liars in 4x01 (“A is for A-L-I-V-E”) that Melissa was one of the Queen of Hearts, along with Wilden?

Well, no. She wasn’t.

When they were watching the tape, Emily questioned who the second Queen of Hearts was. Mona, eyeing at Spencer, responded, “Your sister.”

The video was shut down by Big A (Charlotte) before it could be proven it was her sister, aka Melissa, which is what everyone was thinking as she is Spencer’s only known sibling.

I don’t understand why they couldn’t have shown that Melissa was the Queen of Hearts to the audience if she was. That’s because she wasn’t, and it was Spencer’s twin!

Melissa and Mona, as well as Charlotte, all knew of the existence of Spencer’s twin, who is now A.D. When Spencer was questioning Melissa about her being the Queen of Hearts, Melissa abruptly kept stopping her at sentences, or not replying to some of her questions. Melissa claimed that she has been protecting Spencer since the beginning, but I think not. Not Spencer, but her twin.

Veronica (Melissa’s mother and Spencer’s supposed mother) has had cancer twice (as we know of). What if after she had Melissa, she developed cancer, and this stopped her from having children? She could’ve wanted a second child after she had beat cancer, so Mary Drake became the surrogate mother of her child. However, she fell pregnant with twins, but Veronica only wanted one.

When Spencer and Aria went to see Dr. Cochran in 7x08 (”Exes and OMGs”), the man who delivered Mary’s babies, he said he dealt with two of them. Now, if he had delivered Charlotte too, who is the eldest child, why couldn’t he have said, “I delivered two separate babies.”

Mary wasn’t allowed to keep the second baby after a while due to the strict rules at Radley, and also because she was a mental patient who had history of “killing a baby” (when that was actually Jessica). The twin was probably raised in Radley too somewhere.

Charlotte knew of the twin’s existence and the twin was the TRUE Black Widow! Sara Harvey claimed herself to be the identity of the BW to protect Spencer’s twin, whom she was good friends with herself and knew that’s what Charlotte wanted her to do.

The Black Widow had brunette hair, and her body was identical to Spencer’s structure:

Her twin’s motive would be that Spencer got to live a normal life—while she was raised in a mental institution. She was jealous and sick of Spencer. Initially, she wanted to meet her twin for the first time, but something must’ve happened that stopped her.

On the night of Jenna’s blinding, I believe her twin might’ve been watching Spencer, and/or possibly wanted to meet her. When the stink bomb set off, it burned the twin, and she was scarred for the rest of her life with them. This made her HATE the Liars and Spencer. She has despised them since then.

The BW ending scene in 4x01 (where she had a burnt mask) could’ve hinted towards this:

Of course, she didn’t have that mask when she was there the night Jenna was blinded, but the mask was burnt at the night of the lodge fire. Spencer’s twin was working in two different divisions—the “A” Team and Melissa’s alliance (with Jenna and Shana). They could possibly know the existence of Spencer’s twin too. The twin could’ve set fire to the lodge originally to get revenge on them burning her, partnering with Jenna too as they blinded her in the same accident.

In 4x23 (”Unbridled”), Veronica said to Spencer: “It was as if there were two of you living in this house—the Spencer we recognized and your evil twin. We never knew which one was coming down for breakfast.” Foreshadowing much?

Spencer was drove to madness in Season 3 after Toby supposedly died, and she was admitted into Radley. This could foreshadow her twin especially, and her twin could’ve planned this whole thing to make her end up crazy. 

Sometimes I think some scenes we’ve seen Spencer in isn’t really Spencer. For example, in the ending scene of 7x08 (”Exes and OMGs”) we see Spencer flicking through a family photo album, as if she’s searching for answers. I believe this was her twin in this scene.

I believe that it wasn’t Spencer who Toby kissed in 7x10 (”The DArkest Knight”), it was her twin! She was wearing the same sweater in this scene as she was wearing in 7x08.

“Spencer” was acting quite odd in this scene. May I also note that Spencer wasn’t wearing that sweater later on, because we later see her in a plain white sweater (the one she got shot in).

How could I forget the heart-warming scene between Hanna and Spencer in 7x01 (”Tick-Tock, Bitches”)?

This was NOT a dream! The Liars have always had dreams, such as the many that included Alison, and they always turn out to be reality. Spencer mentioned Uber A’s alias (A.D.) in the dream, yet how could Hanna have dreamt that when they were sent the first text that was signed off saying “- A.D.” after Hanna was kidnapped?

Most importantly, Spencer did not have her bangs in this scene. She has had them since the five-year time jump that started in 6B. People say that she didn’t have her bangs in this scene because Hanna wanted to remember the “clever” Spencer. She’s still as intelligent as ever, so I don’t see why it was necessary for her to not have her bangs in this scene. That’s because it was her twin!

As Jessica always said, “You can never turn your back on a Hastings.” Spencer turned her back and she was SHOT by A.D. 

Jessica knows how dangerous they can be, like Spencer’s twin. What if it was Spencer’s twin who hit Ali that night, and it was Mary who buried her alive? Charlotte could’ve easily covered for her beloved sister.

Melissa is definitely part of Uber A’s game, and so is Mona. I believe Mona is only doing so because she wants to protect the girls (by stopping A.D. doing anything extreme). However, I think she probably left the gAme after Hanna’s kidnapping. She was so distraught over Hanna seemingly being dead.

She knows she can’t tell the Liars everything though—it’ll cost her their friendship, her redeeming, their forgiveness over her being Original A, and quite possibly her life as we all know A.D. is dangerous and doesn’t like to mess around.

As for Melissa, well… bitch doesn’t care. Everything mostly points towards her and she’s one of the most, if not the, shadiest character(s) in the show. She’s always despised Spencer, and she always blames her for her unhappiness. Melissa wants to partner with Spencer’s twin because she knows how much it’ll destroy Spencer.

Melissa likes to lie, and she likes to trick others. Maybe she was protecting Spencer’s twin when she buried Bethany? She knew Spencer would find out about this sooner or later, so she told her she was protecting her and not anybody else. Really, Melissa?

If I recall, Spencer was talking to Toby in 1x20 (“Someone to Watch Over Me”) about running away, and she mentioned that when she was a child, she had a fight with her sister and her parents took her side. Yes, I believe that was Melissa, but Spencer said she ran away after that. What if her twin took her place while she was gone? She said that when she returned, her parents hadn’t even noticed she had gone. Strange much?

When Spencer first “met” Mary in 7x01, they were discussing about twins almost. Mary mentioned how much Spencer and Melissa look a little like twins. Hinting much? Could Mary possibly be Melissa’s surrogate mother too? Perhaps Veronica couldn’t have children at all. This would explain the resemblance between Melissa and Spencer. They look too much alike to not be biological sisters.

In the 7B trailer, we see A.D. slightly taking their hood aback. We can see that their hair color is BROWN/BRUNETTE.

A.D. IS Spencer’s twin. There is so much more to this, and I will most definitely expand on it soon!

Thank you for reading. ^_^
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XIX’s English Novels Zodiac Signs

Aries - Wuthering Heights - Emily Brontë
Taurus -  Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen
Gemini - Far From the Madding Crowd - Thomas Hardy
Cancer - Dracula - Bram Stoker
Leo - The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde
Virgo -  North and South - Elizabeth Gaskell
Libra - Jane Eyre - Charlotte Brontë
Scorpio - Fanny Hill or Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure - John Cleland
Sagittarius - Lord of the Rings - J. R. R. Tolkien
Capricorn - Great Expectations - Charles Dickens
Aquarius -  Frankenstein - Mary Shelley
Pisces - Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland - Lewis Carroll



(The above video becomes relevant when I start discussing D. I couldn’t insert the video exactly in the position I want, sorry!)

In this ‘mini’ theory, I explore this concept posted by Marlene:

From this, I take that A and D are two different people. Call it a mini A Team, so to speak.

Let’s start with the A.

The A in AD is for Mona. It just has to be her - let me tell you why. She was original A. She wants her game back. The girls still treat Mona like shit despite her apologising time and time again AND despite both going through the dollhouse together where the girls clearly saw that Mona is was not the enemy! Hanna literally gave Mona the silent treatment when Mona came to her bridal shower party with a smile and a loving present. Hanna then threw the thoughtful, personalised gift in the trash, causing Mona to say “it seems everything I do ends up this way”. Spencer exclaimed “what is she doing here!?” in 620 at the Lost Woods Resort. It is precisely this type of constant rejection that brings back that anger from seasons 1 and 2 when she was A, and now she wants to do it all over again. She wants to punish the liars for constantly rejecting her. One way she did this, was by taking Hanna from them.

She scared the girls, whilst simultaneously getting Hanna all back to herself. Besides, wasn’t that Mona’s original motive for being A? That she lost Hanna to the girls? (It was Alison’s death that reunited the girls, not Mona’s texts, so there is no plot hole here in Mona’s motive.)

Obviously, Mona never killed Hanna despite kidnapping her. It was just a doll that she hung from the bell tower! The symbolism in this is that she kidnapped her out of hatred, but didn’t want to overly harm her because a love remains.

Then how do we explain this horrible stuff, if Mona simultaneously loves Hanna?

Let me quote Mona; the one who did this to Hanna: “it’s much easier to forgive an enemy than it is to forgive a friend”. So yes, Mona is extremely angry with Hanna! But do not forget the symbolism here: Mona would have never killed Hanna. This is all just a game. Emotional venting. That’s all it’s ever been. Well, with Mona, at least. Wait until I explain the D in AD!

Let’s not forget that Mona was supposed to be watching Noel in 710, yet somehow he escaped. Also, amongst the ever so minor plot progression in 6B we did learn that Mona called CeCe from the Two Crows Diner the night she was killed. Clearly, Mona was involved in the sequence of events the night a Drake family member was killed. Mona followed Spencer and Toby in 620 to the discovery of Mary’s Radley file! This bitch is really involving herself in the Drake-related-stuff yet it’s going unnoticed! (I highlight Mona’s constant involvement in the Drake family because this provides evidence to her teamwork with D in AD - D’s main aim is associated with the Drakes.) Also, we can’t forget the “thanks for giving me Hanna” text. That was entirely A, not D, if that makes sense.

Mona involving herself in the Drake family issues is exact proof that Mona is the A in AD; helping their partner, D, which I will explain now.

Unfortunately I can’t include it here at this point in the post, but please go to the above video posted by the official PLL Instagram. It gives us confirmation that Spencer indeed was AD’s target that night. It was no accident that Spencer got shot, it was entirely deliberate. Jenna missed, and so AD swooped in to finish the job.

The D in AD must stand for Drake. 

Noticed how everyone in the Drake family has been killed?

- Spencer was shot (99.9% chance she’ll survive, but it’s the attempt to kill that is significant)

- Jessica, who was born as a Drake (but has the last name DiLaurentis because she married Ken) was killed. Surely, this is the reason why they have not told us who killed Jessica yet - why are they dragging it on for so long if the answer is as simple as her evil twin killed her!? Well, maybe Mary didn’t kill Jessica. It was AD.

- Charlotte was most likely killed by AD, following this trend of all Drake family-members being killed. Therefore, AD is playing a game - AD is not avenging Charlotte’s death because AD is the killer!

- I won’t be surprised if something bad happens to Mary soon. She’s a Drake. Surely, again following this trend, Mary is on the hit-list too. It is entirely possible that the reason she was even in the house in 710 is because she had been kidnapped by AD! It kind of looked like she was in a dark room, perhaps a closet… maybe she wasn’t intentionally there to help Jenna or AD like we thought. Maybe AD kidnapped Mary and it was AD’s plan to wipe out the Drake family that night (with the help of Jenna).

The big question remains: why does AD hate the Drakes? Well, going back to what I stated before, I believe the D in AD stands for Drake. Maybe the A in AD stands for their first name, or it could be for their partner’s name - that is, A and D are two different people. Nonetheless, I believe AD is a Drake, and something terrible happened to them (similarly to Charlotte’s upbringing) and they’re here to kill their entire family. And that’s why this is the most ‘deadly’ A so far - they’re literally here to kill family. How brutal.

- It’s worth noting that as per THIS THEORY, I am 100% sold that Bethany is also a Drake. Mary had two daughters: Spencer and Bethany. (I should add to that theory, that the Doctor that Aria and Spencer visited in 7A said “I dealt with one of Mary’s babies”, whereby the ambiguity implies more than one baby.)
Who killed Bethany? 610 revealed that was Mona (then Melissa buried her). So, following this trend of Drake children being killed… who started it? MONA, when she killed Bethany! 

- Note that the last time we saw Eddie Lamb, he was delivering to Ezra some drawings that Bethany had done! It’s no coincidence that Eddie Lamb went missing once he involved himself in the Drake family. (Again, there’s more evidence that Bethany is indeed another one of Mary’s daughters!)

What do you all think about this idea of A and D being two different people who are working together? They have different agendas, but of course, we have seen them at times cross paths. 

(Crossed paths? When? Well, for example, AD knew that Hanna had ordered Mona to watch Noel in 710, so what does AD do? Call their partner and say “release him”, that way AD can shoot Spencer easier because there’s another person in the house to stop Spencer from escaping.)



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