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The Final Problem: The Message from Miss Hudson to Mycroft Holmes, 1996

Twenty years ago, Sherlock Holmes spent the summer in America. While he was there a grisly double-murder caused the local law enforcement great trouble. They couldn’t convict the man – he was about to walk free.  This was, of course, until Sherlock Holmes offered his deductions and testified in court. Frank Hudson, ruthless criminal, philanderer, and drug dealer, was sentenced to death.  His wife, Martha Hudson, with whom he had no children, was relieved to finally spring free from his dangerous web. However, there was one person Sherlock did not mean to cross – Frank Hudson’s daughter from another woman. This woman vowed from that day on, if ever Sherlock Holmes were to fall in love, that she would be there to take that all away from him, to take what he took from her. She, from wealth and power funded from that cartel until Sherlock left her “penniless and abandoned” (TAB), sent a message to Mycroft Holmes. The message read as follows:

“From this moment on, Sherlock Holmes has made an enemy of me. I will be in your orbit for the rest of my life. I will take from him what he took from me. You will alert me as soon as he falls in love. The code word is "Love”. Once I hear the word, I will abandon my work to start anew. If you do not do exactly as I say, millions of British citizens will die. I have consulted James Moriarty, to keep an eye on your brother until I am notified. He is a fan of his work and will be watching every online blog, every news outlet for information on his well-being. If I find out Sherlock has fallen in love from him and not from you, millions of people will die.”

I present to you Miss Morstan, who suffered greatly at the loss of her father in The Sign of Four by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. In this version, she is Miss Hudson.

There is a letter game running through BBC Sherlock. Thank you @teaandforeshadowing for pointing me to this official Sherlock Youtube channel clue.

Miss Hudson, who has reached out to various people in her attempt to take down Sherlock Holmes, has her minions coded in vowels. AEIOUY – These represent four people in her web. Let’s start with “A”:

This is Janine Hawkins. Her last name changed to “Donlevy” in The Abominable Bride. Keep in mind she is one of the monstrous regiment Mary leads Sherlock to in the crypt. 

“Donlevy” is a callback to Laurie King’s Novel “The Beekeeper’s Apprentice” where Sherlock Holmes solves a mystery at Sussex Downs involving Patricia Donleavy, Moriarty’s relation. 

It is important to note that Janine’s last name is missing the “A” – just like the newspaper clipping Sherlock saw floating past his head in The Abominable Bride. The clip read “Body of Sea Captin Found in Chapel”. Again, missing the “A”. Arwel Jones, the television show’s production designer sent cryptic tweets with the letter “A” mysteriously capitalized in the middle of a word. This is because they’re playing a letter game. 

This is “E”:

Mary Morstan found out about her and “Redbeard” when she threatened Magnussen at CAM Tower. She wasn’t there just to kill him. She wanted more. 

This is I, O, and U:

Here you can hear Sherlock saying “IOU” to himself and Molly enters the shot. She asks him about it. He doesn’t answer. Keep in mind Molly – along with Janine – was one of the women who haunted Sir Eustace in The Abominable Bride. She was the one who killed him, actually. I think she’ll be used more against her will in episode 3, but it’s important to note she will be manipulated in the grand, villainous scheme. 

And, last but not least, we have “Y”:

See the “Y” in blood on his lips? Yep. He’s the consulting criminal that’s helped make this all a reality. He’ll be back in The Final Problem to ask Sherlock “Is this silly enough for you yet? Gothic enough?” – but these questions will be to the audience, as well, seeing series four has been very, very wonky so far. Too dramatic. That’s because we’re rewatching “The Abominable Bride”. He’ll tell Sherlock “It’s not real”. This should be the moment we become grounded in reality – or at least right after. At this moment we’ll be told just why this whole series has been so hard to follow. Patience, patience, everyone. We’re not even to the good part yet. 

Do you know why “Staying Alive” was always a problem for Moriarty? Because it was in his contract to not kill Sherlock even though it would be fun. Miss Hudson never allowed for that. 

Why do you think Mrs. Hudson gave Sherlock a “special deal”? Mycroft, who’s been aware of this impending problem for years, asked her to “look after him…. please”. She has always been a mirror for John – knowing this it’s easy to see Mycroft went to her, too. Mycroft has been playing chess, putting his pieces in position without anyone knowing.

He tried everything he could to make sure Sherlock never fell in love. It was for everyone’s good. Caring is not an advantage. 

Mycroft upgrades their surveillance status immediately as this happens:

And then he gave the codeword “Love” to Miss Hudson to let her know the game is on, so she dropped everything, betrayed her group, and left. 

In The Final Problem we’ll see “Mary” still alive, Moriarty back from the “dead”, our wonky perception disappear, and a monstrous regiment of women (AEIOU) wait to take Sherlock down. Remember, we’re watching The Abominable Bride again. Mary will jump out of the shadows at the last moment, alarming John and tipping off Sherlock of the long game. 

But you’re wondering about Mycroft, about the government? No, those players don’t matter. Moriarty had to distract Mycroft and Sherlock in order for Miss Hudson’s pieces to better close in. Too busy solving the bomb under parliament? Mary inched closer. Too busy solving the Mayfly Man? Mary inched closer. Too busy getting to Magnussen? Mary inched closer. 

You want this to be some epic Moriarty/Government showdown? It won’t be. This is about love and revenge. Simple. Pedestrian. Tedious. 

But this is a love story, after all. 

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sherlock vs. mary gunshot wound

okay, i am in no way a gunshot wounds expert, but considering that we have already seen a chest gunshot injury in this show it’s only fair to at least compare them.

both sherlock and mary are hit in the same area, so we could expect the same flow of events, right? well, we don’t have it here. sherlock’s wound is tight and barely bleeding

and as mp molly says

yet, in mary’s case it’s exactly what happens

next, when sherlock got shot he had exactly 3 seconds of consciousness led by shock, mary though was able to talk for a whole minute before passing. i am not saying it doesn’t happen, perhaps it does, but considering the previous evidence and conclusions, it is like “in the movies”.

also, vivian’s reaction is pretty weird. while she was ready to kill, her goal was sherlock, and when the other person gets in the way she doesn’t look surprised nor shocked. she is calm, she says “surprise” and she is….. smiling??

again, i am not gonna draw any conclusions, i am merely comparing two similar experiences, and i just wanna say that in bbc sherlock absolutely nothing is what it seems ;)

“How can I say your name without
Also breathing the words
My god, I found you’"

So basically, I’ve been reading CrushingOnSans’s oneshots on AO3, and now ufxut Sans is my otp

How did Magnussen know everything about Mary’s past life, including everyone she’s ever killed? He read an AGRA flashdrive. Where did he get one of those? From the 4th AGRA agent they didn’t account for in The Six Thatchers. So who is the fourth AGRA agent that is like “family” to Mary, who Magnussen was also blackmailing? Best friend Janine. Who is actually part of Janine’s real brown-haired, brown-eyed Irish family? Moriarty.   

There. Solved it. Perfectly simple. 

“Pershy, we should go get ice cream!”                                                           “But you already had some candy this morning”                         “Pleaaassseeee?”                                                                                     “Fine, alright” 

His little sis has a gap and a lisp when she’s young and yall cant convince me otherwise (also percy is a complete pushover when it comes to her) 

highlights from Episode 1

* My energetic baby
* Sherlock tweeting #221bringit
* It’s never twins
* “I delete any texts that begins Hi”
* Siri going off during the baptism
* Ummm John you have two spouses at home. Stop looking at that woman
* John’s hair is beautiful!!
* Sherlock mouthing to John asking him what Greg’s name was
* Mary helping On the case Via FaceTime
* Sherlock showing more sympathy !!!!! I LIVE
* JOHN put a balloon in his place and Sherlock didn’t even notice
* “Is it too early for a divorce”
* “Well, I like you”
* “At last, a noose for me to put my neck in to” same Sherlock, saaaame
* Mary back at it again with the bullshit™ 🙄
* John u slut
* YALL SAID SHE WOULD DIE!!! Y'all said !!!
* Hello darkness my old friend
* Don’t blame my baby !! D:
* I want to die

I do this for every Episode by the way

Mark: This is the big, secret, emotional climax of the thing. It’s the death of Mary. And we’ve actually annotated the call sheet so it says, “Mary gets cake”! In case it slips out. Cake is now the code for violent death.

Steven: For death! I know, that’s forever, we’re stuck with that.

Behind 221B, The Six Thatchers

Baby Daddy● Dean x Reader●

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Masterlist |Send In A Request

Synopsis: Dean Finds out he has a kid when him, Sam and Marry go to investigate a case.

Request: Dean request? A fluff one. Where the reader and him use to be a thing but she leaves. Dean Sam and Mary go to the case and finds out it was the reader that got injured and dean finds out he has a kid. Can she be 4 . Awkward fluff- Anonymous

A/N: I decided to do this fluff one since I’ve done a lot of angst. Fix your hearts from my angst.

WARNINGS: Fluff, supernatural themes,demons.

“Mummy, can you sing that song?” Alyssa, your four year old daughter asked, as you tucked her into bed.

“Of course sweetie” you cooed, laying down next to her on your side, stroking her hair. Her green eyes looking at you tiredly.

“Hey Jude, don’t make it bad, take a sad song and make it better, remember to let her into your heart, then you can start to make it better, hey Jude, don’t be afraid, you were made to go out and get her, the minute you let her under your skin, then you begin to make it better,And anytime you feel the pain, hey Jude, refrain, don’t carry the world upon your shoulders, for well you know that it’s a fool who plays it cool, by making his world a little colder, nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah” you sang softly, noticing her eyes flutter shut.

“Goodnight my little sweet pea” you whispered, kissing her forehead.

Quietly getting up and walking towards the door. Turning around to look at her sleeping soundly.

You let out a sigh, turning off the light. You shut

She looked so much like Dean.

“Time to clean up” you mumbled, walking down the stairs.

Walking up to the sink, turning the tap on. Grabbing the dishcloth and putting it under the water.

Ringing it out and walking to the table to wipe it.

You started to hum the rest of hey Jude, as you wiped away. You stopped humming Hey Jude, when a loud moan came through the thin walls the separated your townhouse from the other one.

“At least someone is getting lucky” you grunted, as you put the dishcloth back into the sink.

You turned around to see the lights flicker. A loud blood curling scream rang through the room.

“Son of bitch” you cursed, running up the steps and into your room. You quickly grabbed your gun from your dresser. Running back out only for something to wrap around your legs

“Mummy” Alyssa cried, as she hugged you tighter.

“Alyssa, I need you to go to your room okay sweetie and don’t come out until I come back, I’m going to go see if our neighbors are okay” you said, making her nod, she took off running towards her room.

You ran down the stairs and out the door, opening your neighbor’s door.

Your noise wrinkled when the smell of sulfur hit your noise.

“Typical” you grumbled, as you rounded the corner, into the master bedroom.

“Put the knife down” you demanded, raising the gun, making him turn around.

“Oh god” you gasped out, as his eyes turned around his eyes pitch black. His neck cut.

“There’s she is” he chuckled.

“What did you do Jack?” you asked, knowing fully well what he did.

“Jack, Jack is dead, so are these two” he laughed.

“Why?” you asked, putting your finger on the trigger.

“I knew I’d find you, you can hide from Dean but you can’t hide from me” he explained.

“I’m not a hunter anymore” you grumbled, glaring at him as he took a step forward.

“I know that but you are something special to him” he said.

“We’re not to get her anymore” you grumbled, making him raise his hand, pinning you to the wall.

“Hmm, your hiding something, you look more mature, more motherly” the demon hummed, making you gulp.

“Don’t tell me you had his child and ran away with it, oh this gets better and better” he chuckled, banging your head against the wall.

“Leave her out of your little grudge against Dean” you growled, hearing ambulance sirens in the distance.

“See you soon princess” he smirked, expelling himself out of Jacks body.

You let out a gasp, quickly running out of the house and into your own. You drowned out the loud sirens as you took out your phone, scanning through your contacts until you found Sam’s contact. You pressed it, pressing the call button holding it to your ear.

“Please pick up, please” you whispered.

“Hello” Sam answered.

“Sam, I need your help, I think a demons going to kill Alyssa” you whimpered, holding the mobile phone tightly.

“I’m on my way” sam. said.

“Mummy” Alyssa whimpered, making you look at her. You quickly hang up the call, putting your phone in your pocket.

“Alyssa, sweetie” you gasped out.

“I heard you” she said, as you walked up to her, kneeling in front of her.

“Alyssa, let’s get you to bed” you mumbled, picking her up and walking up the stairs.

“You’re bleeding mummy” Alyssa whimpered, as her finger touched your wound.

“I’m fine” you said.

“Are they okay?” she asked, as you gently layed her down on her bed.

“I don’t know” you lied, as tears threatened to fall from your eyes.

“Don’t cry, your too pretty to cry” she said, making you smile.

“Sleep time” you said, pulling the covers over her.

“Can you stay with me?” she asked, giving you puppy dog eyes.

“Of course” you said, laying down next to her.

“If daddy was here he’d protect us” she said, cuddling into your chest.

“Yeah” you mumbled, kissing the top of her head….


“Vancouver aye” Dean said, as he turned the radio down.

“Yep” Sam said.

“So miss fancy pants gets herself into trouble her neighbour, which is an old friend of yours, helped her and now she wants your help, couldn’t see just call the cops” Dean grumbled. Not happy that he had to travel all the way to Vancouver.

“Dean, she sounded in trouble and I just thought maybe it’s what we hunt” Sam lied. He couldn’t tell him the truth.

“How did you meet this friend of yours?” Dean asked, making Sam roll his eyes.

“We just meet” Sam bluntly answered, making Dean and Mary look at each other.

“Is she hot? Is she single?”  Dean asked.

“Dean” Mary warned.

“Dean I don’t think she’s looking for anyone, she’s got a child” Sam grumbled, looking down at his phone.

“Oh, maybe if I save her from this creature, she might give me something in return” Dean smirked, making Sam let out a fake gag.

“You sure you want moan (y/n)’s name or think about (y/n)” Sam said, making Dean glare at him through the rear view mirror.

“Who’s (y/n)?” Mary asked, making Dean grip the steering wheel tight.

“Just this girl I used to know” Dean grumbled.

“A girl that broke his heart, he was so in love with her, that he was so whipped” Sam said, making Mary smile.

“I did not, I’m not whipped over her” Dean grumbled.

“Why did she leave?” Mary asked.

“Don’t know, I’ll ask her the next time I see her, if that’s even possible, she went off the grid” Dean grumbled.

“Maybe she had her reason, wanted a normal life” Mary said.

“Normal, she grow up in a family of hunters” Dean laughed.

The rest of the carried was filled with silence.

“Dean, be cool” Sam said, as they hoped out of the car, walking up the pathway that led to your door.

“You be cool” Dean grumbled.

“I’m serious Dean” Sam grumbled.

“So am I” Dean shot back.

“Okay, boys that enough” Mary, stopping their bickering.

Her hand knocked on the door.

“He started it” Dean whined, as Mary knocked on the door.

The door opened, making Deans eyes widen in shock.

“Hey” you greeted, avoiding eye contact with Dean.

“(y/n)” Dean stuttered, making you avert your gaze to sam.

“I’m guessing this is the (y/n) that hurt you” Mary assumed.

“Is Alyssa alright?” Sam asked, as he wrapped his arms around you.

“Yeah, she’s just in lounge room, watching some cartoon” you said.

“Alyssa, who’s that, your life partner?” Dean bitterly asked. As Sam let go of you.

“No my daughter” you grumbled, glaring at him.

“Oh right, of course, you’re probably settled down” Dean grumbled, as Mary and Sam awkwardly looked back and forth between you too.

“No, anyways come in” you sighed, opening the door wide.

“It’s Homey” Dean commented, making you roll your eyes.

“It’s a demon, I saw it with my own two eyes, it’s after me and Alyssa” You explained.

“Should of ganked it then, save us the trip” Dean grumbled.

“Do you have to be a dickhead to me” you grumbled.

“Yeah, you left me and went to have a kid” Dean snapped.

“For Christ shakes Dean, Alyssa is your daughter” you snapped, making Dean’s eyes widen.

“What?” Dean gasped out, as he looked at you.

“I didn’t leave you because I wasn’t in love with you, I left you because I was pregnant with our daughter’ you confessed, making Dean go pale.

“I-I have a daughter and you didn’t tell me” Dean shouted, starting to get angry with you. How dare you kept this from him.

“Come on Dean, do you really think raising a child in motel rooms is the ideal childhood, she needs a stable home Dean, away from demons and creatures” you grumbled.

“That’s working well for you isn’t it, a demon found you” Dean growled.

“Shut up Dean, I wouldn’t have called you if it didn’t put our daughter in danger” you shouted.

Making Sam and Mary let out an awkward cough.

“I can’t be in the same room with you right now, I can’t believe you had our daughter and didn’t tell me” Dean grumbled, walking past you and out the door.

“I’ll go talk to him” Sam said, as he walked past you to follow Dean.

“Thanks” you mumbled, looking at Mary, as she gave you an apologetic smile.

“I’m sorry, I’m (y/n)” you introduced yourself.

“Mary, Dean and Sam’s mums” Mary said.

“Yeah, Sam told me how you came back, um, do you want a tea or coffee?” you asked, as both of you’s walked into the kitchen.

“Tea, will do” Mary said, as she looked at your daughter looking intently at the screen.

“It’s not your fault (y/n) that you wanted a normal life for Alyssa, Dean understands that” Mary said, as you put two teabags in two cups.

“I should have told him” you mumbled, looking up at her.

“Should of told who what?” Alyssa asked, making you look at her. Her head poking, her green eyes looking curious at you and Mary.

Mary smiled at her, making her shyly look away.

“Um, I just forgot to tell the police this morning how well we knew them” you lied, she gave you a wary look then looked at Mary.

“Who are you?” she asked, in a small voice, her green eyes widen in fear.

“Mary” Mary said, smiling at her.

“Oh” Alyssa mumbled, as she looked back at the TV screen.


“There you are” Sam sighed, as he sat on the bar stool next to Dean.

“I can’t believe she didn’t tell she had my daughter” Dean grumbled, as he drank the whiskey.

“Dean” Sam sighed, as Dean put his glass down, signalling to the bar tender to fill it up.

“I deserved to know” Dean grumbled. As the bar tender looked at sam. Sam shook his head no making the bar tender go away.

“She did tell me” Sam said, making Dean look at him.

“And you didn’t tell me, your not even the father” Dean grumbled, running his hand down his face.

“Dean, she is the mother of your child, give her a break” Sam said.

“She left me and took our child, my little girl could have grown up without knowing her dad” Dean ranted, making Sam roll his eyes.

“Dean just talk to her, try and fix this, and maybe if you’re lucky you’s two can rekindle your relationship” Sam said, standing up.

“Fine, let’s go” Dean grumbled, throwing a bill, standing up.


Dean and Sam walked through the door, making you look up, from stirring the pasta.

“Uncle Sammy” Alyssa squealed, as she rang up to him, wrapping her tiny arms around his legs.

“Hey Alyssa, this is Dean, my brother” Sam said, kneeling down. She let out a giggle as she looked at Dean.

“Are you my uncle too?” she asked, looking at him in awe.

Dean gulped as her green eyes stared at him intently.

“Um” Dean mumbled, looking at you, then back at Alyssa.

“Alyssa honey, why don’t you show Dean and Sam to the guest room, so they know where they are sleeping” you said.

“Yay, sleepover” she squealed, grabbing their hands and dragging them up the stairs.

“It’s right next to my room” she said, as she opened the door. She turned around towards them smiling at them.

“We have the same eyes and same hair colour” Alyssa noted, as she looked at Dean.

“Must be magic” Dean said, making her giggle.

“My mummy said my daddy saves lives and that’s why his not around a lot I want to meet him one day” Alyssa mumbled, a frowning.

Dean’s heart beat faster at what Alyssa said.

“Hey” you said, walking into the room, making Alyssa’s smile.

“Foods ready” you said.

“Can Dean give me a piggy back ride?” she asked, giving you puppy dog eyes.

“Ask him” you said, looking at Dean.

“Please Dean” she begged, giving him puppy dog eyes.

“With those eyes it hard to say no” Dean said, making her smile.


“Don’t do that Dean” you grumbled, as you put the clean dishes away.

“Mum is asleep and Sam, I put Alyssa to sleep, you know I had to sing Hey Jude to her” Dean smirked, as you turned around towards him.

“Yeah, it’s the only song that will get her to go to sleep. Plus I think she likes you” you said, as you moved past him, only for him to grab your arm and turn you around to face him.

“I’m sorry about this afternoon” Dean apologised, his hand cupping your cheek.

“It’s okay, I understand” you mumbled, averting your eyes to the ground. Only for Dean to tilt your chin up.

“She told me that you told her that her daddy saved lives” Dean said, making your breathing get heavier.

“Yeah, she asked and I just-I” you stuttered.

“Sh” Dean hushed, as his lips pressed against yours softly.

You wrapped your arms around his neck.

“How cute” Alyssa sneered, making you and Dean pull apart.

“Honey” you gasped out, as she smirked, her eyes turning black.

“Son of a bitch” you and Dean cursed, Dean pulled you behind him.

“Oh Dean, I’ve dreamed about this for a long time” she sneered, raising her hand and pinning him against the ceiling.

“Alyssa sweetie” you gasped out, as the demon walked closer to you, pinning you against the floor.

The lights flickered, as Alyssa towered above you, eyes black.

“No” you cried, as a knife plunged into your abdomen.

“You let her go you sick bastard, let the both of them go” Dean growled, from the ceiling.

“Shut up you whore, you know (y/n) for a mother you should of protected her from demons but of course you’re a bad mother just like your mother when you were little

“Please just” you begged, making the demon laugh. It hurt you to listen to Alyssa’s laugh, even though it wasn’t hers.

“I told you I’d kill you and dean is going to watch your precious creation kill his love” the demon snarled.

“Hey” Sam shouted, making the demon glare at him and Mary.

“Oh more” the demon smirked.

“Come get me” Sam shouted.

Making the demon step forward, it tried to move but couldn’t.

“Devils trap” you mumbled.

Making it growl.

Sam quickly took out

Dean fell beside you, letting out a groan.

“You okay?” you asked.

“Peachy” Dean grumbled.

He turned towards you his eyes widen at your wound.

“(Y/n), whoa hey” Dean mumbled.

“Please look after her if I die” you whispered.

“You’re not going to die” Dean said, making you smile at him weakly.

“Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas omnis incursio infernalis adversarii. Omnis legio! Omnis con…potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii. Omnis legio! Omnis congregatio et secta diabolica! Ergo, Draco maledicte et omnis……legio diabolica, adiuramus te! Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii. Omnis legio! Omnis congregatio et secta diabolica! Ergo, Draco maledicte et omnis legio diabolica, adiuramus te!” sam yelled,black smoke escaping.

Mary quickly caught Alyssa before she hit the ground.

Your eyes flutter shut making Dean panic.


“Alyssa awake Dean” Sam said, making Dean look up. Dean gave Alyssa a weak smile, as she walked into the room that you were in.

“I hurt mummy” she sobbed, as she stood next to Dean.

“It wasn’t you” Dean said, tucking a lose piece of hair behind her ear.

“He, the guy he said that you were my farther”

“Yeah, I’m your dad” Dean said.

“I want my mummy” she cried.

“Hey, sh, it’s okay, come here cutie” Dean sighed, as Alyssa wrapped.

“I’m sorry daddy, I hurt mummy” she cried, as Dean kissed the side of her head.

“You’s two are so cute” you weakly said, making them look at you.

“Mummy, I am so sorry” she cried, as she climbed on the bed, Dean helping her.

“Hey sweetie pie” you cooed, as she wrapped her arms around you, resting her head against your chest.

“Hey” you said, as Dean’s hand stroked your cheek.

“Hey” Dean cooed.

“I think me and Alyssa should live with you and Uncle Sam” you said.

“Like a family?” she asked, her eyes lighting up with happiness, as she looked at you then Dean.

“Yeah” you said, smiling at Dean.

“Are you sure?” Dean asked, making you nod.

“What about you cutie?” Dean asked, making you blush.

“Yes” she answered, as you moved over to make room for Dean.

He wrapped his arm around you and Alyssa cuddling into your side.

“I love you’s both, so much” Dean whispered, kissing your temple.

“We love you too” you mumbled, turning your head to look at him.

Deans lips touching yours softly…

Sorry if this sucked. But part two of Run and Hide is coming out tomorrow..

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In the case of Marie Scott - a white mob of at least a dozen white males, took 17 year old Marie Scott from jail, threw a rope over her head as she screamed & hung her from a telephone pole in Wagoner County, OK. A ew days earlier, 2 drunken white men broke Into her home as she was dressing. They locked themselves in her room & raped her. Her brother hearingher screams for help, kicked down the door, killed 1 guy & ran.. Supposedly, he was stabbed. They couldn’t get to her brother so they lynched her instead.

#NeverForget #MarieScott

if john WAS cheating

there’s little evidence to suggest it went beyond texting and regardless, i read the circumstances as: a) he was isolated completely from the woman he married and clearly was never able to get over being tricked into marrying her as well as living through sherlock’s death all over again at her own hand; and b) he felt isolated completely from sherlock, who appeared to be doing his level best to at once leave john and mary alone to be the Happy Watsons™, and include mary in their cases in a misguided attempt to make shit better for everyone. so. THIS IS NO EXCUSE BUT the minute someone looks at him like he’s Worth Something, it felt like being thrown a life preserver after drowning in a sea of loneliness and insecurity.

and i know, the appropriate thing for john to have done was to tell mary he couldn’t forgive her and it wasn’t going to be ok, but that’s just not who john watson as a person is. he wants to do the Proper Thing™ theoretically, and once he finds himself in situations that he deems inescapably depressing, he flails about wildly for some kind of emotional release associated with danger/excitement rather than face his problems. avoidant john was avoidant, once again. not a Good Guy™ move, but not ooc

Hey, also, that clip is meant to make any low-key viewer laugh and look forward to the season’s wacky adventures, and any high-key viewer feel how wrong that is, and how out-of-character, and try to figure out how that could fit with what we know of them and what’s happened already, which is: John is the one Sherlock talks to on cases even when he’s not there. John is his pressure point, his damsel in distress, his conductor of light, the one who saved him, the one interesting thing in every case. Mary is the one who shot Sherlock.

We’re not meant to trust this. We’re meant to doubt it.

Because I’m obsessed with John’s emotional arc now:

How do you come back from this? You set John up to be kind of an arsehole, emotionally distant, a bit floundering - obviously he’s unhappy and he’s suffering! He is. But on the surface he looks terrible. Cheating on his wife, distant from his friend…then he blames Sherlock for Mary’s decision to jump in front of a gun? He didn’t see that actually happen, of course, he came in too late. He rejects Sherlock’s attempt at comfort by resisting his outstretched hand and then raging at him.

I get it. It makes sense - so much sense - for John’s emotional life at this point. Hating the wife+baby life in a way he can’t quite put his finger on: Mary comes along to cases! He loves his baby! They figure it out and life goes on but there’s something about it that is just killing him. He catches someone’s eye on a bus, fixes his hair. He wants to feel wanted - and he isn’t, not by Sherlock, who seemingly favours Mary at this point, and not by Mary, who’s lied to him from the start. He’s snarky in his usual way toward Sherlock but we don’t see that paired with deep-seated affection as we have in the past - we get teasing and jabs (all in good fun!) but he’s isolating Sherlock from himself. It’s a defence mechanism. Sherlock apparently hasn’t deduced - or made the effort to see, so he thinks - what’s really going on with John. Instead, Mary and Sherlock are best buddies, and John’s left sorting out child care.

He’s resentful and doesn’t want to be. He feels distant and bored and guilty, and he’s mad at himself, but he can’t bring himself to tell Mary the truth either time when he makes the half-arsed effort to begin - not when Sherlock’s summoned them via text and not when they’re standing face to face in Morocco talking about lies. Mary’s made him out to be a moral hero, perfect, loyal, and handy - and he’s not any of those things, he thinks. He knows he isn’t. Obviously Sherlock doesn’t view him that way either. Sherlock doesn’t feel any things, any way, he thinks. Look at his disregard for being godfather! [Never mind the fact he’s working like a fiend on his phone because ‘work is the best antidote for sorrow’…]

John has lost the depths of himself - who he thought he was, who he thought he wanted to be. So now, left with his dead wife in his arms, John forces that anger and regret onto Sherlock. He pushes it away at the person whom he knows to be fallible. His own fallibility is too tender - he can’t resist shoving it away. We know he thinks things that are not his fault are his fault (HLV) and he knows, in some way, the air wasn’t cleared with Mary. He also knows the air hasn’t been cleared with Sherlock.


What will bring him round?

Imagine Neil as a strictly functional multilinguist tho.

Anyone who’s had to learn a language for a specific purpose will know: you don’t become fluent. You just become really good at certain bits of it and faking the rest.

Consider a Neil who can rattle out all the memorised backstory in French and German that Mary gave him in case a stranger asks. Oh yes, we’re here to visit my aunt so-and-so, my mother is from here-and-there, my name’s Chris, etc etc.

Neil who picks up the basic meaning of things and missing the details. So-and-so found somethingsomething at the shop today. They called the someoneprobablyimportant!!

Neil who is great at inane small talk. Isn’t the weather great? The buses are always late. Did you see the news today?

Neil who gets away with not contributing much by making language-appropriate slang fillers during conversations. Ähhm, and euh. Yeah, yeah, ja. Is that so, hein? J'sais pas.

Neil not understanding a word of a conversation but making eye contact and reading people’s posture and tone and laughing along with people or gasping when they look shocked.

And most importantly, Neil, when asked a basic question outside of his normal skillset, understanding completely what he was asked, but also completely unable to string together a proper sentence: I am… favourite… red??