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“How can I say your name without
Also breathing the words
My god, I found you’"

So basically, I’ve been reading CrushingOnSans’s oneshots on AO3, and now ufxut Sans is my otp

marinette is the kind of person who could accidentally drink a whole glass of dirty paint water and not notice

real talk people want so badly to believe that jopseh just has internalized homophobia and that hes only staying with his wife to hide his sexuality when there are multiple people aware that he’s bisexual (robert, mary, and probably more).

joseph lied to you when he got you to sleep with him on his yacht. he told you that he and mary were through which we know wasnt the case because mary was suspicious of you hanging out with her husband when you walk her home from the bar on josephs route. the entire route, he is manipulating your character into believing that he and his wife have issues for just the reason of them not working well together when in reality she’s developed depression and resorted to alcoholism because he is consistently cheating on her with other people. we don’t even know if its exclusively men.

we just know that he’s been doing this for a long time; pampering people and treating them special so he can get into bed with them once and never talk to them again. he tries to make it seem like robert sleeps around like its no big deal all the time and while you do have the option to sleep with robert on the first night, he makes sure you’re okay with it and if you do he doesnt contact you, again. why? because he doesnt like drunken one-night-stands. he was expecting for you to show some kind of interest in sticking around with him when he told you to leave but we didn’t get any dialogue options for it so he just assumes that you were there just for the one-nighter.

and this probably have something to do with joseph cheating on his wife with robert after pampering him and treating him with way too much kindness. hell, he even let robert wear the blue sweater that joseph always has around his neck, that was the sweater referenced in the old picture with all the dads. joseph was manipulating robert, making it seem like it wasnt his fault that his relationship with his wife was bad. and then? he takes him to his yacht and fucks him under the guise that him and his wife are through.

thats why robert, after you do two dates with him, shows up at the beginning of josephs third date to try and warn you. he doesnt want you to get hurt like he has, but robert definitely has some trouble being verbal and explaining what he means and lets his anger get the best of him. they want you to think the marriage troubles are all mary’s fault until you start getting to know mary through the other routes. shes a good woman who has never once outright cheated on joseph. she flirts and drinks to cope with his infidelity.

the way joseph acts from the getgo is some pretty shady behavior so i personally wasnt really surprised to find out how much of a dick he really is. what surprised me is that the writers wrote a very real kind of person into this ‘lighthearted’ dating simulator. josephs abusive and manipulative behavior is an incredibly real thing that happens every day, this game is trying to show you how to identify it before it gets too far or you do something you regret.

theyre not saying ‘gay/bisexual men are unfaithful!’ or ‘christians are going to hurt and abuse you!’ theyre saying ‘some people actually do this and theyre abusive as hell if youre in this situation or feel someone might be trying to do this to you, get out’

mary doesnt leave him for reasons that were never written into the story. probably because she doesnt want to put her kids through a divorce so early in their lives.

basically joseph being an abusive and manipulative partner has nothing to do with his sexuality or religion. he’s just written to be an absolute cock.

The Arrangement (Part 10: The Gala)

Summary: The gala finally arrives, and Dean is absolutely floored by your dress. An interaction with Samuel leaves Dean fuming, but you calm him down. Dean finally admits his feelings.

Pairing: AU!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3,300 (hold onto your hats kids it’s a long one)

Warnings: Language, sexual tension, anxiety, mild smuttiness

A/N: It’s here it’s here it’s here it’s here the gala is finally HERE I’m so excited for you guys to read this part!!! It’s long, so settle in! This part is inspired by the song In Case You Didn’t Know, by Brett Young (ohmygod now I’m so nervous to post this aaaaahhhhh)

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Get your facts straight.

Hyde (from “The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) and Adam (The creature, from Frankenstein) weren’t described as ugly by their authors, they were just uncomfortable to look at.



Lil’ Miss Murder

Lisa Marie Kimmell (18) was on a road trip from Colorado to Montana to visit her boyfriend and parents. She left on March 25, 1988, but never made it to her destiny. The last confirmed sighting of her was at 9:08 pm of the same day she left, when a state tropper issued her a ticket for speeding in Wyoming.

On April 2, a fisherman found Lisa’s body in a river. She’d been raped, stabbed multiple times and had been dealt a fatal blow on the head. At the time, police said that there was something distinctive about the stab wounds that led them to believe Lisa had been tortured; it was later revealed that they formed a circle around her chest.

Because the body had been in cold water, it was hard to determine how long she’d been dead. Police thought she had been killed shortly after going missing. Later they would learn they had been wrong about that.

Lisa drove a Honda with the very distinctive plate LIL MISS, and that’s why her case eventually got named Lil’ Miss Murder. Several witness claimed to have seen that car driving around after Lisa went missing, but authorities could never corroborate the sightings.

The case went unsolved for over a decade, until in 2002 the DNA that had been collected at the crime scene produced a match. The suspect was Dale Wayne Eaton, who at the time was in prison for kidnapping and possession of a gun. Police found Lisa’s car buried in Eaton’s property, and with such clear evidence he was charged for her rape, kidnapping and murder.

Eaton ended up admitting to the murder and revealed he had kept Lisa alive for six days before killing her. During his trial, a handwriting expert testified that a note that had been left at Lisa’s grave six months after her death was written by Eaton. The note read: Lisa –There are'nt (sic) words to say how much you’re missed the pain never leaves it’s so hard without you you’ll always be alive in me. Your death is my painful loss but Heaven’s sweet gain. Love always, Stringfellow Hawke. Eaton denied writing it.

He was found guilty and sentenced to death. He was the only man in death row in Wyoming, but in 2014 it was overturned because a judge considered that his defenders hadn’t done an adequate job during his sentencing phase. Prosecution could still file to have the death penalty reinstated, but with pending claims in court it doesn’t seem like they will, and Eaton might just stay with life without parole.

Eaton has been described by the FBI as someone with a personality consistent with the one of a serial killer, and is a person of interest in the unsolved Great Basin murders, that happened between 1983 and 1997 and left nine victims.

ok but andrew as a person of color would make so much more sense? like people of color who are mentally ill face more issues with getting the medication and therapy they need because most communities have a stigma against mental health and being treated for it? and it makes more sense as to why his manic episodes went ignored since the governemnt is racially biased and just assumed he was being agressive and that it wasnt anything to apprehend because people of color are already viewed as agressive and dangerous but that’s just my two cents


A Tragic Summer

In 1974, Jacksonville, Florida, was shaken by the disappearance of five girls in a period of three months. Police considered the cases weren’t related because the abductions happened in different parts of the city, but they all have in common that they remain unsolved.

The first victim was Jean Marie Schoen (first picture, held by her mother). She was only 9 years old when she went missing on July 21, after she left her house to head to a food store two blocks away.

Then came the Anderson sisters, Lillian Annette (11) and Mylette (6). On August 1, their mother had to leave them alone at the house to go take care of a sick relative. She left around 6 pm and called an hour later to check on the girls, and they were home safely at the time. But when their father arrived, 20 minutes later, they were nowhere to be found.

On September 27, 12 year old Virginia Helm (second picture) vanished after going to a convenience store a block away from her home. Her body was found a month later, buried in a shallow grave. She had been shot in the head, and reports at the time say that an initial examination didn’t show signs of sexual assault, although I’m uncertain if that changed after the proper autopsy. As a side trivia, the detective that investigated this case was Lester Permenter, whose daughter almost became a victim of Ted Bundy. The serial killer tried to pick her up, but she was saved by her brother, who found the man odd and wrote down his license plate. A day after, Bundy murdered Kimberly Leach, his last victim.

The last missing girl was Rebecca Ann Greene (12, third picture), who disappeared the morning of October 12, after going to a store. Her remains were found three years later, and by that time it was impossible to determine how she died.

Of all these cases, only the Anderson sister’s has a known suspect. Authorities think it’s likely they were taken by serial killer Paul John Knowles, who had escaped from jail 6 days before the girls went missing. After Knowles was killed while trying to escape authorities in Georgia, on December 1974, police found some tape recordings in which he confessed to the murder of two girls that matched Lillian and Mylette’s descriptions. Although in them he gave a location where he’d left their bodies, a search of that area turned up nothing. And because there were no bodies and Knowles was dead, there will always be some uncertainty about the resolution of this story.


sorry for my inactivity, my computer is starting to acting up (*sigh* potato computer) and i don’t know why lol, anyway, this is my take on sherry. i’m sorry if i only do fanart. lately, i kinda don’t know what to draw. maybe because of not drawing for 1 week? (my computer is having blue screen at that time) 

The Final Problem: The Message from Miss Hudson to Mycroft Holmes, 1996

Twenty years ago, Sherlock Holmes spent the summer in America. While he was there a grisly double-murder caused the local law enforcement great trouble. They couldn’t convict the man – he was about to walk free.  This was, of course, until Sherlock Holmes offered his deductions and testified in court. Frank Hudson, ruthless criminal, philanderer, and drug dealer, was sentenced to death.  His wife, Martha Hudson, with whom he had no children, was relieved to finally spring free from his dangerous web. However, there was one person Sherlock did not mean to cross – Frank Hudson’s daughter from another woman. This woman vowed from that day on, if ever Sherlock Holmes were to fall in love, that she would be there to take that all away from him, to take what he took from her. She, from wealth and power funded from that cartel until Sherlock left her “penniless and abandoned” (TAB), sent a message to Mycroft Holmes. The message read as follows:

“From this moment on, Sherlock Holmes has made an enemy of me. I will be in your orbit for the rest of my life. I will take from him what he took from me. You will alert me as soon as he falls in love. The code word is "Love”. Once I hear the word, I will abandon my work to start anew. If you do not do exactly as I say, millions of British citizens will die. I have consulted James Moriarty, to keep an eye on your brother until I am notified. He is a fan of his work and will be watching every online blog, every news outlet for information on his well-being. If I find out Sherlock has fallen in love from him and not from you, millions of people will die.”

I present to you Miss Morstan, who suffered greatly at the loss of her father in The Sign of Four by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. In this version, she is Miss Hudson.

There is a letter game running through BBC Sherlock. Thank you @teaandforeshadowing for pointing me to this official Sherlock Youtube channel clue.

Miss Hudson, who has reached out to various people in her attempt to take down Sherlock Holmes, has her minions coded in vowels. AEIOUY – These represent four people in her web. Let’s start with “A”:

This is Janine Hawkins. Her last name changed to “Donlevy” in The Abominable Bride. Keep in mind she is one of the monstrous regiment Mary leads Sherlock to in the crypt. 

“Donlevy” is a callback to Laurie King’s Novel “The Beekeeper’s Apprentice” where Sherlock Holmes solves a mystery at Sussex Downs involving Patricia Donleavy, Moriarty’s relation. 

It is important to note that Janine’s last name is missing the “A” – just like the newspaper clipping Sherlock saw floating past his head in The Abominable Bride. The clip read “Body of Sea Captin Found in Chapel”. Again, missing the “A”. Arwel Jones, the television show’s production designer sent cryptic tweets with the letter “A” mysteriously capitalized in the middle of a word. This is because they’re playing a letter game. 

This is “E”:

Mary Morstan found out about her and “Redbeard” when she threatened Magnussen at CAM Tower. She wasn’t there just to kill him. She wanted more. 

This is I, O, and U:

Here you can hear Sherlock saying “IOU” to himself and Molly enters the shot. She asks him about it. He doesn’t answer. Keep in mind Molly – along with Janine – was one of the women who haunted Sir Eustace in The Abominable Bride. She was the one who killed him, actually. I think she’ll be used more against her will in episode 3, but it’s important to note she will be manipulated in the grand, villainous scheme. 

And, last but not least, we have “Y”:

See the “Y” in blood on his lips? Yep. He’s the consulting criminal that’s helped make this all a reality. He’ll be back in The Final Problem to ask Sherlock “Is this silly enough for you yet? Gothic enough?” – but these questions will be to the audience, as well, seeing series four has been very, very wonky so far. Too dramatic. That’s because we’re rewatching “The Abominable Bride”. He’ll tell Sherlock “It’s not real”. This should be the moment we become grounded in reality – or at least right after. At this moment we’ll be told just why this whole series has been so hard to follow. Patience, patience, everyone. We’re not even to the good part yet. 

Do you know why “Staying Alive” was always a problem for Moriarty? Because it was in his contract to not kill Sherlock even though it would be fun. Miss Hudson never allowed for that. 

Why do you think Mrs. Hudson gave Sherlock a “special deal”? Mycroft, who’s been aware of this impending problem for years, asked her to “look after him…. please”. She has always been a mirror for John – knowing this it’s easy to see Mycroft went to her, too. Mycroft has been playing chess, putting his pieces in position without anyone knowing.

He tried everything he could to make sure Sherlock never fell in love. It was for everyone’s good. Caring is not an advantage. 

Mycroft upgrades their surveillance status immediately as this happens:

And then he gave the codeword “Love” to Miss Hudson to let her know the game is on, so she dropped everything, betrayed her group, and left. 

In The Final Problem we’ll see “Mary” still alive, Moriarty back from the “dead”, our wonky perception disappear, and a monstrous regiment of women (AEIOU) wait to take Sherlock down. Remember, we’re watching The Abominable Bride again. Mary will jump out of the shadows at the last moment, alarming John and tipping off Sherlock of the long game. 

But you’re wondering about Mycroft, about the government? No, those players don’t matter. Moriarty had to distract Mycroft and Sherlock in order for Miss Hudson’s pieces to better close in. Too busy solving the bomb under parliament? Mary inched closer. Too busy solving the Mayfly Man? Mary inched closer. Too busy getting to Magnussen? Mary inched closer. 

You want this to be some epic Moriarty/Government showdown? It won’t be. This is about love and revenge. Simple. Pedestrian. Tedious. 

But this is a love story, after all. 

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