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The Page 47 Weekly Top Ten

On Sunday, Page 47 brings you the Top Ten celebrities on our minds over the past week.

10. Oona Chaplin - Radiant.

9. Ariane Labed - Kick-ass medieval assassin.

8. Michelle H. Lin - Kick-ass modern-day assassin.

7. Jessica Camacho - We’d happily spend One-One-One Day with her!

6. Ingrid Michaelson - Singing voice of Mother Earth,

5. Catherine Bell - Return of the Good Witch!

4. Kelly Marie Tran - Excited to be in a galaxy far, far away.

3. Shay Mitchell - Eternal Goddess.

2. Lesley-Ann Brandt - We just learned that our favorite TV demon did a classic pin-up style photo shoot—Joy!

1. Kristen Bell - Number one for the week, month, yeah, decade, century, millennium…

Marie: You can do this, Hank. Come on. It’s supposed to hurt. Pain is weakness leaving your body.
Hank: Pain is my foot in your ass, Marie.
Marie: Hey, if you could get your leg up that high, I say go for it.
—  Breaking Bad: Marie Schrader and Hank Schrader - 03x11 Abiquiu

Better Call Saul Insider for 1x07: As many of you already know, Betsy Kettleman is a shout-out to Betsy Brandt, who played Marie on Breaking Bad. To that point, Vince and the gang had a good time discussing the possibility of Marie on Breaking Bad and Betsy Kettleman hanging out.

Julie Ann Emery: [Can you imagine Marie and Betsy Kettleman together?] “They’d be shoplifting at Prada and selling it out of the back of the car.”
Peter Gould: “They live in the same world. Anything is possible.”
Gilligan: “Marie would do the shoplifting, and Betsy would say, ‘I think that sales assistant saw you. I think we’ll have to murder them.‘”

– All The Incredibly Neat Details You Might Have Missed In This Week’s ‘Better Call Saul’ by Dustin Rowles

62 Thing you didn’t know about BrBa (one for each episode)  

04 - Cancer Man Ep 1x04

During a backyard dinner with the family, Walt tells Walt Jr., Hank, and Marie, for the first time, that he has lung cancer. “It’s bad,” he tells them. The title of the episode has a double meaning, though; it’s also an ode to “the Smoking Man,” aka “the Cigarette-Smoking Man,” aka “CSM,” aka “C-Man,” aka “Cancer Man,” a villain on “The X-Files,” the Fox drama on which Gilligan was a writer and producer. That show was where Gilligan first worked with Bryan Cranston, an “X-Files” guest star, and vowed to work with him again.


Dean Norris answers my question: What was it like working with Betsy Brandt?

Oh, man. I- She’s so funny in real life, all the time, on set, and so that was great. But to- Just something about her… and just, like, immediately we kinda hit it off. I just felt so safe and comfortable with her and we had so many scenes where that was important. You know, um, like, she’s wiping my butt, you know. Um, cleaning my whatever, you know. But a lot of other ones. And it was so, so - everybody on that show - but really, since I had so many scenes particularly with her, it was so comforting to know any time I was gonna come in or we were gonna come in and do a scene, that it was her I was looking at, you know what I’m saying? Her across the- you know, like- her across from things… A person I really, really loved and respected in real life. I’ll always- I miss her all the time and I’ll always, um… I’ll always miss her. Not only as a person I don’t see - I see her, you know, in real life - but… always miss getting to do stuff with her.


Dean: It’s really been nice to have you… as— as the person to get to do that stuff with.
Betsy: I always tell Dean that it is my privilege and my honor to play his television wife.