marie boone

Made another bunch of Mini Scream Queens ‘cause two series wasn’t enough ! Didn’t forget Shondell this time ! I wanna make more outfits, so send me pics, I’ll choose some ! 

I used : Promarkers, colour pencils, Poscas + Photoshop


Who is Jennifer?

Red never calls Jennifer by anything other than her name.  Naomi only refers to Jennifer as HER daughter, never their daughter.  The only person that says Jennifer is Red’s daughter is Liz.  Is Jennifer Red’s stepdaughter?  I can’t imagine that he would be so unemotional about his daughter.

Moth of Inspiration

Alive, without inspiration.
For days I listen to the ringing
That resonates within my skull.
No thoughts worth the mention
Worthless thoughts overall,
Stuck in the perpetual patterns
Of the system’s dazed days
Is this living I ask?
Where is the more delicate way?

A moth gracefully blossoms
From the mist
And settles on my brow.
Sweet melodies are whispered
To my echoing brain.
He flutters the fog away
Unveiling the ideas
That were once encased.
Hidden in the knotted neurons,
The celestial landscapes emerge
To my delight.
So reverberating are these thoughts.
So lovely are these conversations.
I’m alone without you,
Little moth of inspiration,
Please don’t fall away.

I know I left you,

but just for a while
I know I left, with all your smiles
But California is where I need to go
The west coast is where the sun is known.
Don’t forget me when I am dead from bud
You know where I’ll wonder when my mind is long fed.
Wondering where your mind is wondering.
I know I left you in the dust bowl lands
But believe me, it was harder than I said.