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I was tagged by @bellamynochillblake to post my top 10 list of the hottest actors/characters on The 100. Tbh they’re all hot and making this list gonna be impossible but let’s go.

  1. Marie Avgeropoulos // Octavia Blake - Ok, so I know everyone else is saying Bellamy is their pick but Marie is so hot and assassin Octavia is even hotter, like god.
  2. Bob Morley // Bellamy Blake - The Blakes must have some wonderful DNA.
  3. Lindsey Morgan // Raven Reyes
  4. Ricky Whittle // Lincoln
  5. Henry Ian Cusick // Marcus Kane
  6. Eliza Taylor // Clarke Griffin
  7. Jarod Joseph // Nathan Miller
  8. Paige Turco // Abby Griffin
  9. Richard Harmon // John Murphy
  10. Chesley Reist // Harper Mcintrye

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I was tagged by @heda-reyes to list my top ten hottest actors/characters on the 100. Which, like,,,,this cast is so attractive how

1. Bellamy Blake/Bob Morley – dear lord these two keep me awake at night it’s not even fair was there even another option for my first place
2. Raven Reyes/Lindsey Morgan – I think I died the first time I saw Lindsey working out
3. Clarke Griffin/Eliza Taylor – Good Earth Cleavage™
4. Luna/Nadia Hilker - goddess of the sea
5. Lincoln/Ricky Whittle – whoooooo boy this man
6. Octavia Blake/Marie Avgeropoulos – the jawline doesn’t lie
7. Emori/Luisa D'Oliveira - her smile keeps me alive tbh
8. Chelsey Reist/Harper McIntyre - have you seen how ripped she is tho
9. Jarod Joseph/Nathan Miller - i didn’t think it could get better after the beanie but it did
10. Christopher Larkin/Monty Green - I deserve more of him honestly

ETC ETC HONESTLY THIS CAST IS H O T. And also wonderful people like wow how blessed we are

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Why You Guys Need to Stop Boycotting The 100

Time for a rant:
First off let me say I’m a clexa shipper, so I went through the same thing you guys did when Lexa died. But what I’m about to rant about is more serious than any fictional ship.
Okay, for all of you people who’re not watching The 100 anymore because you’re upset, that’s fine! It’s completely okay to stop watching a show you no longer like. But to you shits who’re actively trying to get The 100 cancelled and boycotting it, stop. Seriously, you guys may think that you’re doing the right thing and trying to stop queer bating but you’re destroying tons of innocent people’s livelihood. You’re trying to cancel a show that’s queer bated, which it bad, but that was a decision that was made by a few. You’re taking away the jobs of tons of people for instance, Eliza Taylor, Lindsey Morgan, Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropoulos, Devon Bostick, Henry Ian Custick, Richard Harmon, Paige Turco, Chris Larkin, Isaiah Washington, Zach McGowan, cinematographer, floor manager, graphics coordinator, stage manager, makeup artists, production manager, technical directors, stunt coordinators, video control operator, composer, colorist, editors, foley artist, costume designer, location manager, production and set designer, etc. Should I go on? And I know what you guys are saying, that they’ll be better off working on something that’s not the show, but not if the show gets cancelled! They’re way less likely to get hired (maybe even ever again) if the show gets cancelled, it looks bad for them. Name one successful actor from a failed tv show. Hmmm, don’t really know anyone do you? And then think about some minor workers on the set who might not even get a job ever again if The 100 gets cancelled. All because you guys had to have a fit and demand the show gets cancelled, stop being a baby and realize that people have jobs and aren’t as privileged to have everything handed to them, they work, and you’re taking away the work from them. It’s as simple as that. Yes, I get you’re upset about Lexa but please look at the bigger picture. So next time I hear someone trying to boycott The 100, you better be ready for me setting a fire in your ass.

“Who we are and who we need to be to survive are very different things.”

In honor of the season 4 premiere of The 100! Bellamy always has the coolest outfits.


These last few days we took a retreat up in Big Bear, CA, and invited some of our Poe Party friends for a little rest, relaxation, bizarre board games, and creative inspiration. We hope to make this sort of thing a yearly Shipwrecked holiday tradition.