marie antoinette styles


I found this picture of an old painting a few days ago and I was so inspired by it’s beauty that I wanted to create a look based on it (ღ˘⌣˘ღ). Well, I had to work with the clothes and wigs I own but I was still quite satisfied. After I was done I put my black lipstick on and painted my eyes black again though (≖ᴗ≖). I can only deal with so much pastel pink for a short amount of time (-‿◦).


Whoever made the stupid decision to delete this scene needs to have their head chopped off - Marie Antoinette style.

I’ve seen the Mirandy gif everywhere, but today was the first time that I actually watched the whole scene and it’s so insanely important - in fact, it’s vitial in my opinion to Miranda’s character development.

Take Mirandy out of the discussion, and it’s still an important scene. Miranda’s husband is clearly drunk, obviously pulling a scene to show up his wife. From her body language you can clearly tell that this isn’t the first time. This is one of the few times sin the movie - minus the divorce scene and fight scene - that you really see Miranda being vunerable.

And then some genuis decided to cut this scene.

They need to release a director’s cut of this movie, with all the deleted scenes added back in.

Vanessa Paradis with sculpture in “Princess Vanessa” for Tatler Russia, July 2011. Photograph by Karl Lagerfeld.

The French beauty wanders around Versailles Palace in the delicate and elegant designs of Chanel, bringing an echo of Marie Antoinette style back to the court. This is a wonderful shoot for Chanel as Paradis shows a seductive elegance in the romantic designs and detailed pieces.