marie antionette movie

a/b/o arranged marriage au

I was writing the outline for the wedding sabotage au until i got bored. So I watched one of my fave movies Marie Antionette and had this idea. Wrote this drabble in a couple hours. I’m tired but its cute. idk if u want more lemme kno of course (dnt worry i’ll still work on the other one too). As always, love you guys a lot and enjoy <<<333

It has come to my attention, after discovering a possible invasion and attempt to conquer Delfeur, that I, King Aleron de Vere, implore a disparate annex towards Vere. It would be unwise to take an area of Veretian soil and expect absolute subjection. The Delfeurean people are loyal to the crown of Vere and a war against our country will cause the death of a great many young men and would impact the taxes of both our nations. Raises in taxes will lead both our people to restless behavior and acrimony towards you, King Theomedes. For you will be solely responsible for this war. You must also take into consideration that when compelling my people under your rule, they too will remember that you are solely responsible.

I would like to make an offer that both kingdoms, Vere and Akielos, should find presentable and most suitable for avoidance in war. Prince Damianos, heir to Akielos, is of age to marry and is yet to be. It is in Vere, The Council, and my greatest interest and contentment that my youngest son, Prince Laurent de Vere, has recently come of age. From what I have heard of your most honorable son is that he prefers the physiognomy that my son bears. Prince Laurent is an intelligent young man but knows when to hold his tongue, follow orders, and sustain his duties. In my most unbiased opinion I see it as a very tolerable match and constitutes itself as a preferred one of the people when the knowledge that it keeps from war is greatly acknowledged.

I hope you take this into great consideration. For both my people of Vere and the people of Akielos have their lives in your most dignified hand.


The Regent finished and looked up towards his brother, King Aleron.

“See, dearest brother, all you need is to sign the document. I’ll have it sent and we wait for King Theomedes’ answer.” The Regent gave a wicked grin and placed and pen and paper on the desk in front of King Aleron, who had his head resting gravely against his hand.

“Laurent goes off to marry some sweaty barbaric-”

“He is much more use there than he is here. Prince Auguste is the only heir we desire and Laurent wastes his time riding and reading books and when not doing that he is distracting Prince Auguste with such nonsense.”

“A royal marriage will not only be beneficial to this Kingdom but to Laurent as well. He will be forced to learn Akielon and practice the social cues of both Veretian and Akielon.”

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