marie and i are the same

- SUM OF OUR PARTS {freezerburn playlist}

{art by the fantastic @wineaut ❤}

{my submission for @freezerburn-week ❄}

A playlist conveying how two compelling forces, winter’s tumultuous blizzard and summer’s blazing heat, conspired against the odds and became one in the same as they melt away the other’s wounds. 


- sum of our parts {mary lambert} ⭐

- hands of love {miley cyrus} ⭐

- freezer burn {allen stone} ⭐

- cool for the summer {demi lovato} ⭐

- feelings {hayley kiyoko} ⭐

- build you up {kim taylor} ⭐

- fly me to the moon {reneé dominque} ⭐

- i do adore {mindy gledhill} ⭐

- healing {deniece williams} ⭐

- hum {clara c} ⭐

- it comes back to you {imagine dragons} ⭐ 

- home {jeff williams ft. casey lee williams} ⭐

anonymous asked:

I still want to know why shiros hair suddenly turned white. I rly hope they explain that because its driving me nuts.

i see two options:

one is that his hair turned white from shock (which is a real thing that i think is called marie antoinette syndrome??) which would defo make sense what with all the trauma he went through.

i’ve also theorized before that it might also be a side-effect of altean magic, since besides shiro the only characters we’ve seen with white hair are allura, alfor, haggar, and lotor (who are all altean or at least part-altean). and honerva/haggar’s hair turned white after exposure to a lot of dark magic/quintessence & since she did a lot of experimentation on shiro i wonder if his hair turned white for the same reason. 

but yeah it’d be cool if they actually explained it in canon lol. 

  • Houmei: Have you ever really thought about how when you look at the moon, it’s the same moon Shakespeare and Marie Antoinette and Van Gogh and Cleopatra looked at.
  • Ganpuku: they all looked at the moon
  • Ganpuku: they’re all dead
  • Ganpuku: the moon is killing people
  • Ganpuku: wake up america

When I was growing up, I didn’t see anyone like me in movies. And I wanted to be white for the longest time, because I thought that meant my story would be valid. When you’re a kid, you see images on TV and on billboards and in magazines–they all look the same, and you wonder, ‘Why don’t I look like that? And can I change myself to look like that?’

This is fanart for @marinette-buginette‘s awesome drabble for Marichat May, which you can read HERE.

Thank you to everyone who watched my streams for this piece, to everyone who encouraged me and gave me feedback and advice and support (especially @dracoskullart) while I embarked on this endeavor! This is my first time doing something like this, and I had a blast over the course of the past week and some XD There are still things I wish I could have improved, and there are some mistakes I won’t make next time, but for now I am proud of me < :D

I haven’t slept in 24 hours… *passes out*

(Also, I have no clue why the quality is so grainy!? =_=)  


Go HERE to see non-grainy version!!!

Mary Christiansen, going into labor with her forth child: Well at least Joseph cant name this one some variation of his own last name again

Mary Christiansen after the pain medication wears off: He named my baby W H A T

Dean: I’m bisexual

Mary: Oh sweetie, I already knew. 

Sam: That’s cool, Dean. I’m glad you told me. I support you 100 percent.

Charlie: If anyone gives you a hard time for this I’ll fight them

Chuck: Haha, same. wanna help me edit my list of cutest celebrities?

Castiel: Oh… really?? that’s cool, thank you for trusting me with this… 


when i’m in little space …

🌸 engage with me and give me your attention.

🌸 ask me what im doing & be genuinely curious with a blatant desire to be involved.

🌸 have me count things around me like how many pictures i’ve colored so far or tell you the colors of the crayons i have sprawled out.

🌸 talk in a caring & warm voice that holds amusement, interest, and love.

🌸 treat me like you’d treat any child. be sweet with me, be gentle with me.

🌸 tell me you love me. remind me you’re my cg & that you’re here to care for me.

🌸 call me endearing names. ones you always call me when im little, or ones you don’t use as often. little one/girl/boy, princess/prince babygirl/boy, angel, honey, sweetness, love.

🌸 be close to me. be near me. ask if you can join me in whatever im doing, be it coloring, singing, dancing, having a tea party with stuffies, playing with toys, watching tv, playing a game, doing a puzzle. show me you want to interact with me and support me while i am in this headspace.

🌸 hold my hand because you want me to stay where you can see me, buckle me into the car to keep me safe because im precious, order for me because im too little to do it, offer to take me out places where you know i love to go or take me as a surprise.

🌸 pet my hair. give me kisses on the cheek, nose, forehead. smile at me. tell me im good, that you’re proud of me, that im allowed to be soft and vulnerable, that it’s okay to be little.

🌸 tell me how cute i am when im little. compliment my outfit or my hair or my makeup or literally anything.

🌸 baby talk, talk in third person, use the same tone you’d use with a small child.

🌸 ask me to go fetch my favorite paci, or my sippy cup so you can fill it with juice, or a stuffed animal you know im fond of. know all their names for good measure.

🌸 praise me, love me, just show me you care.


I know your moustache [x]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @sweet-childhood-dreams!!!!!!! 

I love Sweetie’s family AU!!  I tried to make Mari’s hair the way she draws it but it didn’t quite work out.  XD  I still like it though, even if it’s not exactly the same.  Marinette just looks great in any haircut, lucky bug.  <3



okay i’m not actually sorry lolol


That moment your heart skips a beat.

Origins Pt. 2
Dark Cupid / Dislocœur


Two different versions of Adrien gushing about two different versions of Marinette.  Without either knowing he’s talking about the same girl.  In the same episode.

The Gamer / Le Gamer


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female character challenge: female driven movie
Sister Act (1992)

I guarantee you she is no broad! She is Sister Mary Clarence of St. Katherine’s Convent. She’s a model of generosity, virtue, and love! You have my word for it, gentlemen, she is a nun!

do you ever watch those lifestyle youtubers who show you healthy snacks and diy things to do for your room and you feel really motivated for a while like “omg yes i’m going to be so healthy and organised” but what you actually do is continue to lie in bed and watch youtube videos