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Thinking about WDDM Chloe makes me think what she would though pf Adrien's crush on Nette. "Soo... you like a younger girl. Why?" "You wouldn't understand" *Chloe sees Mari, she's beeing adorable/badass* "Okay, eighter you gonna make a move or I'm gonna spread my gay vibes" "You're not even gay" "I could be for her" *idk don't mind me, I just need to go to sllep*

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If we didn’t already have plans for Chloe, this would be a hilarious conversation idea for them!  XD


endless list of favorite female characters: Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins (1964)

“Now the, the qualifications… item one: a cheery disposition. I am never cross. Item two: rosy cheeks… obviously. Item three: play games, all sorts. Well, I’m sure the children will find my games extremely diverting.”


history meme (french edition)  →  free choice: relationships (2/?) Claude de Guise and his daughter Marie.

“[Claude and Antoinette] oversaw their daughter’s upbringing themselves and kept her close in a way that many other parents and children of their class must surely have envied. For the next four years, Marie was Claude and Antoinette’s only child and revelled in having her beloved parents’ attention entirely on herself. While growing up, Marie worshipped her charismatic father more than any other man in the world; when the devastating news arrived of her beloved father’s death on 12 April 1550, her mind was made up and she began to make plans for departure.” M. Clegg, Scourge of Henry VIII: the Life of Marie de Guise.

Favorite Mary Moment

My favorite Mary moment was in The Sign of Three when they are outside the hotel door and Sherlock kisses her on the forehead. That scene really showed me how close Mary and Sherlock were, he doesn’t give that kind of physical contact to just anyone. I also loved the cute face Mary gave when Sherlock kissed her, such a sweet scene.

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You can blame @buginettedupaincheng for this

I know usually when there is a formal event in fics Marinete either wears a ladybug inspired dress or smt pink. I want her in a chat noir inspired dress with an updo imitating cat ears. Cat eye makeup. Dark red lipstick cause it slays. And a gorgeous af black dress. Also let’s say they are older so the dress can have a lowcut back and be a little tight and super elegant in a ‘I’m literally a princess now but I could pull a knife and cut your throat in the next second without spilling blood on my dress’ type of look. Everyone wants Marinette to walk on them they would thank her. In the stiletto heels she is wearing. Cause I have a headcanon Mari can run in heels (I know she is clumsy but still you can pry this headcanon out of my cold dead hands)

An akuma attacks. Marinette is one step away from exploding because Adrien was just about to ask her to dance. So she downright marches to the akuma kicks the akuma’s ass, take their object, breaks it, hits the butterfly with a plate resulting in nailing it to the table and repeatedly stabs it with a butter knife. Then she dusts off her hands and goes to Adrien smiling sweetly ‘so where were we? Alya was recording the whole thing she’s still shook to this day. So is everybody else. Adrien finally manages to ask her to a dance in between dying and fainting and almost asked her to marry him or step on him he’d be fine with either. Everybody is silent when they go on the dance floor. Mari glares at the orchestra to play some music. The dude in charge almost pisses his pants in fear and immediately starts playing. Cue romantic dance scene.

After the party Chat Noir goes to visit her and she shows off her chat noir inspired look and does a little twirl to show the whole look and he is hoping if he’s blushing that his mask is covering it (just barely) bc even though he fully knows Mari can kill a man she’s still so dang adorable. And Mari is super excited to show him her dress cause hey, it was inspired by him, she wanted a honest opinion. And she does this adorable little dance around and just looks at him with the big blue eyes sparkling when she waits for his opinion and Chat is close to die. He tells her she looks stunning and she’s so happy he likes it and does the Butt Wiggle™ and he just keeps dying